Naya Rivera Got Married!

Yeah. Apparently. The news came this morning when People Magazine had released exclusive pics of Naya in a pretty wedding dress. I thought it was just a wedding-themed photoshoot, but nope. It’s real! Take a look at the pics:





So who is this lucky man? His name is Ryan Dorsey, who has been friends with Naya for over four years. Their friendship turned to romance after Naya’s broken-off engagement from Big Sean (a rapper) only three months ago.

To be honest, I didn’t know that Naya was dating again, let alone engaged, since Big Sean. I had seen blurry paparazzi pictures of Naya and some guy (it was hard to see his face) but I didn’t know who he was or what his relationship is to her.
Their wedding ceremony was apparently very small, including only close family and friends. I don’t think anyone from the Glee cast was there, or at least none were reported there.

Today Naya changed her Twitter name (not handle, just name) to Naya Rivera Dorsey, so that proves it was real.

I guess I can’t really comment on the wedding too much. I know that a lot of people were shocked because like I mentioned, Naya and Big Sean only just broke up a few months ago. Do I think this is a bit fast? Yeah. But she and Ryan were close friends first so it’s not like they don’t know each other very well. I hope their marriage works out and Naya is happy because that’s all I could want for her, as a fan.

What I can comment on is her dress. It’s very classy and elegant. I’ve seen too many trashy dresses (I watch Say Yes To The Dress and Four Weddings a lot) so I’m liking her choice in dresses. 🙂

That’s all for now, friends! Stay Gleeky!

P.S. Chris Colfer is guest starring on Hot In Cleveland tonight at 10 EST. I don’t think I have the channel it’s on, so I’ll have to watch it some other way (if at all), but tune in if you can!

P.P.S. Keep voting for the Teen Choice Awards! Lea, Chord, Naya, Darren, Jane and Glee are up so let’s get them a win!






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