‘Child Star’ Songs! Listen!

(Sorry for the post weirdness. I accidentally published the post before I added a title, tags or put it in a category. Oops!)

Song time! And after a fun evening of essay writing, these songs and this blog post are a gift to myself. These songs are from the episode that airs this Friday called ‘Child Star’ and it’s episode 6×09. There are an interesting mix of old and new songs this episode and we turn our focus back to ND and the newbies again. Also, remember in my recap for ‘A Wedding’ when I saw the promo and wondered who Myron was? I now have an answer! Myron is the nephew of the Superintendent who is having a bar mitzvah and ND is involved in that. This is important to know because as you’ll find out Myron sings. Take a listen to these songs!

‘I Want To Break Free’ (by Queen) sung by Mason
Oooh a Mason solo! We’ve never had one. He’s got a really cool voice. And this song is a classic that I think he sings really well. I’m impressed, Mason. Good job. I have to wonder, of course, what he’s trying to break free from? My guess is it’s his role as a twin. Maybe he doesn’t want to be known as the male Creepy Incest Twin anymore. We’ll have to wait and see!

‘Uptown Funk’ (by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars) sung by ND
First off, congrats to Glee to doing this song while it’s still popular and not fully overplayed yet. Normally by the time Glee does it, it’s old and annoying, so this is a nice change. That being said, ND’s version is nothing special. It’s sung well, and having both male and female voices in it is cool, but aside from that, it’s just okay for me.

‘Friday I’m In Love’ (by The Cure) sung by Spencer
And a Spencer solo! We’ve hardly gotten to hear his voice, so this is interesting. He’s got a nice voice. This is a funky song. Catchy but not in the right way. This is by no means a stand out song. But I think the fact that Spencer is singing a love song is more important here. Who does he love????

‘Cool Kids’ (by Echosmith) sung by ND
This is a really perfect sung for ND. The message of wanting to be cool is what Glee and New Directions has been all about. Also, I think Glee does this well. I like this. 🙂

‘Break Free’ (by Ariana Grande feat. Zedd) sung by ND, Beiste, Sue, Will and Myron
While I am not a fan of this song, I do like how this song and ‘I Want To Break Free’ is being sung this episode. It’s such a Glee thing idk. Anyways, it doesn’t sound like Rachel at the start and the chorus sounds auto tuned like the original. I don’t like this a whole lot….

‘Lose My Breath’ (by Destiny’s Child) sung by Myron
Is this a good song for a 13 year old to sing? No. Is it funny? Yup. That’s all.

Sooooo those are the songs. My least favourite is ‘Break Free’, but other than that, I’d say the songs are pretty decent. As much as I loved the wedding episode last week, I am glad we’re going back to ND and that plot. It is an important one. I’m pretty excited for Glee this week. Are you? What is your favourite song from this here bunch? 😀

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