GUUUUUYS! Finally! New footage of the upcoming Season 6 has arrived and I’m so happy! This is the first promo in such a long time! 😀

A crappy quality video was released about an hour ago, but I waited until a good quality one surfaced before I shared it here. I was refreshing YouTube constantly until it came out! So here it is, take a look:

So for the new stuff: Kurt and Rachel telling Sue that they’re taking over Glee club. Then we have Rachel singing the Frozen hit ‘Let It Go’ wearing a super pretty dress. I love the song, so I’m excited. And who’s that with the Warblers? Why it’s Blaine again! Blaine Warbler is back!!!! The female there is probably not Jane, the new Warbler wanna-be because I think it’s Rachel; there’s a quick second where you see her and Blaine on a couch with the Warblers around them. Then we have scenes of Santana and Brittany and Sue and I am SO PUMPED!

The worse quality promo had a few more seconds at the start of cheery cute Glee flashbacks, so if you want to see them, here’s the vid.

2 hours of Glee will be awesome! 😀 😀 😀 I can’t wait until the songs come out! The last time new Glee songs came out, I was in a hotel in New York City and that was so long ago, so I’m really excited for new songs again!

So that’s the new S6 Glee promo. What do you think? Are you super psyched for the new and final season to start? It’s so soon (yet so far away!)


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