6×06 What The World Needs Now

Holla Gleeks! How’s life workin’ out for you? Did you catch Glee? We’re about halfway done the season. The LAST season. *tries not to cry* The most recent episode is 6×06 and it’s called ‘What The World Needs Now’ in homage to the song written by Burt Bacharach, who all the episode’s songs are written by. However, on the subject of the songs, they’re just meh for me. Nothing special at all. In fact, two songs are just random, actually. Like, they just happen. Anyways, the episode does progress the plot a bit, so that’s good. But other than that, it was just okay for me. I give it a 2.5 out of 5. See, unlike the last two episodes, this episode wasn’t weird, but it wasn’t great. Anyways, here’s what happened….

It begins in the hall with Sam and Rachel being awkward. They set a date together then walk in opposite directions. They both begin to sing ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ as they walk through the school and see a bunch of couples. I thought that this song would signal Samchel’s end but guess not….

In Brittany’s room, her parents come in. Both her parents are played by relatively famous actors. Anyways, her parents are…about as smart as Brittany was perceived to be for the first three years of Glee. And then, we learn why Brittany is the way she is. Her mom just drops that truth bomb that Brittany’s real father is apparently Stephen Hawking and Brittany is shocked (because her Asian dad with a below average IQ didn’t give it away enough). Brittany is not mad and takes that moment with her parents to announce that she’s engaged to Santana. Her parents, who know her as ‘Yeast Girl’, are thrilled. Cool.

That date that Sam and Rachel set was silly because they both blew it off. They awkwardly admit to each other that they have some feelings, but nothing is definite. Then they realize that they have stuff to do right at the moment, so they awkwardly blurt out an ‘I love you’ then they hurry off.

In the choir room, Rachel and Kurt announce to ND the week’s theme of Burt Bacharach. In comes Mercedes, happy to help out. Yay! Cut to Rachel and Mercedes in the staff room. Casually, Mercedes asks about Rachel’s relationship with Sam. When Rachel says it’s just friends and she doesn’t know really, Mercedes claims to be supportive no matter what. In fact, Mercedes is so supportive of Rachel, that she’s got her an audition for a new Broadway show. Rachel says she’s not ready for NYC again, so Mercedes sings ‘Baby It’s You’ and they, along with Brittana, dress up in sparkly dresses to help sing.

Artie is also back and he’s asked by Brittany to be the wedding planner. They brainstorm themes and when the idea of heaven comes up, there’s a dream sequence of ‘Wishin’ Hoping’ where Brittany along with Artie, Blaine and Sam sing and dance as angels. In this dream, Artie can stand and dance on his feet. While the song wasn’t great, hearing Brittany’s voice is always nice to hear.

In the choir room, Mercedes enlists the help of all the boys (new and old) to help with Rachel. Mercedes’ plan to get Rachel back on a legit career path is to make her homesick.

So wedding planning has begun. Santana and Brittany are in the midst of it when Santana notices her Abuela’s name on the guest list. Santana wants her Abuela to come but isn’t comfortable with that and says that when it comes down to it, she picks Brittany over everyone. So Brittany goes on a mission. She dresses up as a nurse and goes to see Abuela. At first it’s weird, but Abuela warms up to her when they bond over Spanish soaps. Abuela notices Brittany’s ring, but Brittany never says she’s engaged to a female. Brittany has Abuela on Fondue For Two. On the show, Abuela says that weddings are important and should be celebrated with family. Santana is watching the video and looks very upset. Understandably.

In the auditorium, Mercedes sits down Rachel and the two of them watch all the boys, dressed to the nines in fancy suits and top hats, sing ‘Arthur’s Theme’, which is about New York.

During the song, we see flashbacks of Rachel enjoying New York. Flashbacks are always so great. 🙂 After the song, which was favorite of the episode, Rachel tells them all that she’s not ready to go back. Mercedes says she’s not leaving until Rachel does. Since when is Mercedes such a pal to Rachel? What’s Kurt doing these days?

In the hall, Santana finds Brittany and expresses how upset she is that Brittany went to Abuela. Brittany says that it’s their job to educate prejudiced people.

For literally no reason (like, literally, someone please tell me why) Sam is in the locker room and sings ‘Close To You’ with his guitar. This random song continues as he goes through the school and it ends with him on the stage with Mercedes. After it, Mercedes insists that despite what Sam feels, they’re just friends. In fact, she has a new man. She encourages Sam to date someone new too. In fact, she suggests Rachel. She wants Sam to, and I quote, “help heal her heart.” Um, look, not to seem biased because I don’t really like Samchel, but I don’t think they should force Rachel to date if she’s not ready and Sam shouldn’t feel forced to date her.

