6×01 Loser Like Me

Hello and welcome to another season of my Glee recaps! If you’re new, welcome and I hope you stay, and if you’re returning then thanks and I love you. It’s been seven months since I’ve done a recap, but I’m super happy to be back in the game! Season 6 of Glee just aired its two episode premier and now that leaves 11 left *tries not to cry*. The first episode was called ‘Loser Like Me’, the same name as Glee’s smash original song from S2 (and again in S5). Overall, the episode was pretty good. The music didn’t suck and we got a good understanding of where the characters were since we last saw them in S5. I give the episode a 3 out of 5. And now, for the main attraction: here’s what happened….!

It starts with Rachel and her TV show called That’s So Rachel. Well, what’s left of it. You see, as the Producer from S5 tells her, it sucked and it’s over and because she’s the star, it’ll be all her fault. So Rachel is left with nothing and nowhere to go. She sings a heart wrenching version of ‘Uninvited’, the first song of the season. During it, Rachel sees the set of her show get taken down and she is driven off the lot. Seeing it all end makes the song so much sadder than just listening to it.  So what does Rachel do? She goes home….to Lima. Her dad Leroy hugs her and welcomes her home, but then drops another sad load on her: her dads are divorcing and they’re selling the house. WHY? WHYYYY? Does Rachel need to lose everything good in her life? Her love, her family, her career….I don’t understand why Glee found that necessary, but whatever. It happened. 😦

Later, Rachel and Blaine are at the Lima Bean. Figgins, who works there part-time, recognizes her, and Rachel, who is ashamed of her failure, is upset at the attention. She tells Blaine when they sit down that her life is a mess and she’s trying to get it back together. She clearly hasn’t kept in touch with her friends because Blaine tells her that he and Kurt broke up and his life was a mess to. Yes, our beloved Klaine is over again. 😦 Blaine says that he and Kurt fought a lot and Kurt eventually called it off. The sadness made Blaine get into a depression and he ended up failing out of NYADA. But he’s back in Lima and doing okay and is even working as the coach of the Warblers. As ‘Loser Like Me’ plays slowly in the background, Blaine tells Rachel that she’ll get out of her mess and they’ll help each other through the tough times. From there they go and sing ‘Suddenly Seymour’. Blaine plays the piano and what is heard is Darren’s live singing, which is always totally awesome. The song is fun and they sing it so well. I love their duets so much. ❤

Over at McKinley, Sue is principal. And like expected, she is as mean and weird as ever, having the student eat weird foods and weighing them as they come in to the building. As for the newbies from the past two seasons (Marley and Jake and them), Sue made them all transfer out, so bye-bye to them. I hope they come back at some point, though. And Will Schuester, well, thanks to Sue, he went to Carmel, where he’s coaching Vocal Adrenaline.

Kurt is still in New York, but only for a bit. He’s in his 3rd year at NYADA and he’s doing fine. He’s still working at the retirement home and that’s now part of his 3rd year outreach program. He’s also doing a bit of speed-dating. We see some of it, but one guy he meets declares that Kurt is not over Blaine (thank you, random dude!).

Over at Dalton, Rachel is visiting Blaine, who, with the Warblers, break into song. They sing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’ and while it’s not amazing, I do love hearing those Warbler voices and seeing them dance so dapperly. Even Rachel enjoys it all. She even thanks Blaine for cheering her up.

Sam went back to Lima at the end of S5, but when we saw him staring into what used to be the Choir room, it meant nothing, because now he is the assistant coach to Beiste for football. Rachel is talking to him when a football player comes over and uses some gay slur. Rachel calls him out on it, but he says he’s gay so it’s okay. That dude is Spencer, the new newbie.

Rachel then goes to Sue, who plainly states that Glee club is over and will not ever be back. Oh, Sue. Yes it will.

