6×05 The Hurt Locker Part 2

What up, Gleeks? How was your week? My week was fine. Today was great. Fridays are always great because I know that no matter how awful the day can get, Glee will be there are the end of it. This week’s episode is called ‘The Hurt Locker Part 2’ and in case you couldn’t figure it out on your own, it’s the second part of last week’s episode called ‘The Hurt Locker Part 1’. Part 2 was alright. It was still super weird like Part 1, but maybe the fact that I’ve had a week to digest the weirdness made it less weird this time. The songs were good. Not great, but good. And as a Klainer, I am biased to appreciate this episode more than Part 1. So I give it a 2.5 out of 5. This episode has less funny moments but a few more cute and/or meaningful ones, and I respect that. Here is what happened:

It begins with Sue on stage right after VA’s performance at the invitational. She declares that she has made herself judge and is making it a three day event. No one is happy, but Sue is principal so they go with it.

Rachel finds Will and gets mad at him for not going easy on ND, but he says he never agreed to do it (which is technically true. He never did actually verbally agree to her). Rachel is upset so Kurt tells her not to worry. He also says it’s time they convince Kitty to rejoin. Rachel is reluctant because she knows she never cared about the newbies, so there’s no way Kitty will join.

Later, Kurt is on another date with Walter (the old man). Kurt says he’s had a great time so they make it a date (WHY???? EW, KURT, WHYYY?). Sue comes over, posing as a waitress (even wearing a button with a picture of Klaine on it) and she makes a bunch of blatant insults to Walter. But Walter is unfazed to the hits.

Sue, for some reason, is showing Becky some footage of Klaine over the years and happily pointing out how in love they are. Becky doesn’t care for it, but she does question how Sue managed to get all this footage (to which Sue replies that she has cameras everywhere) and Becky also wonders how Sue has footage of Klaine singing ‘Come What May’ which apparently she knows was a dream sequence. There is no possible explanation for that. Glee could have just not included that, but no, bring on the weirdness, apparently. *insert the biggest eye roll here*. Anyways, Sue’s new plan is to get Kurt and Blaine alone is a small place.

Rachel finds Kitty in the hallway and starts listing off facts about Kitty, to prove that she knows who Kitty is. Kitty knows that she’s just trying to get her to rejoin ND, but she says that Rachel is self-centered and therefore won’t rejoin. Kitty actually starts to cry as she informs Rachel that she originally joined ND because Mr. Schue genuinely cared and the friends she made were meaningful and now they’re all gone. She doesn’t want that heartbreak again. Awwwww 😦 That’s actually really sad and totally understandable. So Rachel promises her that if she rejoins, she swears that won’t happen and they’ll see it through.

In the hall, Kurt bumps into Blaine, who was enjoying the ability to use the faculty bathroom. They begin to walk to the auditorium together and come across a new elevator. Curious, they go in (though, can I just say how weird it is that Kurt, who works at the school, would have no idea that there was a new elevator installed). But once the doors close and Blaine notices a connecting bathroom and the lights go out, they realize that it is a fake elevator.

Rachel notices that Kurt is missing and Sue announces that Blaine is gone as well, but the show must go on, so the Warblers hit up that stage. They sing ‘My Sharona’ first and then break into ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’. Their dancing is great, like always.

Sue finds Sam in the locker room and hypnotises Sam again. This time, her instructions are to get Rachel to use an awful set list. So while Rachel is in the choir room trying to file a missing persons report for Kurt (and getting laughed at by the officer who saw her failed TV show) Sam comes in and tries to give her the new songs. He’s still in the hypnotic ‘love Rachel’ mode and tries to kiss her some more, but Rachel is concerned considering he turned her down before. She sends him out to go find Kurt or get more Glee members.

In the elevator, Kurt and Blaine are bored and tired. Suddenly, a small door opens and in comes a creepy small Sue robot on a tricycle. This thing is disturbing and just weird, adding to the weirdness of the episode. In fact, that creepy robot alone raises the episode’s overall weirdness by like, sixty five percent.

Anyhoo, the Sue robot says in its creepy voice that if they want out, they need to kiss. So they give each other a quick peck, but the robot demands a real passionate kiss, and Klaine refuses. So the robot says the temperature will be raised and then it leaves back in its wall panel.

