6×09 Child Star

Well, 6×09 has aired. It was called ‘Child Star’ and it was decent. Not awful. It was newbie-centered, but that was decent. None of the plots were too far-fetched, so that was good. The music was alright. It wasn’t the best episode, but it was alright. I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Here’s what happened:

In the gym, Sue is equipped with her megaphone and she’s making a bunch of students in gym class do the Presidential Fitness Test. I’m Canadian so I have no idea what that is, but it looks intense. There’s a rope that they have to climb, but Roderick struggles. When he falls, Sue calls him out and shames him. Afterwards, in the hall, Spencer says that Roderick better shape up, both in gym class and in Glee club (because apparently he’s not a good dancer?). Roderick asks Spencer for help, to be a personal trainer of sorts, but Spencer refuses. So Roderick walks off to class and sits down next to some guy with long hair, and they start talking. Spencer is still in the hall and is staring at said guy. Like, heart eyes staring. So he goes in and tries to chat him up. He pretends to be besties with Roderick, but his flirting skills are weak, and everyone is uncomfortable. When Allistair (that’s his name but it’s not revealed until later in the episode) leaves for a minute, Roderick informs Spencer just how bad his idea of flirty is.

The Superintendent that Sue was crushing on back in The Puppet Master is back and. Sue is talking about the school, but then asks for a letter of recommendation from him. He, in turn, asks for a favour too, and Sue, is still harboring feelings and agrees.

On stage, Sue is standing with a kid. She introduces him to ND as Myron, the nephew of the Superintendent, who’s having a Bar Mitzvah where he’ll be performing. He wants some tips from ND. So he and a group of dancers hit the stage. Myron, who is almost 13 by the way, proceeds to sing ‘Lose My Breath’, which is amusing as heck. He and the dancers are good.

ND is impressed, and in the end, the only tip they have is to have the dancers smile more. Myron agrees, then promptly fires them all. Then Myron talks to Sue, Will and Rachel alone. He wants to hire ND as entertainment. They try to offer excuses (busy for Sectionals, not allowed to accept payment), but Myron is adamant. He is a full out crazy diva with money to blow and no cares in the world.

In the hall, Mason is talking to Jane, who he clearly has a crush on too. He asks her out, but just then, Madison comes up and tries to join in, ruining the moment. Mason then turns to Spencer and Roderick for help. He tells them that Madison is always getting in the way when he tries to talk to Jane and she babies him. He begs one of the guys to tell her to back off or keep her occupied for a bit, but they both refuse.

In the staffroom, Will and Rachel are discussing the newbies. Rachel doesn’t really know who they are as people or what they like, so when Will and Rachel break the news about performing at Myron’s party to ND, they smile and say it’ll be good Sectionals practice and they encourage the group to partner up and plan some songs that they enjoy. Mason immediately looks to Jane, but Madison literally pops up and begins to ramble about what they could do.

Sue is determined to impress the Superintendent, so she’s been being an assistant to Myron, tending to everything he wants and needs. And she hates it as Myron is a huge diva (think: the girls on My Super Sweet 16). But Myron wants new backup dancers and so Sue is making Will, Sam, Rachel and Beiste do it with her.

In the hall, Mason finds Jane again and suggest that they sing together, but she’s partnered with Roderick. She says that if he gets their partners to agree to a switch, then she’ll happily sing with him.

So Spencer and Roderick are in the gym and Spencer is trying to get Roderick up the rope, but it’s not going very well. Spencer is being really harsh and mean and eventually, Roderick snaps. He calls Spencer a name then leaves.

In the cafeteria, Mason hunts down Roderick and informs him that they’re switching partners. Before Roderick can argue, Mason runs off and finds his twin. He tells her that he wants to sing with Jane so she can sing with Roderick. Madison is not happy about that. She is especially not happy that Mason wants to sing with Jane instead.  She gets really mad and storms off.

Spencer is the first to sing (why isn’t he partnered with Kitty?) and he sings ‘Friday I’m In Love’ which is obviously about Allistair. It’s a nice, fun song. When he’s done, Will says it was good but suggests he sings with a partner next time and suggests Roderick. Spencer says he wouldn’t want to sing with a quitter like Roderick anyways. Roderick calls him a name again, which is fitting as Spencer is acting like one.

It’s Bar Mitzvah time! Myron is on stage and he welcomes the guests then introduces the first performer: Mason. He sings ‘I Want To Break Free’ as a solo and it’s dang good! To me, it’s the best song of the episode. He sings it so well and everyone is loving it.

