Listen To The Songs From ‘A Wedding’

There are no wedding marches, but there are some cool new songs for this week’s episode called ‘A Wedding’. There only four songs, but that’s okay because there’ll be a lot going on. Glee has really only seen two weddings, and out of those, only one well-put together bash. That episode, ‘Furt’, had some great songs, and one of my Glee all-time faves ‘Marry Me’. This episode, however, has no songs that I adore quite as much, but there are a few good tunes here. So listen up:

‘At Last’ (by Etta James) sung by Mercedes and Artie
I’m all for a Mercedes and Artie duet. And their vocals are perfect. But this song, as much as it is a classic and fine for a wedding, isn’t anything to write home about. Not the kind of song I’d have chosen for such good soul singers.

‘Hey Ya!’ (by Outkast) sung by ND (old and new)
This is fun. All of ND, old and new are singing this, so that should be great to watch. And this song is one that everyone’s heard in some movie or something. I actually can’t wait to see this. I’m expecting silly dancing and laughs and smiles. 😀

‘I’m So Excited’ (by The Pointer Sister) sung by Mercedes, Carole, Pam Anderson, Maribel Lopez, Sugar, Whitney Pierce, Santana and Brittany
This is my favourite song of the episode. It’s so cheery! And all the moms are singing with Brittana and Mercedes and Sugar, so that should be hilarious! So, to quote the song, “I’m so excited” to see this song!

‘Our Day Will Come’ (by Ruby And The Romantics) sung by Blaine, Kurt, Brittany and Santana
The two newlywed couples singing together! While the song isn’t the best…actually, I’d say it’s the episode’s worst, but I think and hope it’ll be a really sweet scene. ❤

And that’s all for now! I do have a post coming in a few days, before the episode, so keep an eye out for that if you aren’t following me. Only a few more days until the wedding!!!! I’m so ready for it all! Ahhh!!!


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