The Chris Colfer Scare

As if Gleeks haven’t been kicked in the heart and shot in the gut enough, we had another huge scare this afternoon.
Earlier, out of the blue, Chris Colfer tweeted saying:


When I first got into my Twitter TL, all I saw were people replying to him going “WHAT?” and “OMG WHY?” At first I thought it was some spoiler from Chris’ upcoming book, TLOS3. But when I saw his tweet, my heart dropped. At first I was like, what personal issues… I hope it’s nothing serious? But then I thought of Klaine and how if he left, we’d never get a Klaine wedding or any more Klaine at all. It’s bad enough I’ll never see Finchel again….
So just as the fandom is freaking out and crying and yelling and anxiously awaiting an explanation from Chris or someone legitimate, we get news that Chris’ Twitter was hacked. The news came from The Hollywood Reporter, who apparently got word from Chris’ manager. And while I did feel a bit relieved, I still didn’t want to get my hopes up so high only to have them shot and mugged in an alley way. I also heard that when that tweet came out, Chris was on a transatlantic flight and probably had no idea this was going on. He’s in for a real treat when he lands and gets onto Twitter!

About half an hour after the tweet came out and then it was deemed the work of a (very rude) hacker, the tweet was deleted, which is good news.

We’ve had riots like this before. However, they’ve never been this bad because it’s normally based on speculation or some random rumor source and they later end up being totally fake. But this time it was pretty hard to not believe when it came from Chris Colfer’s real twitter account and the tweet sounded too real.

All in all, as much as I hate that hacker because the scare he gave us all was so awful, I’m super glad it is probably fake because losing yet another amazing Glee character would just be awful. Especially when it’s Kurt, who has made such an impact both alone and with Blaine.

So far, there’s been no new tweets from Chris, though we are all eagerly awaiting it. If he does say something regarding this horrific event, I’ll update this post. I think Chris is on Good Morning America and Jimmy Fallon on the 8th and so it’s pretty likely that he’ll be asked about this. Chris is very witty so I think he’ll have some good words to stay on the topic!

That’s all for now Gleeks!

Chris just tweeted this. 😛 Like I guessed, he handled it with humour.




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