‘Brunette Ambition’ Book Review

Lea can now add author to her list of successes in life. Honestly, man, the Glee cast is literally the most talented bunch of people ever. Don’t argue this with me.

So yes, after a few weeks of waiting, I finally got a copy of Lea Michele’s book entitled Brunette Ambition. It is basically a mix between an autobiography and a healthy living guide book. It was kind of like Jenna’s book, Choosing Glee, but also very different. It was a very interesting read for sure.

What I learned from this book was that Lea Michele is dedicated and busy as heck. I do not see myself in her at all. I am far too lazy. For example, Lea explains a lot about how she looks so perfectly perfect all the time. It’s not just the magic of TV or photo shop. She is almost religious about using face scrubs and moisturizers and all that jazz. She must never have a chance to sing in the shower because she’s far too busy using some all-natural oil. And it’s not just external. She is healthy internally too. She loves healthy food and knows how to work it into even the busiest of schedules. There are several pages of recipes. Lea sure goes above and beyond when it comes to health, and I have to commend her for it. I wish I was as dedicated as she is. For example, there was a side note on some page about her favourite movie-watching eats. While I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything other than microwave popcorn or chips during a movie, Lea’s list consisted items like seaweed paper or goji berries. And while there were also some unhealthy things on the list, I was just baffled by the fact that even while kicking back and watching a movie, Lea is still being healthy. Good for her!

The first half of the book was autobiographical. I liked it a lot because it gave us a firsthand glimpse into her life on Broadway from age 8. It was waaaay more than a Wikipedia page could provide and we got some cool pictures of little Lea on stage. 🙂

Then there were beauty and food tips. Like I mentioned, I’m not really into that stuff, so I just kind of skim-read it, but if you’re looking for some tips, there were some good ones. She certainly has everything covered and made the tips and steps super easy to follow. The recipes are all pretty healthy but don’t look too complicated, so if you’re looking for a good healthy meal, she’s got some! After the recipes came some workout tips that aren’t time-consuming or hard. Clearly these tips can be trusted because her body is in such great shape! You’ll see this for real when you read the book because there is a lot of pictures. Then came the fashion and makeup tips, including awesome pictures and cute stories. I think a lot of fans would enjoy this part, because she has such a nice style and to have her literally explain it all is great.

Then came my favourite parts of the book, the ones that related to Glee. First there was a few pages on the importance of friendship including a whole few pages dedicated to Jonathon Groff and that part was adorable because there were stories that made me yearn for a Jon Groff of my own. I love their friendship! After that there was her stories of how she got on Glee and meeting the cast and that was cool to read. There were some great pictures in there. I also liked how she had a whole page about Ryan Murphy and how awesome he is, because I think a lot of fans see him as rude, careless guy who is to blame for a lot of things. Anyways, this book really makes people rethink rumors and the life of stars.

So now you must be wondering what was mentioned about Cory? Yes, I was curious about that too before I read it. I was kind of expecting her to write a bit on that, because it’d be her personal and carefully planned out point of view. All we as fans have to go on in terms of details was what news sources told us. Anyways, there wasn’t much as I would have thought, but at the same time, I didn’t really expect too much as it is obviously a hard topic, and the book had such a happy-go-lucky feel that it wouldn’t have fit well. She did mention it when she was explaining how awesome and loyal and loving her friends are, and she thanked him at the end for helping the book writing process along. In fact, the last words of the book are an ‘I love you’ to Cory, and that was sweet (I almost cried just from that).

All in all, this was a cute book. An interesting read, no matter what the purpose of your reading is. There were lots of pictures and fun stories and facts that we’d never know. And Lea’s tips all seem great, and I think that people would rather take beauty tips from her than some random source on the internet. Seriously, if you have a friend who’s really big on the healthy lifestyle and living fit, get them this book. Even if they don’t know who Lea is or don’t watch Glee because over half the book isn’t about the show, it’s about tips to live by. And even if you or a friend is like me, and don’t really have a desire to follow workout tips or rub weird salts on my body in the shower, it is still a good read, and you’ll enjoy the Glee or Lea’s early life parts. And any Gleek should read this, simply because Lea Michele herself sat down to write this. I give it a 3.5 out of 5, which may seem low, but that is just because myself personally didn’t really LOVE to read about recipes and things. I knew they’d be there going in, so it wasn’t a surprise, but it doesn’t float my boat. 🙂

Have any of you read it? What did you think of it? Tell me what you liked/disliked/thought about/felt. 😀

Peace out Gleeks, and happy reading!

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