5×20 The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

Well, Season 5 of Glee has officially come to an end. Last night was the finale. That means that if you’ve been watching from the first season, you’ve been a fan for half a decade, and that’s pretty cool if you ask me. Last night episode was episode 5×20 and was called ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’. Now normally Glee finales are some of the best episodes…in my opinion at least. And while I can stand by that to some extent, I think it was one of the weakest ones. Loose ends were only really tied up at the end and barely, even then. However, the music was good and the plots weren’t too random. I give the episode a 3.5 out of 5. Here’s what went down on the epic season finale:

Everyone has news to share at the loft. Sam is going to try for a new modelling job, Mercedes is going on a mall tour, Blaine and June’s showcase is coming up and Rachel has a genius TV writer coming to shadow her and write a show. Just then there’s a knock on the door and guess who it is? BRITTANY! Yes, Britt is back for her third episode of S5 and everyone is thrilled to see her because Brittany is awesome. However, Santana is missing and won’t be there all episode. Then the writer comes, a dorky, quirky lady named Mary.


When Mary and Rachel sit down together, Mary starts asking her questions about her life, but either a) doesn’t like the answers or b) changes them so they’re incorrect. Rachel isn’t too excited about Mary’s presence now. And Mary is super weird. Like…too weird to believe.

Mercedes’ first mall show is local and everyone comes to support her. With dance accompaniment from Brittany, Mercedes sings a Glee original ‘Shakin’ My Head’, which I have to say is my least favourite song of the episode. But the crowd seems to love it, so good for Mercedes!

At NYADA, Blaine and June talk. Despite Blaine asking again, June still won’t include Kurt in the show. June tries to give Blaine some ‘great advice’ that actually just wants to make Klainers punch her, then leaves. Blaine goes to the piano and starts playing it. He sings ‘All Of Me’ which is an adorable song, but I wish it didn’t sound so much like the original. Anyways, halfway through the song, Kurt comes in, which makes the cute song so much cuter. After the song ends, Blaine is unable to hold in the lie anymore and he admits that Kurt is not in the show at all. Kurt gets mad (like, hit a bag of food across the room mad) and this parallels to the broken trust issue that came about in ‘The Break Up’. Kurt storms out, leaving Blaine looking like a hurt puppy again.

At Sam’s photo shoot audition for a product called Treasure Trails, he’s a bit overwhelmed with all the hot girls around him. He’s stayed true to the waiting until marriage thing he made with Mercedes, but it’s harder now. The lady in charge of the shoot has them all strut around and as this happens, Sam sings ‘Girls On Film’. The song was just meh, but we saw Sam’s abs so yeaaaahhh 😉 The lady ends up liking Sam (oh shocker) and tells him to come back that night for the shoot.

Later, Rachel, Kurt and Brittany have an intervention with Mercedes at the same time Blaine and Artie have one with Sam. Both sides are trying to convince Samcedes to break up. The girls say that if Mercedes is going on tour, it’d be best for Sam. And the boys say that Sam may be tempted to cheat, especially since the wait is getting hard for him. But both Sam and Mercedes say that they don’t want to end it. I ship Samcedes, so I don’t want them to end, but I do also agree with both sides. They haven’t been though a lot of hardships together so we don’t know how it’ll work out.

To get more inspiration for the TV show, Mary talks to all of Rachel’s friends. However, no one else likes Mary and her weirdness. No one except Brittany, that is. Those two are like two peas in a pod, yet I find it more disturbing than anything. Anyways, Kurt tries to talk sense to Rachel and tells her that if she’s going to dump Funny Girl and make such a huge decision, she should make sure the show is done her way, not crazy Mary’s way.

And that leads into the first reading of the script. They all gather and go through it, but it’s just stupid. To sum it up, Kurt is in a dinosaur suit, Rachel is a whiny needy girl with gay NASA fathers and Blaine and Brittany sleep together for no reason. It’s so ridiculous that it wasn’t even funny in the way that it was supposed to be. So Rachel decides that Kurt was right and that this show should be done her way or not at all.

Outside, Kurt goes to talk to Blaine, who has been sad about their little spat. Blaine says that he doesn’t want to do the show without Kurt, but Kurt says to go for it. Kurt understands that Blaine lied because Kurt was so excited about it and says that Blaine is being given a great opportunity and he should go for it. There’s some bird analogy but blah blah blah. Then Kurt says that he loves and trusts Blaine no matter what and they have an awkward side hug. It’s cute. ❤

So Rachel goes to Mary and tries to talk to her about the script. Rachel needs her to understand Rachel’s life and make the show about that. To make her understand, Rachel gets up and sings ‘Glitter In The Air’ which is a sweet, happy song that is perfect for Rachel. Mary even likes it because afterwards she says the felt happiness and now perfectly knows what Rachel is all about. How she can get that all from a song is beyond me, but okay then. The point is, the show will be rewritten and Rachel is thrilled.

