6×02 Homecoming

To read my awesome recap of the first episode that aired right before this, 6×01 Loser Like Me, click here!

Hiya! And welcome to the second episode of Season 6. This episode aired right after the first and it was called ‘Homecoming’. I think it had better music than the first and we finally meet more of the newbies, which is cool. I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5. This also is the return of all of our old faves, ones we haven’t seen since the 100th and 101st episodes. So here we go….

It starts with Blaine in a voice over, describing how messed up he was after his breakup with Kurt. He says he went kind of crazy and stopped gelling his hair and wearing bowties. Fun fact: post breakup Blaine is apparently just Darren Criss.

But in the end, he’s okay now. Being back with the Warblers has helped him a lot. Just as he’s done thinking about his progress, he’s met by a Dalton student. Only, it’s not the normal boy. It’s a girl. This girl is Jane, a Glee newbie. She tells Blaine that all the men in her family went to Dalton so she is to, and furthermore, she wants to be a Warbler. Okay, now I have a few questions. Whyyyy is Jane at Dalton? She said that her father fought for it, but what’s wrong with that girls Crawford Country Day school that was mentioned in S2? But she’s determined, I guess. Blaine, however, is unsure whether to let her join a tradionally all-boys group.

At Will’s apartment, Rachel, Kurt and Sam are there, ready for dinner. Where Emma and the baby are, we’ll never know. Blaine comes over a minute later and now that they’re all there, they lay down some show choir rules, such as no stealing set lists between groups or spying. Blaine takes a chance to ask them what they think of letting Jane perhaps be a Warbler. Most of them agree that they should let her in, as it’s time for change.

What we can assume is the next day, we see the Warblers arguing about Jane. Blaine voices his opinion, saying that they should at least let her audition. In the end, they agree to that.

At McKinley, Kurt and Rachel are doing some work for their group, but like expected, they get into a small argument. The main problem is that they have no members yet, so doing anything else for the group would be silly. Kurt walks out of the room and in the silence, Rachel hears a voice. A nice singing voice through the vents. She immediately goes on a chase, trying to find it, but fails. Either way, the fact that a good singer exists somewhere has inspired her enough. In the auditorium, she apologizes to Kurt and says that the mystery voice inspired her to call in some friends. The stage lights up and on it is Quinn, Santana, Puck, Artie, Brittany, Mercedes and Tina. Rachel and Kurt hurry over and it’s a big happy adorable mess of hugs and smiles and I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. (Side note: where’s Mike Chang?)

In the choir room, Rachel and Kurt ask their friends to help recruit some new members to ND and mentor them in a way. To get them all going, they sing my fave song of the episode, ‘Take Me On’. It’s fun and psychedelic and cheery and reminds me of all the great group numbers in S1. It’s old Glee and I love it. However, the students who witness their performance aren’t too into it.

Through a voice over, we meet the next newbie, Roderick.

He says that he’s been bullied and though he’s a senior, he has no friends and only has music to get him though the day. He stops to glance at the signup sheet for ND and Rachel catches him. She immediately drags him into the choir room and, talking a thousand words a minute, tells him to try out and sing certain things and basically, it’s Rachel being overly assertive Rachel. As soon as he can, Roderick says he’s busy and hurries out of the room. Don’t worry, he’ll be back! 😉

Blaine hunts down Jane and tells her that if she wants to be a Warbler, she’ll have to audition. But he offers her help in the form of Rachel Berry. He takes her to McKinley and Rachel happily agrees to work with her. When Jane asks why Rachel is helping, Rachel says that Jane’s fight is for women, so she’s glad to help. Rachel goes through Jane’s phone and notices that ‘Tightrope’ by Janelle Monae is the most played….hmm I wonder what Jane’s audition song will be?

In the locker room, Kurt finds Spencer and tries to talk to him, gay man to gay man. Spencer knows he’s trying to recruit for gay and straight up says that he doesn’t care and that being gay shouldn’t mean anything. He thinks Glee club sucks and he won’t join.

Back over at Dalton, Jane is ready to audition. Blaine takes her to the room and right away she jumps into ‘Tightrope’ complete with in-your-face dance moves. The Warblers are slow to react, but eventually they dance along with her. It goes well and looks like a lot of fun. Jane is one lucky girl to be singing with those funky Warblers!

Sam, Quinn, Puck, Mercedes and Tina, in attempts to rally some auditions, head over to a school club called the Tea Party Patriot Club. I have no idea what goes on there….it sounds American… Either way, they try to convince the people to join, but it’s clear that no one wants to.

While we thought Jane’s audition went well, we find out right away that it did not. Blaine tells her that the Warblers voted to keep the group males-only, like tradition. Jane is upset at first, but Blaine vows to fight for her, even putting his own job on the line. As Blaine makes her this promise, Jane looks very straight faced, like she can’t fathom what just happened. Me, too, Jane. I thought she was in for sure!

Back at McKinley, the old ND members’ next attempt to get some auditions comes from Santana, Brittany, Quinn (dressed in fancy Cheerios uniforms) and Artie. They march onto the field and sing ‘Problem’. It’s not my favourite song at all, but the Cheerios and marching band get into the dance, which is fun.

