6×07 Transitioning

Gleeeeks! Happy Valentine’s Eve (but by the time this is posted, it’ll be Valentine’s Day)! And what a better way to celebrate than to spend it than by watching Glee (or reading this recap!). This week’s episode is 6×07 and it’s called ‘Transitioning’ due to its themes of transgendered people and moving on in life. Overall, it wasn’t too bad of an episode. There weren’t any odd plots and the songs weren’t awful. I give it a 3 out of 5. Here’s what happened:

It starts with Vocal Adrenaline singing ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’. We only hear a bit of it because we cut to Will and in a voice-over, he says that he’s enjoying life and the perks that his job gets him (supporters of VA are very rich). But, as he tells Emma as they take baby Daniel for a walk, he’s feeling pressure to win and he is also missing the family-like feeling that ND had. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Emma is back for the first (but hopefully not last) time in S6. Just then, Rachel and Blaine appear in the park and they’re covered in raw egg. They unhappily inform Will that it was done by VA. This marks the second time that Rachel has been egged by VA.

So Will tries to talk to his team. He tries to lecture them on tolerance and says their attitude needs to stop. He wants them to all sing about tolerance and to kick it off, he gets up on the stage and starts to rap to ‘Same Love’. Unique, a VA alum, comes out and joins in. VA is not impressed. After the song, they plan to mess with ND to get them off their game. Will is mad.

Beiste is back! He’s a man now and is happy in his body now. Returning to McKinley, he is greeted by Sam and Sue, both who are glad to see him. Sue says that she is in full support of Beiste.

In the staff room, Sam chats with Rachel, who is in a bad mood. She’s upset because her house was sold, despite her attempts to scare of buyers. She loves that house and doesn’t want to leave. So Sam calls her friends together and they all agree to help Rachel move on from her house.

In the McKinley parking lot, Beiste is walking to his car and looks up to see the car vandalized. A bus filled with VA drive by. Real, subtle, VA. After a commercial break, we see Beiste in Sue’s office with Will. Will is informed that VA did a hate crime, and Will vows to deal with it.

So Sam’s plan is put into action when they all take over Rachel’s ND lesson. Kurt changes the lesson to Transitioning and they all announce that to say goodbye to Rachel’s house, they’re going to all party it up on Saturday night. Artie brings out a fun Wheel Of Musical Fortune which has all their names on it. The goal is to spin and get a party duet partner. Mercedes spins and get Roderick. Kurt spins and though it seemed to stop on Artie, he subtly gives the wheel a nudge and makes it land on Blaine. In the hall, Blaine agrees to sing with Kurt, but doesn’t want Dave to find out and get concerned.

Upon hearing about Beiste’s car, Sam and Spencer talk to Beiste and volunteer to get back at VA. But Beiste is just happy that they wanted to stand up for him and says that violence isn’t the answer anyway.

Will is pissed at VA and tries to rant to them, but they don’t want to hear it. All they care about is winning, by any means necessary. VA’s lead singer is apparently named Clint, and Clint very rudely says that Will is just a joke that they don’t need. So Will kicks Clint out of the group.

Later that night, Will is super stressed about VA and Clint. Emma suggests she quits, but Will likes his job. He likes show choir. He just doesn’t like the team he coaches. Emma calmly says that he just needs to be 100% at peace with whatever he chooses to do. Emma is so great. This is why she was such a good guidance councillor, she’s so calm and smart.

It’s party time! It is the Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza part 2 (hopefully without the train wreck part). Right away, Mercedes and Roderick sing ‘All About That Bass’ and seeing them perform and seeing everyone dance makes the song a lot more fun.

During the song, however, Rachel and Sam leave. They go to Rachel’s room, which, unlike the rest of the house, is still intact and filled with her things. She has a whole poster board of pictures of ND and friends (did anyone notice that pic of her ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ dream audition?). Rachel doesn’t want to dismantle her room or those pictures. Sam sits her down and says that he is fully confident that she’ll end up back in New York and happy sooner or later. They kiss (so…he’s not hypnotized anymore?). Again, it’d be cute if it wasn’t so….no.

