Glee Season 5 In Review

Well, with Season 5 now over, I can post my Season review! I always like doing these because I can take a step back and really think about the Season as a whole, instead of focusing on just the episodes one at a time.

Naturally, I had to take into account the unplanned changes in the show. This was the first Season without Cory/Finn and so that totally changed things up. In a big way. I doubt even half of what happened in S5 would have happened if Cory hadn’t passed. Would Glee club have ended? I don’t think so. Would Rachel be trying to get on a TV show? I don’t think so. But what’s done is done. Glee is as it is and was as it was.

This Season was also a first in regards to the major change halfway through the season when McKinley and Glee club plots were put to an end and the show focused solely on the New York crew. Was that a good move? I think so. I wrote a bit on it before, but now that the Season is done, I can say for sure what I think. So maybe all the NYC episodes weren’t amazing, but they can’t all be good. But plots weren’t ignored and we had a focus on all the characters so we didn’t feel like we were blatantly ignoring some. I mean, yes, Artie wasn’t really involved much, but he wasn’t totally forgotten. The smaller cast in New York gave the show a different vibe, a more mature vibe. It was like FRIENDS or HIMYM in a way….just with more singing. But at the same time, I think some people, myself included, kind of missed the fun choir room feel.

As for the episodes, like any season, there were some good ones, some great ones and some not so good ones. The best ones for me were: ‘The Quarterback’, ‘Movin’ Out’, ‘100’, ‘New Directions’, ‘New New York’, ‘Opening Night’ and ‘Old Dog New Tricks’. The notably suckish ones for me were: ‘The End Of Twerk’, ‘The Puppet Master’, ‘Previously Unaired Christmas’ and ‘Tested’. All the rest were in safe middle ground. By that, I guess that to me at least, S5 got a whole lot better after the winter hiatus. And I truly think it did. Maybe getting rid of the newbies and moving to New York to focus on a select small group was a good plan. While I didn’t mind the newbies, I did like the New York move to some extent. (See the post I linked above in blue.)

A good thing about S5 that deserves a mention were the two celebratory episodes for the 100th episode. Having everyone back was great. Also, new characters like Elliott and Dani were pretty good moves. No one hated them too much. I hope to see them back in S6.

As for the music, S6 had some good jams and some lame songs. I think that overall, there were too many recent songs, which is fine, but some are so overplayed that I didn’t even want to hear Glee do them. I hope that for S6 Glee does more older songs that no one really thinks of. But this season gave us a lot of unlikely duets (Rachel and Artie, Rachel and Sue, Mercedes and Artie, Rachel and Elliott….) and some awesome group songs. Also a couple of original songs, which is always appreciated. 🙂

All in all, I think S5 was pretty good. The show matured halfway though, which was great. I think Glee did a pretty good job dealing with Finn’s absence. ‘The Quarterback’ really was a great episode. And with the exception of episodes 5×05 – 5×08, the season was pretty good. I do with Glee would stop with sudden plots that are totally random. Continue a story, don’t just end it after one episode. But I say that every time. I also like how there wasn’t a bunch of new characters. It’s clear that new characters aren’t always loved so I think Glee did good by avoiding that. So yes, in closing, I think S5 was pretty good. I’m excited to see S6 even though we have to wait a while and there will be more changes then too.

What about you? I haven’t gotten a lot of responses on episode recap posts, but what did you think about the entire Season? Did you like it? What were your fave episodes? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, complete the poll! Polls are fun!




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  1. Anonymous
    May 20, 2014 @ 17:35:32

    I didn’t think Season 5 was good overall. I think they had several good episodes but it isn’t a season that I would watch again the way I like to re watch Season 1-3. It’s usually very hard for a show about high school to graduate their characters and make a decent transition into the real world. It doesn’t always work. These are some of the things that didn’t work, at least for me. 1. Sam, Mercedes Rachel and Blaine are all insanely successful, something that usually takes years in New York. 2. They gave a lot of hype to Elliot and Dani and after a few episodes they were rarely mentioned. 3. Unless I missed something, they don’t really say what happened to Santana and Dani for Santana to go away with Brittany. And the truth is that the same way that Lea/Rachel is the absolute star, Cory/Finn was the absolute heart. And as much as I love the other characters, the show doesn’t work without him and without the central Finchel love story. The first three seasons were about learning lessons every week and the goodness of Glee club having to fight against Sue or other bullies. I think that dynamic worked so well that the changes they made didn’t mesh with what we were all used to seeing on Glee. I was also hoping that they would remake older songs rather than having so many popular ones. I watched every episode and will watch every one until the end. But it doesn’t move me or make me laugh the way it used to.


    • pottergleefan4
      May 20, 2014 @ 19:23:52

      You say it’s usually very hard for a show to transition high school characters into the real world…but I have to ask, how many shows have tried that before? I know I don’t know every show that’s ever aired, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any. But I have to agree that it surely can’t be easy, and yes, Glee didn’t do it perfectly.
      I totally agree that the success of Rachel, Mercedes and Blaine is kind of weird. In fact, they all have had some luck. Sam getting a really awesome modelling gig, Kurt landing a job at, it is all too unrealistic, but do we really want to watch a show about them failing over and over and over again? I guess we just have to have faith that these people are so talented and driven that anything can happen.
      I’m not 100% sure about Elliott, but I think Dani was supposed to be in about 6 episodes but was in only 3 (or 4, I can’t remember). I think that was because Demi Lovato was super busy on tour so she didn’t have time to come film this. I don’t know how long Elliott was supposed to be there for and I don’t know if he or Dani will be back. I hope so because they were interesting characters.
      Yeah, I don’t think anything was ever said about Dani and Santana. They were together before Brittany’s return in ‘100’ but then never specifically said to have split. I guess it was implied when Brittany told Santana that she still loved her and then they went on vacation.
      Oh, Finchel. We all want that back. Finn was such an awesome and relatable character, but I guess there’s nothing to be done there. 😦 Glee’s making due without the Finchel story and I guess it’s all we can have.
      I know what you mean about Glee’s dynamic and atmosphere in S1-S3, but I feel like it would have gotten old if, say, Glee didn’t graduate people. How many times can we watch Sue try and take down Glee? It wasn’t even just Sue after a while, it was Roz Washington too. And yes, the lessons were good for a while, but again, it could have gotten very preachy and very old fast. Idk, maybe that’s just my thinking though….
      I do agree with you on the song thing. Too many new songs were done and I want remakes of older ones too.
      Sure, Glee isn’t as funny anymore. I think everyone can attest to that. But it still has it’s wit and the jokes are more mature now, I guess. The jokes are more “Ha” as opposed to the “Hahaha” it used to have. I’m glad you’ll watch until the end, though! 🙂 So will I!
      Thanks for commenting!


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