Kitty is in. She finds Rachel and agrees to rejoin ND (yay!). She also volunteers herself to help find a killer new setlist. She and Rachel hack into Sue’s computer (using passwords that Kitty got by bribing Becky) and they get into a secret file that includes songs that Sue is emotionally attached to.

In the locker room, Spencer is still there, planning football plays as he takes his position of QB seriously. Sam comes in and says that to be a good QB he needs to be fearless. He says Spencer is scared to be in ND. Spencer agrees. He says that he loves to sing and dance but is worried about how his teammates will see him. Sam shows him Finn’s jersey that’s on display and says that Finn paved the way for people just like him.

There’s a police officer in Rachel’s office (supposedly there to help find Kurt) but it is Dalton Rumba (omg remember him?!?!) from the deaf school. He is just as weird and deaf as always and is a lousy police officer. To be honest, I don’t know why he was in this episode. He did nothing to help with Kurt’s absence and he spoke a lot of how great Kurt and Blaine are that I thought we’d learn that Sue sent him or something, but nope. It just made no sense…

Rachel leaves the police officer to do his ‘work’ and meets with ND, who are all nervous after seeing VA and the Warblers perform. They are also reluctant to do the new setlist that Kitty and Rachel produced. So Kitty steps up and tell the newbies that Rachel knows what she’s doing. In hopes to motive them, Rachel gives a speech about how ND may not be the coolest but it’s important and it’ll help them face any bullies they’ll ever encounter. In comes Spencer, ready to rehearse with them. ND count: 6.

In the auditorium, Rachel finds Will and thanks him for not throwing the invitational. She says she learned a lot about teaching. Will is glad, but also upset that she had Sam go through his mail. When Rachel denies that, they both come to the same conclusion: Sue.

My beloved Klaine are still in the elevator. They’ve shed a few layers and are amusing themselves with some guessing games. It’s cute and fun, until Blaine mentions Dave and it gets weird. Luckily, the awkwardness is interrupted by creepy robot Sue again. When it threatens to fill the air with chemicals, Blaine finally agrees to kiss Kurt properly. Cut to ND getting on stage and beginning to sing ‘It Must Have Been Love’ led by the newest members, Kitty and Spencer. Cut back to Kurt and Blaine, who agree that the kiss will mean nothing and they’re only doing it because it’s their only way out. So to the tune of a love song, they kiss. 😉 The Klainer and fangirl in me approves of that whole heartedly.

The doors open and Kurt and Blaine hurry out and return to the auditorium just as ND starts their second song, ‘Fatherly Figure’ led by Roderick. Lastly, because ND inexplicably gets to sing three songs, they sing ‘All Out Of Love’. It’s super good and everyone, especially Sue, cries.

Afterwards, Sue announces the winners of the invitationals and gives out lame home-made trophies. In third, the Warblers. In second, VA. So in first, is ND, which is odd because though they sang decent songs, they didn’t dance at all whereas the other two groups excelled in that category. I guess the emotional attachment songs worked.

Backstage, the lead vocalist in VA who may or may not have a name but if he does I don’t know it is upset at Will because he’s a senior now and he can’t afford to lose. He storms off. Just then, Sue comes up to Will and says that the songs ND sang purged her of her anger. So…is she not against ND anymore? Anyways, despite the happiness she feels now, she gives Will his forgotten fork and vows to destroy him if he leaves something again.

In Sue’s office, Kurt and Blaine are furious at Sue. But Sue got what she wanted, so she doesn’t care. Kurt and Blaine insist that her plan was useless anyways because all it did was help them get over any awkwardness or resentment. Sue doesn’t believe it, as we later learn when she takes Becky back to her ‘Hurt Locker’. She has a calendar and her long-term Klaine plan is right on track.

Back in the choir room, Rachel displays ND’s new trophy. The newbies are a bit confused as to why that lame trophy is getting put out, but Kitty says that everything they do is special. They all do a show circle to end the episode. Hooray!

