Favourite Songs From Season 1

First off, hi from University! I’m super busy and having a lot of fun.

And now for what you came for: Glee! Recently, some Glee ‘spoilers’ came about but I don’t know if they’re legit so I’ll wait to report on them. So instead, I’ve decided to do a post about my fave Glee songs. This post is just Season 1. A season of great songs that I still LOVE listening to! So here, in no particular order, is my top 20 fave songs of S1…..

1. ‘Faithfully’ (1×22)
This song is such an awesome and epic duet for Finchel. They both sing it so well and the message still stands strong now, even after Finn has died…

2. ‘To Sir With Love’ (1×22)
Mr. Schue is the heart and soul of ND and so this song is so perfect because he’s done so much for the group, so to have them to thank him with such a great song was great. I like how almost everyone has a solo line. It’s meaningful.

3. ‘Like A Virgin’ (1×15)
So maybe this was really awkward to watch, but Glee did great with it!

4. ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ (1×17)
I loved this. It was the first Glee song I ever downloaded. I don’t even know what it is that I love, but I really do. So catchy and powerful and just great.

5. ‘Poker Face’ (1×20)
Glee’s slowed down version of this was phenomenal, but to have Shelby sing it with Rachel, that was just icing on the cake! I love it when Glee changes a song like this.

6. ‘Hello’ (1×14)
Jesse and Rachel’s first duet. It’s cute and catchy and though I ship Finchel, I liked this.

7. ‘Run Joey Run’ (1×17)
Sue thinks this is one of the worst songs Glee has done, but I like it! It’s funny and seeing the video from Rachel was just hilarious. Sue is so wrong!

8. ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ (1×01)
I don’t care that we only heard like twenty seconds of this while Finn showered in the pilot, it’s a good song and Finn nails it. Love it!

9. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (1×22, 1×01)
Do I really need to explain this one?

10. ‘Somebody To Love’ (1×05)
Powerful and exciting and a great group song. A Glee classic that will always be awesome! I like how Artie has a larger part in it.

11. ‘No Air’ (1×07)
A cute Finchel duet that I’ll always love. Finn’s voice sounds so young in it. 😀

12. ‘Defying Gravity’ (1×09)
Words can’t explain how awesome this was! Two divas taking on such a cool song! And nailing it, too. I like this one better than the S5 version.

13. ‘Keep Holding On’ (1×07)
This song is awesome to begin with, but to see ND all come together to support Quinn is so adorable.

14. ‘It’s My Life / Confessions’ (1×06)
A great mash-up that is always great to watch (the boys all hyped up is hilar!)

15. ‘Jessie’s Girl’ (1×18)
This is maybe one of the best songs in terms of context that Glee has ever done. Finn rocks it!

16. ‘Like A Prayer’ (1×15)
Glee takes a controversial song and makes it awesome. And with that choir in it, it’s so awesome to hear. All the solos are great.

17. ‘Beth’ (1×20)
This is like my fave Puck song. It’s so sweet and meaningful. A great choice.

18. ‘Hello Goodbye’ (1×14)
This song is just catchy and fun. I can’t get enough of it. Mercedes’ vocals in it is smash!

19. ‘Jump’ (1×12)
This song is great. Even without mattresses it gets you groovin’. But I totally picture them all bouncing around as they sing every time I hear it.

20. ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ (1×13)
One of ND’s best in my opinions. Finn brought the group together in a pinch and they all nailed it! Love it!

So those are my 20 favourite songs from S1 (again, in no particular order). And now tell me, are there any songs from S1 that you liked more that what’s on this list? Tell me YOUR top 20 list! My S2 one is on the way!
That’s all for now! Cheers!

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