TCA Wave 2 (Keep Voting!)

With the Teen Choice Awards fast approaching (see this post for more info), it was about time that wave 2 of the nominations came out. And yesterday, they did!

Good news Gleeks! We have three more fun things to vote for! On top of the past three noms we had, (Lea, Chord and Glee) we now have Jane Lynch for Choice TV Villain, Darren Criss for Male Scene Stealer and Naya Rivera for Female Scene Stealer. So that’s six awesome categories that Gleeks should be voting for everyday. Plus, thanks to wave 2, there are also a bunch more cool things to vote for, so if you haven’t been on yet, get over there and VOTE! HERE IS THE VOTING LINK!!!

Well, that’s all for now, Gleeks. Sorry for the short post. If you need me, I’ll be here crying about the fact that I am not at G4 (a convention that’s literally all about Glee and Starkid that’s taking place in England right now).

P.S. While you’re out voting for the TCA, Brett Dalton from Agents of SHIELD is up for Male Breakout Star so go vote for him, okay? :3


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