6×03 Jagged Little Tapestry

What up Gleeks? Enjoying our last season so far? The third episode of Glee’s season six just aired and was called ‘Jagged Little Tapestry’ which, as I learned, is a combination of Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ album along with Alanis Morsette’s album called ‘Jagged Little Pill’.  Those two artists are who Glee pays tribute to this episode. The episode was pretty good. None of the songs were awful and there were some actual laugh-out-loud parts as well as some sweet and some emotional parts. While it wasn’t an amazing episode, I enjoyed it. I give it a 3.5 out of 5. Here’s what happened. Here’s what went down:

It begins with Kurt at that local record store. Blaine appears but before anything can happen, our lovely friend Dave Karofsky comes over, throwing his arm around Blaine. Dave happily tells Kurt that he’s helping Blaine pick out some songs. Helping Blaine pick songs used to be Kurt’s job! And Kurt knows it because he gives a hugely fake laugh. Blaine and Dave then leave and Kurt begins to sing ‘It’s Too Late’. Blaine joins in, but it’s not really them singing together, you know? During the song, which is super-duper sad BTW, Blaine sees some flashbacks of he and Kurt, dressed in their Dalton attire, getting coffee. We then see Kurt and Blaine both looking at old pictures of them together, which makes any Klaine fan extremely sad. They also during the song both start playing a piano. I’m happy that Glee remembered that Kurt knows how to play the piano, and very well as a matter of fact.

Oh, Dalton Klaine. I have missed you.

The next day, Kurt and Rachel are in the choir room planning some songs when Kurt tells Rachel about how he imagined them singing and how he’s really down. He suggests they do a tribute to his favourite break-up album, ‘Tapestries’. Rachel says she’d prefer ‘Jagged Little Pill’ so they agree to do a mash-up week.

In the locker room, Sam chats with Beiste and says that his dream is to take over the football team when she retires. Beiste is acting a bit off through this and also has been missing practices, so when Sam asks if she’s alright, she says that she’s fine and is having problems with her bad knee. Just then, Spencer comes in and asks Beiste if he could play Quarter Back in the next game. Beiste says no, but does it in a harsh way with a lot of yelling. She walks off and Sam tells Spencer that if he was coach, he would have given him a chance.

At the first ND meeting with the new newbies and the old ND members present, Rachel and Kurt present the theme for the week and say that the two albums they’ve selected are very different, so the goal is to sing with someone who is the opposite of you. But getting their ideas across is a bit difficult and there seems to be some tension between Kurt and Rachel. So to provide an example to the very confused newbies, Santana volunteers herself and Brittany to go first.

In the hall later, Quinn is talking with Tina for a moment before Becky comes up. Becky explains to them that she has a boyfriend named Daryl but she’s told him that when she was in high school she was president of all the clubs and since he was in a Glee club, she said the same, so now to impress him, she wants to sing a song with ND. Tina and Quinn agree to help her out.

Santana and Brittany are lying on Brittany’s bed (or is it Santana’s?) being super cuddly and adorable. They plan what song they’re going to sing, and then Santana suggests that they live together in NYC. Brittany agrees and the two of them exchange very sincere ‘I love you’s. I may not ship them too hard, but even I can’t deny that they are cute.

In Sue’s office, Becky tells Sue about her boyfriend and how bad she feels for lying. Sue, who lies more than anyone, says that it’s okay. Sue then gets to meet Darell for herself. Darrell is a fairly attractive, nicely dressed guy. He does not have downs syndrome, so like everyone watching, Sue is a bit skeptical. She stares at him weirdly. Darrell chats nicely with Sue and is super nice to Becky. He’s a nice guy.

Back at a ND meeting, Brittana sing their mash-up, which is ‘Hand In My Pocket / I Feel The Earth Move’. It’s cute and fun and perfect for their voices. One of my fave Brittana songs, I think. After the song, Santana takes the opportunity to do something huge. She sits Brittany down and says that Brittany is her favourite person and no matter how many times they’ve considered ending it for good, they know that they’re perfect together (cut to Kurt’s sad face). Santana then gets down on one knee and asks Brittany to marry her! Brittany says YES and they hug (why no kiss?). It’s sweet. But just as everyone witnessing this is expressing their happiness for them, Kurt stands up and says that they, like he and Blaine, are too young for marriage.

Thanks to Sam saying he would’ve given Spencer a chance, we next see Spencer in Sue’s office, asking Sue to get rid of Beiste and have Sam as the coach. He gives her a few reasons too, saying she’s been yelling a lot and Sam has more potential. He also says that he was spying on her in the locker room and saw Beiste popping a whole lot of pills and wear an oddly tight shirt.

In the hall, Santana corners Kurt and Rachel. Right away she goes into a very typical Santana rant. And like expected, her rant is harsh and rude. It’s about how Kurt had no right to interrupt their happy moment with his sadness. She says that maybe Blaine wanted to leave because he got tired of how Kurt is (she lists the ways he’s annoying). While her insults were rather rude, some were funny. In the end, she leaves a very sad-looking Kurt and a very flabbergasted looking Rachel and walks away.

Quinn and Tina, being good friends, are teaching Becky some simple dance moves. They’re skeptical that a boyfriend exists, but when Darrell comes in to pick her up, they face the truth. Quinn declares that they must tell Sue.