For Klaine’s duet they sing ‘Somebody Loves You’ and it’s fun. Everyone dances and dresses up in silly costumes and it’s the kind of scene that you want to be a part of, y’know? During the song, Blaine is looking at Kurt with his heart-eyes. And the fact that it’s a song about love…..Klaine. Always.

After the song, Blaine has to leave so Kurt walks him out. Outside they joke around about their Dalton days and Blaine’s old crush on that guy from the Gap and then Blaine kisses Kurt. Oh yeah! A kiss that isn’t forced upon them by a creepy robot Sue. 😀

The next duet pair is Rachel and Sam, and they sing ‘Time After Time’. I still think it’s the best song of the episode. During the song, they all help Rachel take down all her pictures and pack up her room. The scene ends with Rachel taking a last look at her empty room and then leaving.

Unique isn’t quite done yet. She visits Beiste and the two talk like they were long-time friends but really I don’t remember them interacting in S4 or S5 at all. Anyways, Beiste says he’s doing great but feels alone sometimes.

So Will decides that he’s on board with VA’s plan to win. To prove his commitment, he says that he can get them into McKinley to pull a prank on ND. While VA may believe him, I don’t. Something must be up.

Blaine and Dave are at their apartment and Dave can tell that something is up with Blaine, who is abnormally silent. When prompted, Blaine finally admits that he and Kurt sang a duet and he eventually kissed Kurt. Dave isn’t even mad though. He’s upset, but he says he knew it was coming. He knew Blaine always loved Kurt. So he tell Blaine to go tell Kurt that he still has feelings. Blaine hugs him and awkwardly kisses his cheek and then leaves. Well, thank you, Dave Karofski. Sans S3, you’re not a bad guy, you just need to leave Klaine alone. But bye now!

So Blaine goes. He runs down the halls at McKinley and finds Kurt in the choir room. And just when I was expecting the romantic Klaine reunion that we’ve been waiting for, we see Walter, the older man Kurt is dating. And in come Rachel and Sam as well. They’re all going on a double date. And Blaine, with the saddest kicked puppy face ever, watches them leave.

VA and Will are sneaking into the auditorium in the dark when all of the sudden, stage spotlight goes on and Unique comes out singing. Yes, it was all a set up. I knew Will wouldn’t turn on ND like that. Unique sings ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’ from Hairspray. Joining her on stage is Beiste and suddenly a choir of 300 trans people are revealed on stage too, singing along.

It’s a really sweet moment. But VA does not find it sweet. They’re mad at Will for tricking them. But Will says that there is more to life than constant rehearsal, like supporting friends. So he quits his job as VA coach. Sue then sends VA out.

Now jobless, Will goes into the choir room with Rachel and Kurt, admiring the fact that it is a choir room and not a computer lab. Rachel and Kurt suggest that he become ND’s consultant. Will accepts. Yay! I’m so glad that Will is back at McKinley and back with ND. He was the heart of the team. He was the one who kept them all going. This is great. It’s a great way to end the episode.

Yes, it ends there. See, not a bad episode! I did wish we got a Klaine reunion, especially since they apparently getting married next week? And while Unique is never my favourite character, I’m glad another old newbie came back. The music was good, and Rachel’s party seemed really fun. Nothing will ever beat her party in S2, but it was a good second. 😛 As for Samchel, I still don’t love it, but with every episode, I am slowly getting more and more tolerant. We’ll see how it goes.

Next week: wedding!!!! Technically weddings, but the second one is supposed to be a surprise (oops spoiler alert. Jk, this whole blog is a spoiler alert). Here is the promo for 6×08 ‘A Wedding’
So this seems fun! Brittana finally ties the knot, which is great. I can’t wait to see everyone all dressed up! And while I’d like for Mike and Tina to get hitched as well, it’s not happening (but yay Mike is finally back!). I’m super psyched for this episode, not only because of Klaine, but because weddings are always so fun and happy! 😀 Hopefully I am satisfied!

So that’s all for now! Leave a comment with any thoughts or ideas or feelings or anything you want to say about the episode! Bye, y’all!

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