‘The Land Of Stories: A Grimm Warning’ Book Review

Chris Colfer has done it again, my friends. He’s got a third book out to this best selling series ‘The Land Of Stories’ and it’s super awesome. This book, which came out in mid-July, is called ‘A Grimm Warning’, which is a pun because the book involved the Brothers Grimm. 😀 Look at this awesome book cover:

Boom. That cover. So cool. As a huge lover of dragons, I really loved this. Like, if I didn’t know about Chris or this series, I prolly would have read it just for the dragon on the cover.

So about the book: here is a non-spoiler summary. If you read The Enchantress Returns then you’d know that at the end, twins Alex and Connor go their separate ways. But when they’re just in the midst of doing their own things, a portal between worlds opens and not only is Conner able to see his sister again, but an old French army goes through and invades the magical land. The twins, back together, have to once again save the Land Of Stories.

In this book, it’s different from the other two because we don’t see the twins together for most of the book. It was a weird change because no longer could we see the almost cliché differences in the two, and we couldn’t see them play off each other. However, it wasn’t all that bad, because it gave us a chance to see the twins interact with new characters. Connor still had his wit, but I don’t think it was as evident as before. It was also different because all the characters we fell in love with in the past two books (especially TLOS2 because it was more of a team effort story) were there, but not as much. There were also some new characters, in both the magical world and the normal world. One character, Emmerich, was from the normal world but he wasn’t introduced until later, and then he got transported to the magical world and I found myself thinking that this random kid who we barely had time to like isn’t worthy of going to the Land Of Stories. Is that weird?

This book also covered every emotion there is. There were happy parts, sad parts (though not as sad as the ending to TLOS2 in my opinion), surprising parts and more. A good book always has those qualities, so that’s awesome.

But the ending. Man, that ending was the cliffhanger of the century. The last page was just like WOAH. I did NOT see that coming and now I really really really need TLOS4. While TLOS2 had a shocking, sad ending it wasn’t a cliffhanger and it didn’t leave me staring with shock at the book, like this one did. I have no idea when TLOS4 is coming. It may not even be written yet. But needless to say, I am excited for it.

So all in all, TLOS: A Grimm Warning was a good book. I liked the second one best, but this one was still a good read for sure. I give it an 8 out of 10, but if I was rating the last page alone, it’d be 12 out of 10. Get reading, Gleeks, because this book series can’t be missed, and it’s great for all ages!


P.S. The TCA were on Sunday night and though the show itself wasn’t too exciting, and the whole thing itself is horribly rigged, Lea Michele did win her award, which is awesome from her. She even presented Choice Movie Villain with a dude from The Vampire Diaries (I’m too lazy to look up his name). Anyways, yay for Lea. (Brett Dalton from SHIELD also won yay)


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