What The World Needs Now Is To Hear The Songs From ‘What The World Needs Now’

I do believe that this is one of my best post titles. It is long, but every word is necessary.

But yes, the songs for this week’s episode 6×06 ‘What The World Needs Now’ are out! It may seem like a random bunch, but they are in fact all written by Burt Bacharach, who I have never heard of. But that’s okay. Now I do and so do you. Overall, these songs are just okay for me. No song stands out, and I wish that if Glee was going to do a tribute, it would have been to someone else. But take a listen to the songs and judge for yourself.

‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ (from Promises Promises) sung by Sam and Rachel
This is cute. Not exciting. But if it means Samchel is over, then it is needed. On a different note, is this Glee’s way of saying that Rachel won’t get a new love or anything before the end?

‘Alfie’ (by Cilla Black) sung by Santana
Ooooh a Santana solo! I don’t know who Alfie is, but this is an interesting song for Santana. She’s normally more for those upbeat songs. This sounds like Broadway and that is not Santana at all. But maybe it’s a love song for Brittany, which means slower songs from Santana are okay (eg. ‘Songbird’).

‘Promises Promises’ (from Promises Promises) sung by Rachel
Not Rachel’s best solo. That’s really all I have to say. No wait, actually, I do wonder if she sings this about some real promise?

‘Wishin’ And Hoping’ (by Dionne Warwick) sung by Sam, Artie, Blaine, Brittany
This is fun. This will be the song that though I don’t love, it’ll be stuck in my head for the next for days. I do love Brittany’s voice in this however!

‘Arthur’s Theme’ (by Christopher Cross) sung by Artie, Sam, Blaine, Spencer, Mason, Roderick
This is catchy and cute. Perhaps my favorite of the episode.

‘They Long To Be Close To You’ (by Richard Chamberlain) sung by Sam
This is nice and a Sam solo is great and rare. But it is not a standout at all. I wonder if he sings this to Mercedes or Rachel?

‘What The World Needs Now’ (by Jackie DeShannon) sung by Mercedes, Artie, Sam, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Kurt, Mason, Madison, Jane, Spencer, Roderick, Kitty and Mr. Schue.
A nice group number, which will probably be fun to watch, and the theme of love will always be great, but song-wise it’s not the best. I do like how there are some solo bits and parts where everyone sings. I think this song is sung to Brittana by everyone.

‘Baby It’s You’ (by The Shirelles) sung by Mercedes,
Yessss Mercedes! I’ll miss her voice when Glee is over! This is a good song for her. My guess is that it’s for Sam. I approve.

Well, like I said, no songs stand out for me. ‘Arthur’s Theme’ is probably my favourite. What do y’all think? Do you think these songs are good? Hopefully the songs don’t reflect on the episode.


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