On the stage, Brittany is filling a gigantic plastic heart with Mounds candy with Kurt’s help. The heart is a gift for Santana. Kurt apologizes to Brittany for ruining their moment. She forgives him and says that he needs to move on from Blaine. In fact, he better do it soon because she says that she recently helped Blaine and Karofsky decorate a room because they’re moving in together (hold up, WHAAAAAAAA?). Kurt looks sad and shocked. He doesn’t want to move on and admit that it’s over. Okay, okay, what? Blaine and Karofsky living together already? They’ve only been dating for a bit? Ew, that means it’s serious. Sorry, the Klainer in me is vomiting and crying.

Roz Washington is back, per Sue’s request. She, along with Sue, Quinn and Tina, sit Darrell down and basically interrogate him. But Darrell is honest about it all and knows what they really want to know, which is if he’s been ‘together’ with Becky or is in it for the wrong reasons. He says that he is not and Becky deserves the same normal relationship. In fact, he’s quite passionate about this and shames them all for thinking that he is a bad guy. Woah, points for him! He really is a nice dude! Good for Becky! But I can’t get too mad at Sue and Quinn and Tina and Roz for questioning him. They’re just looking out for Becky.

The next singers are Jane and Mason, an unlikely pair. Sitting simply on stools on the stage, they sing ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / Head Over Feet’. It’s sweet and actually kind of cute. I can see a romance between them being possible.

During the song, which is sad and romantic, we see Kurt, looking sad. He even starts having flashbacks to special moments with Blaine. Yup, more painful flashbacks. 😦 It’s sad as heck. After the song, Rachel praises them, but Kurt, who wipes his tears, says that their vocals need work and if they want to succeed at Sectionals against some tough people, they’ll need to be better. Rachel pulls him aside and says to stop being harsh, but Kurt thinks she’s just babying them, and that’ll get them all nowhere. Rachel sends Kurt home for the day, knowing he isn’t in a proper frame of mind.

Sue goes to see Beiste. Sue admits that she went through Beiste’s desk drawers and found a bunch of medical pills. When asked if she has cancer, Besiste says yes. Before you all start crying, just know that it’s a lie and you’ll find out why soon. Either way, Sue says she’ll do anything to help.

In the choir room, Becky is ready to perform for Darrell, who sits with everyone else, watching. Sue is present as well. Quinn and Tina and Becky start, but it’s only Quinn and Tina singing ‘So Far Away’. Everyone looks to Becky to sing along too, but she just awkwardly sits quietly.

That dude right here is Darrell.

But halfway through the song, she gets up and leaves the room (yes, Tina got cut off in another song!). Santana, Quinn, Brittany and Tina follow her out. Becky admits to the girls that the guilt from lying is eating her up. Though they all say that they’ve lied to boyfriends past, she is still worried that she won’t find a guy like Darrell again. But the girls say that despite her sometimes sassy attitude, she’s cool and will be okay no matter what.

Kurt finds Rachel and apologizes to her as well, admitting that he’s letting his break-up get in the way of his work. But Rachel knows that he is right to want to be the best with such fierce competition coming their way. She also says that Jane and Mason told her that Kurt was right and they wanted that tough criticism to be better. Kurt and Rachel agree to do better to work together.

In Sue’s office, she and Beiste call Sam in for a talk. Beiste begins to explain to Sam why she’s been acting weird, but before she can say the reason, Sue blurts out that Beiste has cancer. Beiste right away denies it and finally admit the truth. She hands Sue a piece of paper that states that she’s allowed to start the process of gender change. Yes, Beiste is going to become a man. Woah, good for her! In tears, Beiste explains to Sam that she’s felt like this her whole life and she’s finally making the change and seeing doctors.

So while she undergoes all the surgeries and things, she wants Sam to take over the team. Though Sue makes a few rude comments, she tells Beiste that upon her (his) return, there will still be a job. Beiste cries and hugs Sue and Sam. Honestly, when I first read that this was going to happen, I was kind of upset. I figured they’d rush it and pull it out of nowhere, but after seeing this scene and Dot’s great acting, I’m pleased. I hope Glee doesn’t forget this plot point now and that it has a happy ending.

At Breadstix, Becky and Darrell are on a date. Becky finally admits to him that she lied about everything. He’s not mad at all, and said he had guessed as much. He says that no matter what, he has her back, which is something she’s not used to having. You know, they’re cute. I’m glad Becky has him.

The final scene takes place in the auditorium. Rachel and Kurt address the newbies and the original members, saying that they’ve all learned something this week. They end the episode by singing ‘You Learn / You’ve Got A Friend’, which is a happy group number full of smiles that in turn make me smile. And that’s the end of 6×03.

Like I said, it’s a good episode. While Klaine sadness makes me sad, I know it’ll get better soon. I also always loved seeing the old ND members. But for some reason, Mercedes and Artie weren’t in the episode, which is too bad. I know she’ll be back later, but I feel like we may never see Quinn or Puck again. I really hope we do, but I don’t know. Overall, my biggest question of the episode is why Rachel and Kurt are already thinking about Sectionals when they literally only have 4 members of ND. They need 12 to compete, and I don’t think having 9 random band members can work. So I’m interested to see what happens on that front.

Next week is 6×04 and it is called ‘The Hurt Locker Part 1’. Isn’t the Hurt Locker a movie? I never saw it…. Anyways, here’s the promo.
This looks…interesting. Can I say it looks silly? Because it does. I mean, hypnosis? Ugh. Okay, so that large bulletin board is all about Klaine because Sue, for some reason, takes it upon herself to get Klaine back together (not that I am complaining). But voodoo and stuff? Why? Why is Figgins wearing a wig? Why is Becky dressed as a lobster? I hope this promo isn’t a good representation of the episode. I hope the episode surprises me. But we’ll have to wait and see….


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