Meet The S6 Newbies (+ A New Promo)

I realized that I hadn’t introduced you all to the new characters that we’ll see in Season 6. I gave you a general overview of who’d they be, but I never showed you the faces that we’d come to see and hopefully love. In my defence, there was some doubt that the actors that claimed to be the newbies were legit, but it’s all sorted out now.

The reason I’m doing this now, aside from the fact that it’s about time, is that a new promo came out today. It wasn’t anything too shocking, though there were some new scenes. There was a quick glance at two newbies so I figured I should tell you who they are. So take a look at the promo:

So let’s discuss the newbies. There are five.

  • Marshall Williams plays Spencer, the gay jock. Marshall is from Canada (*deep voice* represeeeeent!) and has some small TV credits and a large role in a Disney Channel movie. He was also on Canadian Idol twice, but never won. He normally has a full head of blond hair, but for Spencer, it’s a buzz cut.

  • Billy Lewis Jr plays Mason, male Cheerio and twin of Madison. Billy did some theater (not on Broadway) and has three singles on iTunes, which you can hear here on his website. I’m listening to them now as I write, and they’re pretty good. It’s like indie pop/rock.
  • Laura Dreyfuss plays Madison, a Cheerio and twin sister to Mason. Laura did some small/understudy roles on Broadway in Once and Hair. Broadway means she has a good voice so I can’t wait to hear her sing!

  • Noah Guthrie plays Roderick, the shy kid with a good voice. The voice thing is true because he, like Billy, has his own music (though he has a lot more) and I’m also listening to that right now, and it’s really good. Noah has also toured around and opened for some notable names. His website is here and you can hear his tunes on his YouTube channel.

  • Samantha Marie Ware plays Jane, the female who wants to be a Warbler. Like Laura, she has some Broadway credits. She was in Book Of Mormon. I like her hair!

So those are the newbies. Here are two pics of them hanging out on set 🙂

newbies 1 newbies 2

Which new newbie seems to be your fave so far? I know that the newbies aren’t loved right away, but I’m always excited for new meat. I mean, look at Kitty: she wasn’t loved at all when she first came and now she is! We’ll grow to love these people too, hopefully. 😀

That’s all for now! Bye, Gleeks!


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  1. Theatregirl23
    Jun 08, 2015 @ 14:06:06

    For those Gleeks in Wisconsin. Noah Guthrie who played Roderick is having a concert at the Meyer Theatre in Green Bay on June 25.


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