Glee S6 Air Date!

This is it, folks. We finally have the complete schedule for the last season of Glee. It’s not what I expected, but at least we have all the dates set.

The biggest change is that Glee is once again shifting days and times. Glee will now air on Fridays at 9pm. I’m not too pleased with that, myself. Not only is Friday not a good day for TV shows, so I fear really low ratings for the show, but Friday is a main night for socializing. Not that I have a huge social life…like, at all…but if I was to occasionally do something social, it would be that night. I haven’t missed a Glee episode live since S2. Like, I even managed to watch when I went to the Dominican. But I fear that I may end up having to watch episodes later this season. I’ll try not to, but….we’ll see how it goes…. The good news is that since the next day is Saturday, even if I do have to watch a bit later, my beloved blog recap posts shouldn’t be later.

friday glee

Anyways, when does Glee begin again? Soon, actually. I was guessing maybe late January, but actually, Glee will be back on our screens on January 9th! That’s the week when a bunch of shows come back and start up, so it’s cool that Glee can join in with them. On that day, there will be two hours of Glee. I think two episodes will air.

Glee will then run straight for 11 weeks (no hiatuses, praise!) and consequently end on March 20th. Yup, March 20th will be the day that my favourite TV show ends for good. Sad, right? I’m going to try not to think about it just yet. On the 20th, the finale will be two hours, like the premier, so two episodes will air, making a total of 13 episodes. I guess the good part about that is that Glee will be done before anyone (myself included) has big exams….

So that’s what we have. I’m guessing we’ll get a first official promo mid-December. Early December if we’re lucky.

What do you Gleeks think? Happy or sad about the changes? Aside from the day change, I’m pretty good. I’m just glad Glee will be back. I’ve missed it. 😀 Stay tuned for more news and see you around!

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