At the end, he goes and happily hugs Jane. But backstage, Madison comes to talk to him. She says that she was jealous and is kind of upset to not be the only woman in his life. But then she admits that at the same time, she’s also kind of glad that he’s being independent. Mason says he’ll always need her and hugs her. I really like the sibling story on Glee. We haven’t gotten a lot of it, so it’s fresh and interesting.

Myron is trapped in a huge pod that was supposed to lower him onto the stage and is freaking out. They can’t get him down because the rope is caught on the rafters. This sounds like the perfect time to get Roderick to climb a rope. Though Spencer can do it faster and Myron is in a dangerous situation, yes, by all means, have Roderick slowly try. Even Roderick knows it’s a bad idea, but with ND cheering him on, he tries and manages to get to the top and save the day! When Myron gets out, he’s fuming mad and requests a change of clothes. So to stall Myron’s performance, Jane Roderick and Spencer sing ‘Uptown Funk’ which they do a good job with.

In another room, Will is helping Sue, Beiste, Rachel and Sam perfect their dance moves before Myron’s song. Sue is getting increasingly angry and wants to quit. She takes her anger out on Will and they argue. Sue ends up tackling Will to the ground, just as the Superintendent comes in. But they lie and say it’s all rehearsal and he walks away.

In the choir room (because yes, the Bar Mitzvah is taking place at the school), Allistair is sitting, strumming a ukulele when Spencer comes in. Allistair says Roderick told him to come and see the performances. They flirt a bit and it’s cute. Spencer then asks him to join ND and Allistair isn’t sure at first, but Spencer kisses him, so that’s a yes.

Finally it’s time for Myron to perform. Everyone gets on stage with Myron and they all sing ‘Break Free’ (side note: my dad said that Lea sang it better than Ariana Grande, and even Beiste is better. My dad does not like Ariana Grande). It’s a cool fun song, but it’s nothing special.

The next day (or maybe a few days later, who knows) Roderick thanks Spencer for his help and support. He says he’s been eating better and working out and feels great. He then wishes the best for Spencer and Allistair, saying he hopes it works out.

In Rachel’s office, Sue brings in Myron. Sue informs Rachel and Will that Myron is now attending McKinley and he wants to be in ND. Though Myron is only 13 and Sue tried to stop it, the Superintendent insisted that Myron was so talented that he was fit for high school. Will is pleased because Sue is upset and ND got another member. It’s win-win for him! But Sue is deeply angered. She goes to her Hurt Locker again and makes yet another vow to end Glee once and for all.

Myron approaches Kitty in the hall and tries to pay her for a kiss, but Kitty takes the cash and says that if he keeps the money coming, she’ll be his friend, which he’ll need. I think it’ll be kind of amusing to see a weird friend ship between them.

With two new ND members, Rachel is feeling optimistic. Will is feeling nostaligic and emotional for some reason and says that ND is just a group of students but some will change their lives. He says that Rachel changed his, and she says the same. It’s a cute moment, but not really necessary.

The episode ends with ND on stage singing ‘Cool Kids’, which is a good group number. Normally the closing group number are fun and powerful and cheery, but this is a bit calmer, which is a neat change. I liked this song.

And that’s the end of ‘Child Star’. It was a decent episode. Myron joining Glee does irk me a bit because he’s such a diva to the point of it being really annoying, so I hope he gets toned down. Allistair seems nice, but I do wonder if there’s a point to building up these romances (Jane/Mason, Spencer/Allistair) if there’s not many episodes left. Is anyone shipping these romances yet?

Next week is 6×10 and it’s called ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’. The songs were released a few days ago, which you can hear here, but here is the promo:
Hmm. Well, so this is it. This is where Sue gives Glee her all. Is it weird that I am kind of excited? I mean, Sue’s antics, though slightly tiring now, is a huge part of Glee since the very start, so to see it all go down one last time, sure, I’m all for it. And guest stars! Carole Burnett is back as Sue’s mom. The Wilson and Rivera are Carnie Wilson and Geraldo Rivera, playing themselves (but I don’t know who they are?). And lastly, Michael Bolton (as himself too), who is the father of Sue’s baby, so that should be interesting. A fire at Dalton? Oh no! Dalton is such a magical place! But apparently Dalton is in ruins and so the Warblers team up with ND for Sectionals (which is how ND gets the numbers to compete). This should be really interesting, actually!


Surprise! More New Songs! (From 6×10)

For some reason, we were gifted with full audio of the songs from NEXT week’s episode, 6×10, called ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’. I don’t know why we’re getting the songs over a week in advance, but I am not questioning it. Just listen and enjoy!