Maybe the boys’ song worked because Rachel frantically calls Mercedes into the choir room and begs her to take over her position as ND teacher for a few days because she is going to New York. Mercedes agrees but then Rachel begins to cry hysterically. She admits that she is very scared for this audition and is afraid to fail again. But Mercedes is calm and say that fear is normal. So Rachel wipes her tears and begins to sing ‘Promises Promises’. During the song we see her leave Lima and end up in New York. The last bit of the song is sung as her audition.

In the auditorium, Brittany brings in Abuela. They sit down and the curtain goes up to reveal Santana in a red dress. Santana sings ‘Alfie’ and all the ND members (old and new) sing backup.

After the song, Abuela goes onto the stage to talk to Santana and Brittany. Brittany says her fiancée is Santana, which Abuela is shocked at. Santana says that she loves both of them and would love for Abuela to come to the wedding. Just when I thought we’d get a happy moment, Abuela says no. So Brittany insults her and Santana again says that Brittany comes first no matter what.

Rachel is back in Lima and she tells Mercedes and Sam that being in New York was so great and she’s feeling a lot better. Mercedes leaves the room, leaving just Sam and Rachel, who decide to take another shot at a date.

In the hall, Brittany apologizes to Santana for being harsh to Abuela, but Santana is totally cool with it and is just glad that Brittany stood up for her. The pair then goes to the auditorium where ND is waiting for them. Artie tells them that everyone wants to go the wedding and support Brittana because they are like family, even if not by blood. They all sing ‘What The World Needs Now’ which is a cute group number. Brittany and Santana join in and it’s sweet. During the song we also see everyone at Will’s house partying it up and being all fun. The episode ends with a huge group hug. Yay! (Fun Fact: this song is Glee’s 700th song! Wow!)

So that was the episode. That was 6×06. Like I said, it was just okay. While I liked Mercedes and Artie back, and I like the friendship with Mercedes and Rachel, but the songs were mediocre. Ehhhh….moving on.

Next week is 6×07 and it is called ‘Transitioning’. Here is the promo:
So Mercedes and Roderick singing ‘All About That Bass’? While I’m sure their vocals together will be sooooo great, I’m not a huge fan of the song. Hopefully Glee does great with it though. And they’re all at a party? In Rachel’s basement (remember the Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza from S2? Classic)? Oooh. But my interested ‘oooh’ leaves with Samchel again. When will it end? Will it ever end? On a bright side Klaine is on a good path. I think this will be a big episode for their relationship, so I’m down. Then some VA drama, blah blah blah…and YO Coach Beiste is back! Shannon is now Sheldon, so this should be a fairly interesting storyline. Not the worst promo, I’d say. 😛

Leave a comment with your thoughts! Talk to you soon!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jae922
    Feb 08, 2015 @ 23:04:39

    Great Review!
    As for the new couple. I hope that they do not have sex. I know I’m not going to get what I want. But I get to keep my memory of Samcedes, and that fine with me. But what I so dislike is the fact that if the shoe was on the other foot, Mercedes would not get a second blink of assistance from her. Anyways. RIB only used her because of what they said to each other last season. (Rachel & Mercedes , Samcedes) wish they would just let her focus on her (Rachel) career and Sam on getting Mercedes back. Lol (wishful thinking) but serious both of their careers. What’s going to happen when it comes out about him having been hypnotized? It won’t come out. Sue would have to admit to actually doing something like that.
    …Side note.. Ever seen Saved by the bell. Remember which character didn’t end up with anyone on that show. History is repeating it’s self again. Smh.
    We knew everyone else was going to get their end game as they call it. Just having to wait to see how it’s going to happen is the question. What will the show be like after episode 8 if the two main fav. Couples are married? I’m so happy for all of them it’s been a long road but they made it. Thank you for letting me vent. I know Iit’s just a show but it’s like you ccan’t help but root for the underdogs. And on this show Rachel is no longer that person in my opinion.


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 08, 2015 @ 23:50:36

      First of all, hi and thank you!
      I totally agree with you about Samcedes and Samchel. The Samcedes bits we got in New York last season were great and so I’m very upset that it’s all different now. Rachel always was career driven, but she’s also always had a man in her life, so while I’m not upset that they’re trying to give her some love, I just don’t like that it’s from Sam, who’s been hung up on Mercedes for years. Sam is sweet but he’s not the leading man that Rachel always needed.
      No, I haven’t seen Saved By The Bell oops. Hopefully Glee has a FRIENDS ending, not that ending.
      We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes and what roads Glee will take us down. But I have a feeling that Samchel won’t be endgame.
      I still think Rachel is an underdog, though. She’s still in Lima trying to be happy and find a good career. They’re all trying to do that, actually, which was almost a good move on Glee’s part for this last season: make everyone an underdog one last time.


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