Listen To The ‘Jagged Little Tapestry’ Songs!

Alright Gleeks, it looks like posting audio videos of the songs on Youtube is illegal so people aren’t doing it anymore, which makes my blogging job harder. So I’ll do the same as last week and post links to hear the audio from tumblr, where people don’t care for legal stuff, apparently. It’ll probably be like this until the end, so I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, HMU in the comments.

Monday nights are so fun now that the songs come out! 😀 With episode 3 of Season 6 coming soon (Fridaaaaay!) the songs are here. While it’s not a tribute episode, two artists are featured in every song: Alanis Morisette and Carole King. Alanis Morisette songs because they’re so familiar even if you don’t know what the song is (or is that just me?). Either way, take a listen to these songs. The originals are all still there, so hearing them some more is always awesome.

‘So Far Away’ (by Carole King) sung by Tina and Quinn
A duet by Tina and Quinn is so unlikely, but I appreciate it. I’ve always adored the idea of their friendship since S3 when Mercedes, Santana and Brittany left ND for TroubleTones and Rachel was suspended for a bit, leaving just Tina and Quinn as the only girls in ND. They never interacted on Glee much (or at all?) so for them to have a duet now is so great. Plus, this song is so sweet when you listen to the lyrics. While I can’t say it’s my favourite of the episode, having Quinn and Tina sing it makes me love it more than usual.

‘Hand In My Pocket / I Feel The Earth Move’ (by Alanis Morissette / Carole King) sung by Santana and Brittany
Ooooh a Brittana duet! I wonder if this is before or after Santana proposes! It’s not a very romantic song, but it’s cheery and that works for them I think. Brittany is always so cheery and it brings out the best in Santana.

‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / Head Over Feet’ (by The Shirelles / Alanis Morissette) sung by Mason and Jane
Mason and Jane? Ooooh is that a new romance I smell? But no one can deny how great this song is. They’re voices are very nice together. I wonder if Madison will be jealous that her bro is singing with another girl?

‘It’s Too Late’ (by Carole King) sung by Kurt and Blaine
Uh-oh. This is not a happy song. It’s a sad, horrid song that should not exist in the world of Klaine. But it does, unfortunately. So while I despise it, I have to say that it totally sounds a song that they’d sing, unlike a few of their last duets (‘Love Is A Battlefield’ for example). It is a bit too upbeat though…

‘You Learn / You’ve Got A Friend’ (by Alanis Morissette / Carole King) sung by New Directions (Originals and Newbies)
It’s not the typical power group number, but it’s really nice. The lyrics are perfect for them all. It’s heart-warming. And the originals are heavily featured, which is great.

And there you have the songs. For me, none of them really stand out. They’re all good, but none of them are GREAT to me. If I had to pick one fave though, it’d be ‘You Learn / You’ve Got A Friend’ because I’m a sucker for a group number. What about you guys? Any song(s) really stand out to you? Tell me in the comments! ❤

P.S. In my frenzy of dual episode blogging last weekend, I forgot to mention some good news! On the 7th (last Wednesday) were the People’s Choice Awards. And though he wasn’t on the original ballot, Chris Colfer WON! So thanks to all who voted because this is a huge achievement for the fandom!

P.P.S. The Flash also won, so yay for Grant Gustin. Also on the topic of The Flash, it got a go-ahead for S2, so we’ll be seeing Grant on our TVs some more!


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