More New Glee Characters?

Apparently so, my Gleeks. The news came out today that Glee would be adding five new characters. That being said, I can’t confirm if that’s true or if all five will actually end up on the show. It is a bit early, I’d think, but only character descriptions were released, not any actors. So who are these new characters? Here’s what we got:

Jane – a female Warbler wannabe who is stuck being in ND because she obvs can’t join the Warblers.

Spencer – a gay football player but a stud, at that. He’s too cool and strong to be bullied for it though

Madison and Mason – twin (girl and boy) Cheerios who are super hyper and on the weirder side, apparently

Roderick – a shy chubby kid who has a really awesome voice

All in all, they don’t sound too bad. And they’re not copies of existing characters, which is good. So far, my only big worry is that they make the twins too weird. Like, I mean in the super uncomfortable weird way where it’s not even funny because you’re too busy being creeped out to laugh. However, we haven’t had direct siblings on the show like that, so it could be interesting. What I’d like to know is how Jane thinks she could be a Warbler when she can’t even attend Dalton?

So far, I’ve seen nothing but hate and disappointment in this news. And I guess that to some extent it’s understandable because we don’t really have time to fall in love with the new characters when we only have 13 episodes. But I guess that we need a Glee club so we have no choice. Like the old newbies, they’re needed. And besides, I think that the writers and show runners know that we love the originals and want to see them have big roles in the last season ever, so I’m keeping faith, as I hope you are too. And again, maybe these new characters won’t end up happening at all. It is early, after all.

So that’s all for now. I’ll keep y’all posted on any more news coming in. It’s good to write about spoiler and news again.

P.S. Keep voting for the Teen Choice Awards! Voting ends Sunday at 11:59 PST. Let’s get Glee a bunch of wins!

P.P.S. I finally saw McCanick, which was one of the two last movies Cory did before he died. I had seen All The Wrong Reasons on a plane in March and I just got a copy of McCanick a few days ago. Cory’s character in McCanick is so different from any roles he’s had before. He plays a shady criminal fresh out of jail, though we see flashbacks of him before he was in jail, when he was just a reckless criminal. It’s not a movie I’d watch normally, but Cory played the character pretty well, with the exception of the voice. He had his sweet Glee voice in the body of a crazy street kid. I was pretty happy to see Mike Vogel, who plays Barbie in Under The Dome in the movie too. Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend the movie unless you’re watching it for Cory. Otherwise, it was pretty weird and on the sadder side.



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