Vote For The 2015 People’s Choice Awards!

Yes, the time has come for us to vote for the PCA. Remember last year when things got crazy on because us Gleeks were voting hardcore on Twitter against the Delena (or whatever it’s called from TVD)? I guess that things got too crazy due to cheating via bots and whatnot so this year, there’s no voting via Twitter.

The actual award show date is January 7th  2015. I don’t know when voting closes, but I’d guess we have at least a month to vote for our faves.

Unfortunately, while Glee and its cast had numerous nominations last year, this year there is only one. Chris Colfer is up for Favourite Comedic TV Actor, which is awesome. I’ll deffo be voting for him. The spectacular thing about that is that Chris wasn’t on the original ballot. He was a write in, so if we can get that, surely we can get him this win too!

So while Chris is the only one actually reppin’ Glee, there are also several Glee-related shows/people to vote for. That’s I use. When there’s a category where I don’t have a strong preference, I try and pick one that has a connection to Glee or something else I like. So in terms of Glee connections, we got Sons Of Anarchy up for Favorite Cable TV Drama (Lea Michele guest stared on this show and will be on more episodes later on, I believe), Katey Sagal is up for Favourite TV Icon (she played Artie’s mom in S4), Matt Bomer is up for Favourite Cable TV Actor and his show White Collar is up for Favourite Dramedy (Matt played the awesome Cooper Anderson in S3), and The Flash is up for Favourite New TV Drama (Grant Gustin, who played Sebastian the Warbler, plays The Flash….speaking of which, I’ve been watching that show, so if you have too and want to talk about it, hit me up! :))

So that’s what we have for Glee-related. But there are many, many, many categories to vote for, so get to it! And you can vote whenever and as many times as you want, so if you want to spend all day voting, GO FOR IT!

The link to vote is HERE. If you want the PCA app, for easier voting, click HERE

Well, that’s about it for now! Happy voting! And remember, 2015 is around the corner and you know what that means: GLEE SOON!!!! 😀



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Nov 16, 2014 @ 01:17:28

    How is the Flash anyway? Without Glee to watch I’m going to need a fix other than rewatching old episodes. And seeing Grant Gustin as something other than a moderately evil high schooler would be pretty great.


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 16, 2014 @ 01:45:33

      The Flash is interesting. Not as good as SHIELD, but still good. I’m more into the Marvel side of things as opposed to DC, so I’m still learning who the characters and villains are, and I feel like some references go over my head, but it’s not too bad and nothing a quick Google search can’t fix. It was like that with SHIELD too, so it’s fine.
      As someone who also didn’t watch Arrow, I feel like I’m also missing things, but a friend and I recently watched the 3 episodes of Arrow that The Flash was in, so now I’m caught up.
      In terms of the show itself, it’s a bit cliché. The characters and general themes are a bit overdone and easy to predict. However, it’s still okay. Some things are new.
      The characters are great. There’s a wide variety in personalities and they’re all pretty likable. The show also has some great humor, which only makes the characters even more likable. Overall, The Flash is a lot more cheerier than Arrow is, which is always a must-have on a show, I find.
      As for Grant, he’s great. He’s nothing like Sebastian and apparently, Barry doesn’t dance at all. Plus, Grant makes Barry so adorable and likeable. The biggest problem with Barry is that the character is almost so perfect. He’s cute and smart and heroic and the whole thing, but he has like zero faults (so far). Nevertheless, Grant plays it well.
      If you like superheroes or need a light but exciting show to watch, I’d recommend this. I mean, SHIELD is better, but more intense at this point. The Flash is still new and calm. Or if you like Grant, then give it a go. Just don’t get too addicted because when Glee comes back, they’ll be on at the same time, and Glee is the priority LOL


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