Grant Gustin Stars On A TV Show!

So normally I don’t post about the extended Glee cast and their out-of-Glee activities, as this is a Glee blog so if it doesn’t really relate to Glee then I won’t share it. But I think this is big news (and I’m a little dry in terms of posts since it’s the summer hiatus). Grant Gustin, who played evil yet attractive Sebastian Smyth on Glee, is starring on a new TV show coming this fall called The Flash.

For those of you who don’t know, The Flash is a superhero from DC comics. Grant had a small one-time role as The Flash on the show Arrow a while ago, and they gave him his own spinoff show. That’s pretty cool. He’ll be playing Barry Allen, AKA The Flash.

There’s several superhero shows coming this fall. A couple are Marvel and a couple are DC. Me, I’m more of a Marvel person. Maybe you’ve heard but I sold my soul to Agents of SHIELD. Anyways, there’s no confirmed date of premier yet, but it’s sometime in the fall and I think it’ll be on Tuesdays at 8, so it will overlap with Glee once Glee is back in 2015. TV schedule planners didn’t think that someone who watches a show about music and show choir would be into a show about comic book characters, but they are wrong. Last year I had Glee and SHIELD on at the same time and that was a struggle (Glee came first for me though…always). In America this’ll air on CW Network, but if you’re Canadian like moi, it’s on CTV.

I don’t know if I’ll be watching this. Not only do I have very limited knowledge on The Flash, Arrow or DC, but I’ll be starting University in the fall and I don’t want to be that loser who spends her nights watching TV….hahaha I’m already that now.

Oh, shoot, I forgot to link the show’s trailer. Here it is:

That  science girl looks remarkably like a British science girl on another superhero show *cough*Simmons*cough*.  Also, shirtless Grant is always a pleasure to see. “Lightning gave me…abs?”

So who’s going to be watching this? I’m super proud of Grant for getting this role, as it is a huge thing for his career. His career that was started by Glee, obviously. He’ll always be Sebastian to me. 😀 And I think it’d take a while for me to not see him as Sebastian, as I guess we won’t be seeing Sebastian on Glee anytime soon, if ever.

So there we go. I’m glad I got a post up….I’ve been busy. Oh, and if you’re curious about the activities from other extended Glee cast members, just ask because I think I’m pretty up-to-date on what they’re doing nowadays. Happy summer (well, soon. I have exams to finish first) and TTYL, Gleeks!



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