Surprise! More New Songs! (From 6×10)

For some reason, we were gifted with full audio of the songs from NEXT week’s episode, 6×10, called ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’. I don’t know why we’re getting the songs over a week in advance, but I am not questioning it. Just listen and enjoy!

‘Far From Over’ (by Frank Stallone) sung by Vocal Adrenaline
A power song by VA, danced to with perfection, likely. VA never changes it up. And this song barely has lyrics. Laaaaame. This may be their Sectionals song, if Sectionals crosses over this episode and 6×11, but I don’t know. I see no other reason for VA to sing. I’m pretty sure that none of the songs here are ND’s Sectionals songs, so that’s why I am suggesting Sectionals may cross two episodes.

‘Rather Be’ (by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne) sung by ND
I liked this song before Glee, so I was pleased to see it listed. I like those ‘bum bum bum’ background bits for some reason. Maybe because they don’t exist in the original song. Anyhoo, Glee sings this well, but it’s not a huge standout.

‘Rise’ (by Glee) sung by ND
This is a really special song because not only is it a Glee original, which I love, but it was written by our very own Darren Criss. As you should know by now, Darren is a phenomenal song writer, so even before hearing this, I was sure it’d be awesome. And yooooo was I right! This is catchy and powerful and is so so so perfect for Glee. And the lyrics are so great for what Glee is all about and I really love this. Yay Darren! Also, fun fact: Darren wrote another song for Glee and it’ll be in the finale, so that’ll be really special too! 😀

‘The Final Countdown’ (by Europe) sung by Sue and Will
This is such an iconic song, so it’s cool that Sue and Will, who’s six year feud has shaped Glee are singing it. It’s not the best song of the episode, but I think it’ll be really amusing to watch.

‘The Trolley Song’ (by Judy Garland) sung by Sue and Doris Sylvester
Sue’s mom, played by Carole Burnet, is back! Unfortunately, I’d consider this to be the worst song of the episode. :/

So those are the songs for, NEXT week’s episode, 6×10. This week is 6×09 and you can hear the songs here, if you haven’t already! Any thoughts on these songs though? What’s your favourite? And because I’m expecting you all to say ‘Rise’, what is your second favourite? 🙂

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    Feb 26, 2015 @ 07:51:00

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    I love getting and listening to glee songs. Always an inspirational journey.


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