6×08 A Wedding

No, I am not freaking out because I just saw my OTP of all OTPs get married. No, I’m super calm right now. Pshhhh. Okay, not really. Glee’s most recent episode 6×08 ‘A Wedding’ just ended and I am literally shaking with happiness. I’m still trying to process what just happened. I mean, I knew it was coming, but still. Anyhoooooo, okay. The episode. I may sound biased, but it was a good episode. The songs were all good and some characters that we haven’t seen in a while were back and there were a lot of really sweet happy moments. I give it a 4 out of 5. But it probably is bias and I’ll admit it. Whatever. Here is what happened and you can judge for yourself!

It starts with Brittany, Santana, Artie and the girls’ moms in an old barn. Brittany’s mom says it’s the place were Brittany was born (she describes the….cool…story). Artie, the wedding planner says it could work, but Santana, who is just so thrilled to be getting married and to have the moms on board, says the barn will do just fine. So we see everyone (ND and friends) help decorate. Brittany is nervous, seeing it all being set up. She talks to Kurt, who says that nerves are fine. He volunteers his dad to officiate, and that calms her down a bit.

It’s dress shopping time! Rachel, Mercedes and Tina are there to help Brittany and Santana pick a gown. It’s fun and happy and we see some nice and not-so-nice dresses. As someone who used to watch a lot of Say Yes To The Dress, I enjoyed the montage of dresses. In the end, Brittany finds a really nice dress that she loves, but when Santana comes out and looks at it, Brittany’s nerves about seeing the bride in the dress start up.

Later, in the choir room, the girls are arranging seating. Rachel is worried about Carole being at the wedding and seeing her with Sam. It’s a legitimate worry, but the girls assure her it’ll be okay. Santana then notices a seat with Sue’s name on it and completely refuses to have Sue at the wedding. Rachel points out that she’ll try and crash anyways, so they might as well, but Santana refuses to budge on her stance.

It’s the end for Kurt and old man Walter. While at the Lima Bean, Kurt says that he’s going to the wedding with Blaine. Walter says he’s not mad and says that Kurt is still young and should go have fun while he can. And that’s the end because then we see Kurt literally running down a street to Blaine’s place. He tells Blaine that he still loves him and asks him to the wedding, unless he’s going with anyone else. Blaine assures him that there’s no one else and they kiss. ❤ Klaine is back!!!!!!

Tina is in the wedding mood too. She tells the old ND guys that she still loves Mike and wants to marry him. She’s going to propose. Several of them, Artie especially, aren’t completely on board, but they say they’ll support her (crazy) ideas no matter what.

Sue calls Santana into her office and expresses her disappointment at not getting a wedding invite. But in typical Santana fashion, she says that Sue is a selfish mean person who has no place at her wedding. She even has hired security to keep her out. I mean, as much as I agree with Santana, I am kind of surprised. Santana and Sue were never really direct enemies.

It’s wedding time!!!! We see everyone outside in snazzy outfits waiting to go inside. Everyone is smiling and having fun. We see Blaine’s mom, played by Gina Gershon, introduce herself to Carole. And Sugar is back!!!! I’m so glad she came to the wedding! Later, inside the barn, Kurt and Blaine, in spiffy white tuxes, talk with Burt and Carole. They make some awkward small talk about weddings and how they were so close to having one of their own. But Burt, whose words are always a gift to mankind, say that everyone has made mistakes, but since he has been faced with so many deaths and sad moments, he’s learned to make the most of what he’s got and take chances.

Despite Brittany being against it, Santana goes to see Brittany again. When Brittany starts to panic about bad luck again, Santana says that the superstition came from arranged marriages and the idea that if the couple saw each other they’d ditch. But Santana says that she won’t ditch because she loves Brittany too much. They kiss, and just then Sue comes in. Santana is about ready to physically get Sue off the property when Sue says that she has a gift. In comes Santana’s Abuela. We see a quick flashback of Sue at Abuela’s door suggesting that they stone Santana or boycott the wedding, and it’s all Sue’s plan to get Abuela to realize how silly her hate is. And it works. Because Abuela tells Santana that though she doesn’t fully agree on gay relationships, she does fully support family. So Santana hugs her and says that she’s been missed. 🙂

I’m so so so glad that Santana’s Abuela is at the wedding. It’s such a big moment and she’s so important to Santana. It just really makes it perfect for her.

It’s not quite time for the ceremony yet. Klaine are holding hands and waiting when Sue approaches with an emergency. She takes them to a room where Brittany is standing with two black tuxes. Brittany explains that she loves them both and their relationship is important to her, so she wants them to get married as well. Santana appears and says she’s on board. Kurt starts stuttering about how crazy it is and how they just got back together, but when asked, Blaine says that what Burt said about making the most of things was important. We cut to a commercial before we get a definite answer, but you can just see the love in Blaine’s eyes. You know he wants to do it. Part of me wants them not to. I mean, they JUST got back together and they still have issues to work out. But my fangirl heart was all for a wedding. It needs to happen!