‘Far From Over’ (by Frank Stallone) sung by Vocal Adrenaline
A power song by VA, danced to with perfection, likely. VA never changes it up. And this song barely has lyrics. Laaaaame. This may be their Sectionals song, if Sectionals crosses over this episode and 6×11, but I don’t know. I see no other reason for VA to sing. I’m pretty sure that none of the songs here are ND’s Sectionals songs, so that’s why I am suggesting Sectionals may cross two episodes.

‘Rather Be’ (by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne) sung by ND
I liked this song before Glee, so I was pleased to see it listed. I like those ‘bum bum bum’ background bits for some reason. Maybe because they don’t exist in the original song. Anyhoo, Glee sings this well, but it’s not a huge standout.

‘Rise’ (by Glee) sung by ND
This is a really special song because not only is it a Glee original, which I love, but it was written by our very own Darren Criss. As you should know by now, Darren is a phenomenal song writer, so even before hearing this, I was sure it’d be awesome. And yooooo was I right! This is catchy and powerful and is so so so perfect for Glee. And the lyrics are so great for what Glee is all about and I really love this. Yay Darren! Also, fun fact: Darren wrote another song for Glee and it’ll be in the finale, so that’ll be really special too! 😀

‘The Final Countdown’ (by Europe) sung by Sue and Will
This is such an iconic song, so it’s cool that Sue and Will, who’s six year feud has shaped Glee are singing it. It’s not the best song of the episode, but I think it’ll be really amusing to watch.

‘The Trolley Song’ (by Judy Garland) sung by Sue and Doris Sylvester
Sue’s mom, played by Carole Burnet, is back! Unfortunately, I’d consider this to be the worst song of the episode. :/

So those are the songs for, NEXT week’s episode, 6×10. This week is 6×09 and you can hear the songs here, if you haven’t already! Any thoughts on these songs though? What’s your favourite? And because I’m expecting you all to say ‘Rise’, what is your second favourite? 🙂

‘Child Star’ Songs! Listen!

(Sorry for the post weirdness. I accidentally published the post before I added a title, tags or put it in a category. Oops!)

Song time! And after a fun evening of essay writing, these songs and this blog post are a gift to myself. These songs are from the episode that airs this Friday called ‘Child Star’ and it’s episode 6×09. There are an interesting mix of old and new songs this episode and we turn our focus back to ND and the newbies again. Also, remember in my recap for ‘A Wedding’ when I saw the promo and wondered who Myron was? I now have an answer! Myron is the nephew of the Superintendent who is having a bar mitzvah and ND is involved in that. This is important to know because as you’ll find out Myron sings. Take a listen to these songs!

‘I Want To Break Free’ (by Queen) sung by Mason
Oooh a Mason solo! We’ve never had one. He’s got a really cool voice. And this song is a classic that I think he sings really well. I’m impressed, Mason. Good job. I have to wonder, of course, what he’s trying to break free from? My guess is it’s his role as a twin. Maybe he doesn’t want to be known as the male Creepy Incest Twin anymore. We’ll have to wait and see!

‘Uptown Funk’ (by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars) sung by ND
First off, congrats to Glee to doing this song while it’s still popular and not fully overplayed yet. Normally by the time Glee does it, it’s old and annoying, so this is a nice change. That being said, ND’s version is nothing special. It’s sung well, and having both male and female voices in it is cool, but aside from that, it’s just okay for me.

‘Friday I’m In Love’ (by The Cure) sung by Spencer
And a Spencer solo! We’ve hardly gotten to hear his voice, so this is interesting. He’s got a nice voice. This is a funky song. Catchy but not in the right way. This is by no means a stand out song. But I think the fact that Spencer is singing a love song is more important here. Who does he love????

‘Cool Kids’ (by Echosmith) sung by ND
This is a really perfect sung for ND. The message of wanting to be cool is what Glee and New Directions has been all about. Also, I think Glee does this well. I like this. 🙂

‘Break Free’ (by Ariana Grande feat. Zedd) sung by ND, Beiste, Sue, Will and Myron
While I am not a fan of this song, I do like how this song and ‘I Want To Break Free’ is being sung this episode. It’s such a Glee thing idk. Anyways, it doesn’t sound like Rachel at the start and the chorus sounds auto tuned like the original. I don’t like this a whole lot….

‘Lose My Breath’ (by Destiny’s Child) sung by Myron
Is this a good song for a 13 year old to sing? No. Is it funny? Yup. That’s all.

Sooooo those are the songs. My least favourite is ‘Break Free’, but other than that, I’d say the songs are pretty decent. As much as I loved the wedding episode last week, I am glad we’re going back to ND and that plot. It is an important one. I’m pretty excited for Glee this week. Are you? What is your favourite song from this here bunch? 😀

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