Favourite Songs From Season 3

I gave y’all some potential spoilers last week but this week we’re back with my lists of favourite songs! This post is all about S3. Season 3 had some great songs. Some of Glee’s bests, if you ask me. Maybe because this was the season with the full Glee club that everyone liked in all their glory so the songs were just so much more powerful and important. I don’t know. Either way, here are my 20 favourite songs from S3.

‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ (3×09)
This is just a fun, cute Christmas song. I like how Santana has a bit of a lead and I like how they sing it as they help out the poor people. The song works well with that.

‘Fighter’ (3×15)
This song always gets me pumped. Blaine nails it and it’s so great. Like seriously, if you’re ever in need of sudden energy and drive, listen to this song really loudly and you’ll feel like you can take on the world.

‘You Get What You Give’ (3×22)
The grads all singing this to the remaining ND members is just great. It’s not a sad song to say goodbye, it’s an empowering one and it’s perfect.

‘Uptown Girl’ (3×05)
Wow, a Warbler song that doesn’t feature Blaine. It was so cool to hear the other voices, like Nick and obviously Sebastian, as this was his debut. It’s catchy and fun and a great song for these guys.

‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another’ (3×06)
Having Santana and Finn take lead was new and also very interesting. Their voices work well together and it’s a shame we didn’t hear more from them. The song worked so well with them playing such an intense game of dodge ball.

‘Human Nature’ (3×11)
Every Samcedes shipper has to love this song. Not only was it a super cute song and what Sam did with her name in lights was super cute, but they kissed afterwards and it was so adorable. They also need more duets.

‘I Can’t Go For That / You Make My Dreams’ (3×06)
This is one of my most favourite Glee songs ever. It’s funky and fun, and I love how Quinn and Rory get significant parts. I just really love this song.

‘I Want You Back’ (3×11)
This song never aired in the episode, but it was on the MJ album. I really liked it. Sebastian has a really nice voice and this was just a really great song for the Warblers to do.

‘Smooth Criminal’ (3×11)
Sebastian and Santana going at it through song! A masterpiece. The cellos in it were amazing and their voices worked so well together. Honestly, if Santana wasn’t lesbian and Sebastian wasn’t gay, I would totally ship them together. The tension between these two was just great to watch!

‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ (3×21)
With a song like this, it’s no wonder they won Nationals. It’s upbeat and powerful and fun to watch because it incorporated everyone. I’d say this is one of ND’s best group numbers and maybe their best competition number as well.

‘Saving All My Love For You’ (3×17)
Not going to lie, I totally loved Joe and Quinn together. So when I heard this song, I totally fell in love. It’s so sweet and songs from either of these two aren’t very common, so this was really cool. I miss Joe.

‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ (3×15)
This was a perfect song for Blaine and Cooper to sing. But also a good way for them to reconcile. You got a good listen to Cooper’s voice and obviously Blaine’s perfect one too. I enjoyed this.

‘Take Care Of Yourself’ (3×04)
Rory comes in a stole the show with this number. I totally loved this. It was a great audition song for ND too because it shows his range. Not to mention that it’s a cute song.

‘Tongue Tied’ (3×21)
This song, though not my all-time favourite, is from my favourite scene. It’s a cool fun song, but more importantly, it’s sung when we see ND having fun and celebrating what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish, and I just loved watching that. Seeing them all so happy was just amazing. The song itself is a bit weird, but I overlook that because again, it’s fun.

‘You And I / You And I’ (3×06)
This is my favourite Lady Gaga song and the song it was paired with worked really well. I also liked how Will and Shelby sang it, as they’ve never sung together before.

‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ (3×09)
Yes! Glee original songs and Christmas music: two things I love. I also love Blaine and Rachel singing it because they’re so preppy and excited that it was so enjoyable.

‘Roots Before Branches’ (3×22)
This song was so sad. Like, it’s not a happy song to begin with, but have Rachel sing it right after Finn ‘sets her free’ and it’s really sad. But she sings it beautifully and I like Finn doing background vocals in the audio (not in the episode though).

‘Rumor Has It / Someone Like You’ (3×06)
TroubleTones lands a spot and they totally deserve it because this song was great. Santana had a lot of emotions to express and this song totally helped. Sung perfectly, too.

‘Here’s To Us’ (3×14)
Rachel’s solo at Regionals was really catchy and cute. She sang it to Finn, which was adorable. Plus, it’s as strong song. I always enjoy hearing Rachel’s amazing vocals in a pop song.

‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ (3×18)
Three of my favourite characters singing. I loved this. There were Klaine bits, an added bonus. And it’s just a really nice song. It didn’t really fit with the not wanting to go to prom thing that was decided right after, but I’m not too upset.

So those are my favourite songs from the wonderful season 3. What are yours? Any songs I didn’t list that you really loved? Leave a comment and tell me; I want to know! Next week will probably be my favourite songs from Season 4 list, unless some crazy new spoilers or news arise, in which case, I will report those! Bye and thanks for being such great readers! 😀

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