On stage, Mercedes and Artie sing ‘At Last’ while Brittany and Kurt walk down the isle, followed by Santana and Blaine.

As the guests notice this, they all look surprised but happy. I guess that if you had no idea that Klaine would be getting hitched too, you’d be making the same faces. Anyways, Burt the officiant does his little spiel about how the couples are so brave for showing the world what their love is and getting married. The two couples exchange vows about how life is perfect with each other and they all exchange rings, and then, on Burt’s word, they kiss. ❤ MY BABIES ARE MARRIED. ❤ I’m just so happy. I mean, Brittana are cute and I’m so happy for them too, but KLAAAAAINE. Oh man. Okay. I’m cool.

Brittany’s dad is the only one to give a speech, and it is….a mess. I’m kind of upset that no one else gave a speech. One from Rachel would have been nice. Or Burt, maybe. But okay. After the train wreck of a speech, Santana gets up and says that she found her OTP as did Kurt/Blaine, so she gives everyone a baseball cap with OTP embroidered on the front. Then she invites everyone to dance. Artie and the gang get on the floor and he sings ‘Hey Ya’ and it’s really fun!

In a back room, Tina is fixing her hair when Mike comes in. Tina sits him down and says that though they’ve been apart, she still loves him. She gets down on one knee and proposes. I half expected Mike to say yes, honestly. But Mike is smart and says that he can’t accept. He admits that he loves her too, but they aren’t ready. Tina doesn’t really want to hear anything he says about her being great and all, but they end up kissing and going to dance.

The next song is sung by the Moms of the newlyweds along with Mercedes, Brittana and Sugar (The TroubleTones!). They sing ‘I’m So Excited’ and it’s so great. I loved seeing the moms perform, and there was one bit when Sugar just went crazy with the dance moves and it was then that I realized how much I’ve missed her.

To thank all the guests for coming to the wedding, the new married couples sing ‘Our Time Has Come’ and invite all the couples to dance. So Mike and Tina dance. Sam and Rachel get up, but then Rachel catches Carole and Burt’s eye. Carole smiles and nods at them, so Samchel proceed to dance. I mean, I’m glad Carole is happy with it, and why wouldn’t she be? She knows just as well that people need to move on after a death, and she knows that Sam is a good guy. The song is nothing special, but it was sweet.

The wedding is officially over. In the choir room, Tina meets with Artie, who’s got a picnic lunch set up for the two of them. As they eat, Tina complains about how Mike rejected her. Artie says that Tina is fun and awesome and won’t be alone forever. To prove it, they agree that if they’re not married by age 30, they’ll marry each other. It’s such a cliché promise, but dang it, it’s cute.

They’re cute. I was pretty indifferent when Tartie dated in S1. I liked Tina with Mike and I loved Artie with Kitty, but Tina and Artie together are cute too. If they’re endgame, I think I’ll be happy. So while the Mike bits in this episode were a bit awkward, I’m glad that we’re building up to some closure for the other characters too.

In the auditorium, Sue calls the new married couples in and she gives them both another gift: honeymoons. While it’s clear that she’s just doing it to prove that she’s not as selfish as Santana called her out to be, it is a nice gesture. As they couples walk out, they discuss how they have the same anniversary now and that they’ll celebrate together every five years but Skype every year. And that is the end.

You see, it was an all-around happy episode. I’m so so so glad that Klaine are married now. And same with Brittana. Fans have been waiting for both for years, so I’m glad we finally got it before the end. I do wish we got some more things in that episode. As perfect as I found it to be, there were still some things missing. Like Quinn. She’s so important to Santana and Brittany, so I wish she was at the wedding. Or Cooper for Klaine. I mean, having Mike and Puck and Sugar there was great, but Quinn is a bit more important than them in my opinion. I also wish we had Klaine singing ‘Come What May’ like they had planned. I would have also liked to see the couples have a first dance. Maybe that was filmed but cut, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for access to those scenes somehow. And of course, seeing Klaine getting married makes me forever wish we had the possibility of a Finchel wedding. But considering the old last Glee scene, I don’t know if we would have gotten one anyways. Anyways, the episode was good and I loved it, so I am satisfied. *thumbs up*

Next week is episode 6×09 and it is called ‘Child Star’. I do not know why. Here is the promo:
I guess my first question is why is ND dancing in front of the word MYRON? Who or what is Myron? Or why Rachel and Sam are dancing there too. Looks like some old Sue/Will drama. It’s not Glee without that, now is it? And ohh, Newbie drama? As predictable as it seems, it is important to a functioning group, I suppose. That dude who walks in on Sue tackling Will is the superintendent, by the way. The promo doesn’t look too exciting to me, but we’ll see how the episode is next week. 😀

That’s all for now. I’ll be here crying happy tears about Klaine, so leave a comment if you want to fangirl with me about anything from the episode. Bye now!

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