And that is the episode. Thus ends the two part episode series. Overall, I found it weird. Sue obsession with Klaine was just….weird. Where it that come from? I mean, I like that it is helping Klaine get back together, but….it was just….it came out of nowhere and I found it odd. I mean, the Klaine kiss this episode was great, but I am a biased Klainer. I’m just hoping the hypnosis stuff is over now too.

Next week is 6×06 (almost halfway done, whaaaaaat?) and it’s called ‘What The World Needs Now’. Dis be the promo:
This looks….kind of weird. Jeeze, I feel like I’ve used the word weird so many times in this recap and I hate that, but I am sorry for being honest…. X( Anyways, I’m glad Brittany and Santana are back. But Brittany’s parents are NOT what I suspected. I mean, her dad is apparently Asian? And that was never mentioned? Okay….. And, oh look, more awkward Samchel parts. That should be even more awkwarder with Mercedes back. Greaaaaat. But love songs can be fun, so hopefully the music is awesome.

That’s all, guys! What did y’all think????

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. François Nardou
    Jan 31, 2015 @ 05:38:11

    Weird you say often in this text ,weird as a living dream or nightmare…if all season 6 till the last two episodes ending glee ,till 12th or 13th :remember Sue’s Calendar about Klaine:we are in wekk 5th ,we have still 6 or 7 weeks to spend till Klaine back together ,reunited ,wedded! So that means Klaine’s Happy ending in ep 11 or 12!And if all that was only Kurt’s dreaming in the night before his Wedding-day with Blaine? If in ep 11 or 12 Kurt wakes up out off his nightmare/dream ,in New-York ,his father saying to him “That’s your wedding day”! “Blaine is waiting for you in the living-room!”


    • pottergleefan4
      Jan 31, 2015 @ 11:47:59

      Weird as in odd, I suppose.
      Well, I don’t know if Sue’s time goes the same as our real time. Klaine get married in 3 episodes. There’s only 8 episodes left to the finale.


  2. Aditi
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 13:05:32

    This was weird. Very weird. Although I LOVED that Kitty was back (fav newbie) and omg Walter is everything to me.

    I guess I’m biased as well, but I just really don’t enjoy Klaine and am not excited for their wedding :/ Also, even if I was, it’s totally illogical that Santana would invite them to have a double wedding. That makes 0 sense.

    Also, how could a magical elevator be built in one day and nobody notice? Kurt, that was dumb.



    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 01, 2015 @ 13:11:19

      Oh good, someone sees the weirdness too. 😉
      Kitty is my favourite old newbie as well so I’m happy to have her back. Though I would like to see Marley and the others one more time.
      I don’t know if Santana invites them to do a double wedding. You’re right, that does seem unusual, so we’ll have to wait and see how that comes about. But I love Klaine, so I’m super psyched for anything related to them and happiness.
      The elevator’s magical appearance puzzled me too but I guess in Kurt’s defence, the reason he didn’t know about it is because it wasn’t real so there wouldn’t have been a lot to build or set up and it’s more likely that he would have no idea it was going on in the school, you know? But still….
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


      • Aditi
        Feb 02, 2015 @ 19:57:43

        I think everyone saw the weirdness lol. I loved Marley!! And I really wanted them to do something with Ryder/Unique. I heard that Santana does that, which makes no sense whatsoever.

        That’s exactly my point! If you worked at a school and one magical day there was an elevator where there was no construction beforehand, wouldn’t you be a little suspicious? But whatever. Who needs logic when watching Glee, right? 😉

      • pottergleefan4
        Feb 02, 2015 @ 20:07:02

        I haven’t heard anything about the old newbies coming back, so I’m not getting my hopes up. They may however be trying to keep everything about the finale a complete secret, which I’d like.

      • Aditi
        Feb 07, 2015 @ 11:51:33

        I don’t see why they can’t! They’re bringing Matt Rutherford back, right? Why not Marley and Ryder and Jake and Unique? 🙂

      • pottergleefan4
        Feb 07, 2015 @ 11:59:36

        Because Matt is coming back for a flashback episode to 2009 to see why the original members joined ND or something along those lines.

      • Aditi
        Feb 07, 2015 @ 12:34:16

        Oh, that’s a shame :/ I thought he was coming back for real

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