The S6 Newbies

Two years ago I wrote a post asking what y’all thought of the newbies. And guess what, folks! It’s that time again! We have a fresh batch of newbies now and the dynamic between fans and the character is even more interesting this time around.

When S4 began and we first met the newbies, things got hostile. There was more dislike for the newbies than I have ever seen. And while I did sort of see the comparisons between the newbies and our old favourites (Kitty to Quinn, Marley to Rachel, ect…), I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t mind them. I didn’t loooove them but I did not hate them. But there were people who really did hate them, and likely still do. Not that it matters because we likely won’t see them ever again. Except for Kitty, who’s back for the time being (prolly to the end, but IDK for sure).

Anyhoo, Glee’s newest members are Mason, Madison, Jane, Roderick and Spencer. We’ve had about seven episodes to get to know them now, so hopefully we have all have formed opinions.

And please deposit those opinions in the following fun polls.

 I’m looking forward to seeing some fun results! And Glee airs tomorrow night, so prepare yourselves! 😀

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