At Sam’s modeling job, it isn’t going well, so the boss lady gets him alone. It’s awkward is heck because the lady wants to hook up and Sam is stuttering through words. In the end, he gives in and they kiss. The next thing we see is Sam returning home to Mercedes. He slowly tells her what happened, but because he didn’t instigate it and told the truth, she’s not mad. However, she realizes that maybe the intervention was right and she suggests that they break up. She fears that Sam will resent her for the wait. So they hug and cry and she says that if she changes her mind ever, she’ll call him. NOOOO!!! WHYY SAMCEDES WHYYYYY? I LOVED YOUUUUU! </3

At the showcase, Blaine and June sing 'No Time At All' which is a catchy song. I woke up with it stuck in my head. Blaine's vocals aren't the best, but that's okay. After the song, Kurt brings Blaine water and as Blaine returns to the stage, June takes a chance to sling some sassy comments at Kurt, who retorts perfectly, saying that Blaine is the love of his life and nothing will change that. June doesn't look pleased at this, and looks even less pleased when Blaine, on stage, invites Kurt to sing a duet with him. June can't and won't stop him now, not in front of the crowd, so Kurt goes up and they sing 'American Boy' which is more amusing than cute. The crowd loves it and their friends all get up and dance. After the song, Blaine starts to apologize to June, but she saw how everyone loved it and I guess she decided that Kurt isn't as awful as she thought, so she's okay with it. She then tries to use it as a learning lesson for Blaine and says that he should never let anyone doubt what he's sure of. Yeah, okay June, just go away. No one likes you.

The new script is out and the gang is gathered to read it again. This time we don't know what the basis is, but we hear the last line read out loud by Rachel. They all love the new script and Rachel is super pumped to do it. Just as Rachel is expressing her love for the script, Sam looks out the window, gasps, and runs outside. They all follow him out to see him happily looking at his naked body on the side of a bus. That was his dream, after all. And with his dream accomplished now, Sam decides he's moving on and going home to Lima. It's the end of an era, Blaine says, with Mercedes going on tour with Brittany, Sam leaving and Rachel possibly going to LA. They all get emotional and Rachel says that she never wants to lose them. She makes them promise that in six months they'll all come back and catch up. I was tearing up now. It's not a finale unless I tear up just a bit! They all hug and Kurt decides to break into song, so they all sing 'Pompeii' and run through the streets and be happy. During it, Sam ends up in Lima, back at McKinley and he peeks into the choir room to see it filled with computers now. Also during the song, Rachel gets a call and it's someone from Fox. They love her script and it's going to be made into a pilot. She hugs Klaine happily then finishes the song. The episode ends with Rachel walking outside and then looking right into the camera, which was neat.

So there you have it. Season 5 comes to a close. I’ll have my general season review up maybe on the weekend. As for the episode, it was not what I thought it’d be. I thought Blaine would sing ‘All Of Me’ to say sorry to Kurt and I thought that Brittany would be more important, but her role in the episode was useless. All she did was dance with Mercedes. Maybe there was a bigger role for her before Santana was cut out. Maybe you’ve heard the rumors about Naya being fired from Glee, but that’s been said to be false. The point is, for some reason, Santana was written out of the episode, which is too bad because it would have been awesome to have her there. As for Rachel, while I still don’t think TV is right for her, at least she’s happy and hopefully the new plot will be entertaining next season. All in all, the episode was good. No huge cliffhangers, which is great. 😛

So next season is the last one. Season 6 is the end, sadly. And some even sadder news is that it’s not coming back until 2015. Yeah, there will be no fall premier, because it won’t be back until January 2015 at the earliest. That’s how it stands now, according to the Fox Upfronts, which were on Monday. Also, and this is likely rumour, but there’s a chance that we may not get a full 22 episode season, which would suck. But it’s too early to tell now, so I’ll keep you posted. I guess next season will take place in three settings: New York, because Klaine still live there, LA, because Rachel will be there, and I suppose Lima too, because when Sam was looking into the choir room, it wasn’t just a peek to see what’s up, it was a meaningful watching, which makes me think that somehow, we’ll be back in that special room next season. I wonder what, though? I don’t know who’ll be back though, so things may change.

So I guess we’ll have to find ways to survive 7 months without Glee. This blog will totally still be up and running. I already have like five posts in mind on the way, so that’ll be happening within the month. But if you have any ideas for posts or features, hit me up because I’m sure I’ll be running dry sooner or later! Stay Gleeky, friends. And if you need me, I’m only a comment or a tweet (@AVeryMagicGleek) away!




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. François Nardou
    Jun 21, 2014 @ 06:18:46

    I Think that you would add something else important:as all Glee club in New -York is singing “Pompeii” we see Blaine coming back to Kurt’s and Rachel’s Home ,carrying his luggages after Sam and Mercedes go away to Lima. We guess that Blaine is coming back to Kurt’s Home to live in this loft with his lover! We see that Kurt has made a work-space for Blaine as Blaine likes! (see Season 5 episode 14) They look like definitely together ,sitting on a couch reading a “wedding” magazinecalled Trendy! We guess they are thinking how to do their next wedding!!


    • pottergleefan4
      Jun 21, 2014 @ 09:11:25

      Lol yeah I guess I did forget about Klaine moving back in. I’m glad, too because with Rachel leaving Kurt and Sam leaving Blaine, it makes sense that they’d go back to living together. Besides, they’ll have to get used to being in close proximity a lot because that’s what happens when you get married. 🙂
      Thanks for pointing that out!


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