Still in New York, Kurt is at another date, but the person hasn’t shown yet. As he waits, we see a flashback of his breakup with Blaine. In it, they’re at a restaurant and Blaine is excited for the wedding, but Kurt is annoyed at the tension between them and finally snaps, saying that they’re young and fighting too much and they need to stop it all. Blaine cries for a minute then toughens up and says he’ll never forgive Kurt. Jump back to the present where Kurt’s on his date. The guy shows, but Kurt’s crying and ends up leaving. Woah, okay. Not cool. When Klaine broke up in S4, it was over cheating, so it made sense to end it. But this is just weird, considering we never got to see their fights. So their breakup now was painful and super sad to watch, especially for me, being a huge Klaine shipper. 😦 Yeah, I teared up.

We finally see Mr. Schue. He’s in his apartment working on some moves for VA as well as entertaining his adorable son, Danny, who’s about 1 now. Will is super happy to be a father.

Cut from there to VA dancing and singing to ‘Dance The Night Away’. It’s big and neat like any VA number. The group leaves after the song and in comes Rachel, who Will is thrilled to see. Rachel’s still down about life, so Will gives her a classic motivational speech about a bow and arrow and something. I love Will as a fatherly figure and friend to the Glee kids so much.

After a commercial break, Will, Sam, Blaine and Leroy have an intervention for Rachel, who has refused to watch her own failed show. They sit her down and they all watch it. It becomes clear why it failed. It’s a really really really bad sitcom with awful acting and silly plots. Rachel eventually makes the turn it off.

Seeing her failure inspires her to go to the superintendent of the schools and ask him to go over Sue and bring back Glee. He agrees that arts are important and when Rachel offers up her money from That’s So Rachel to cover costs, he agrees as long as she stays to coach it. Rachel, now with an offer to ponder, goes home and finds Kurt in her room, in tears. She hugs him and Kurt explains his woes. Remember at the end of S5 when the New York gang agreed to meet at that corner in a year? Well, Kurt went, and guess what? No one else did. Kurt tells Rachel that he knows now that he messed up with Blaine and now wants to get him back. He asks her to set up a meeting with them. With Kurt back now, Rachel has an idea. She’ll run the new Glee with him and he can use it as his 3rd year outreach thing! Perfect!

And they do! They get the piano back and rid the room of computers. It’s all fine until Sue comes in, furious that it’s back. She gives her normal spiel of destroying them and Glee club and threatens them like we’d expect.

Rachel does set up a Klaine meeting, at Scandals (the gay bar). It’s not too awkward at first. But then Kurt bluntly says that he’s back to win Blaine over again. And then it gets weird. Blaine admits that he’s seeing someone else, someone that we all know….Karofsky. The man in question comes over at that moment, happy to see Kurt. Kurt, though he smiles, is freaking out and is crushed. Blaine and Karofsky explain how they met at Scandals and started talking (Blaine did a lot of sad ranting) and now they’re dating. Kurt pretends he’s cool with it, but then excuses himself and goes to the bathroom, locks it and cries. It’s heartbreaking. I am heartbroken. My babies! D:

In Will’s old office, Rachel is unpacking a few boxes. Will comes in to see her, and Rachel tells him that her new goal is to get back on Broadway, the dream she once had. Will believes in her and reminds her to start recruiting for Glee. He leaves and Rachel closes the episode by singing the smash song from Frozen, ‘Let It Go’. She sings it perfectly, of course. At the end, we see her put up an audition list.

And that’s the end of the last Glee season premier ever. Like I said, it was a decent episode. While I wish Kurt and Blaine and Rachel were in happier places, I know that there’s still time to get there. The music was pretty good. ‘Suddenly Seymour’ is my fave of the episode. As for the plots, I’m excited to see where they go. Rachel/Kurt are against Blaine and Will for Sectionals, so that should be interesting.

Luckily, we don’t have time to even think about what’s to come because the next episode aired right away. Click here for 6×02 Homecoming 🙂


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