After the song, they try and convince some Cheerios to join ND. And then guess who shows up? Kitty! Yes, Kitty is back! But she’s back to being the mean Kitty. Sue allowed her to stay at McKinley because she knew that she’d be useful on the Cheerios. Kitty is pretty upset that no one from Glee treated them nicely. She says that the old members like Rachel doesn’t even know her name and the members she was friends with ditched them after the club ended. As for her relationship with Artie (remember Kartie? I liked Kartie!), it’s way over (oh…. ). However, there is a small upside to this whole discussion. Two Cheerios, a boy and a girl, ask if they can audition together.

Despite all the efforts, the old ND members tell Rachel and Kurt that they’ve gotten no one to audition. Just then, they hear that mysterious voice in the vents again. Rachel leads the gang in the search and they end up following the nice voice to the library where Roderick is singing to himself. Rachel begs him to join ND, but he insists that he’s a loser and won’t do any good for the group. The gang informs him Glee club is where people like him thrive. So he agrees to try out. Yaaay! (P.S. the song that Roderick is singing here is called ‘Viva Voce’ and it’s by The Rocketboys, a cool band that I found out about and I totally recommend that y’all go listen to their songs!)

Sue, in her office, is writing in her journal, making it feel like Season 1 again. In it, she writes that she needs to take down Glee club again and needs a spy. Yes, Sue, because that plan worked so well every other time you tried to do it… So she calls up Spencer and tries to get him to do it. She even bribes him, but Spencer declines it all.

For Roderick’s audition, he gets on stage and sings ‘Mustang Sally’ with some background vocal help from Brittany, Santana and Quinn. We can finally hear Roderick’s full proper singing voice and daaaaaang is it awesome! Rachel declares him a member of ND! Yay! That’s one! Only, like, eleven more to go!

On the PA system, Sue announces to the school that her gal Becky is back. Becky gets on the speaker and informs the students of the Homecoming rules.

Back on the stage, Kurt and Roderick find Rachel. Rachel informs them that Roderick is no longer the only member because another one joined. And we find out who right away because Blaine storms in, furious. He says that Jane back out and is now with ND. He accuses Rachel of stealing her though Rachel insists that she came on her own. Blaine is super mad and says that their agreement to be friendly between show choirs is over. The war is on!

So over in the choir room, Rachel introduces Jane and Roderick to the old members. Santana then comes in, bringing in the two Cheerios who asked about auditioning together. These two are the last of the new newbies. The boy is named Mason and the girl is his twin sister named Madison.

They claim to have great singing abilities and with their Cheerio dance skills, they’d be perfect. So they’re in. The ND members, old and new all bring it in for a huge group hug and then they start singing ‘Home’. During the song, we see all of them at the huge Homecoming bonfire. It’s super fun and the song is great. We hear the newbies all sing, and it’s good. We even see Spencer singing along quietly in the locker room, and that’s noticed by Kurt, Sam and Artie who were inexplicably lurking in the room. The last scene of the episode is Kurt and Rachel catching a glimpse of Blaine and Karofsky cuddling (ew) at the Homecoming, and Kurt looks crushed. 😦

And that’s it. That’s the end of the Glee double premier day. I certainly liked this episode better than 6×01. I loved having the old members back, and I can’t wait to see them again next episode. The music was great in this episode. Both group numbers were fab. I think the new batch of newbies is pretty great. They all have great voices and new personalities. I’m pleased.

Next week is 6×03 entitled ‘Jagged Little Tapestry’ and there’s a promo! Take a gander:
Woah! Brittana proposal! All you Brittanna fans have that to look forward to. I love how all the old ND people are like, oh another proposal big deal but the newbies are all surprised. This is the fourth proposal ND has seen. And then we have some more awkward Klaine bits that will probably make me and many other people cry. Oh, Roz Washington is back. Alright. And what’s up with Beiste? Well, apparently, she’s becoming a he. Yeah. A bit of a sudden last plot for Beiste, but okay. All in all, while the promo doesn’t seem the best, I’m still excited because it’s Glee and we need to cherish what we have left and I also will treasure any episode with the old ND members together in it!

So that’s all for now. Jeeze, writing recaps for two episodes at one time is hard work! But worth it! Let me know what you think of the episode, alright? Bye! 😀



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Jan 12, 2015 @ 00:24:42

    I almost want the most random thing to happen where Joe and Sugar just turn up out of nowhere because they never technically graduated and just disappeared for a year. Like their reason is just “principal Sylvester made us transfer out first because nobody would notice.” I just want more time with the old newbies.

    Do you want anything crazy to happen this season, or at least something more sane and plausible?


    • pottergleefan4
      Jan 12, 2015 @ 00:31:22

      (Spoiler: Sugar does come back for a big event!)
      I would love for Joe to come back as well but so far I don’t think that’ll happen. You see, I’m not as upset that they left (okay, well, maybe a bit), I’m more upset that no one said anything. Glee never provided a reason as to why two characters just disappeared.

      To be honest, I think Glee’ll cover the more crazy things without me hoping for it. I would like some really great humorus things to happen, so even if it was crazy, we’d still laugh.
      All in all, what I want is a happy ending filled with awesome songs. 🙂


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