Hear The ‘Transitioning’ Songs Now!

Song tiiiiiiime! I look forward to these because my Mondays are busy, so this is something to look forward to. This week’s episode is called ‘Transitioning’ and the songs looked pretty good at a glance. After giving them all a listen or two, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are pretty good. Not awesome, but not sucky. Take a listen, Gleeks!


‘Somebody Love You’ (by Betty Who) sung by Kurt and Blaine
I’m all for those Klaine duets, as you know, but I don’t love this. It’s not their style, you know? It’s fun and upbeat and I can’t wait to see it because it is a love song of sorts, but I think it would be a better group number. Klaine should have sung a more emotional song for this emotional time, in my opinion.


‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ (by Bon Jovi) sung by Vocal Adrenaline
Ah, a classic Bon Jovi song. I was excited to hear this. But, it is a VA song, so while it’s sung well, it’s nothing special. It sounds a lot like the original. Meh.


‘Time After Time’ (by Cyndi Lauper) sung by Sam and Rachel
When I first saw this song listed, I thought of this. 😀 Now I’ll think of Glee’s version, I’m sure. Okay, so, Samchel. Still not over. And dangit, I like this song. It’s so perfect for them vocally. I’m frowning as I enjoy this. If they were singing this in a totally platonic way, I’d be all over this. But nope.


‘Same Love’ (by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert) sung by Will and Unique
Yes, Unique is back. Just for this episode, I think. We’ll find out where she was sent by Sue and what she’s been up to. Unique is mostly back to help Coach Beiste with her transition. As for the song, I never thought I’d hear Will rap again. It’s not awful overall.


‘I Know Where I’ve Been’ (from Hairspray) sung by Unique and the Transgender choir
It’s a powerful song and I think they’re singing it to Coach Beiste, so that’ll be special, but song-wise I don’t love it. But Unique’s voice is as a great as ever, and I’m glad we get to hear it one last time.


‘All About That Bass’ (by Meghan Trainor) sung by Mercedes and Roderick
If it was just Mercedes singing this, it would sound too much like the original. But with Roderick, it’s different and I enjoy that. He saves the song, in my opinion. It’s not the best song of the episode, but it is tolerable and decent.


And those, my amigos, are the songs from 6×07 Transitioning. ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Somebody Loves You’ are my faves. What are yours? Who’s ready for Glee on Friday? I certainly am because for the first time all season, I’ll be able to watch it on a real TV! Hoo-ray!



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