6×10 The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester

Well, Glee is down to the last few episodes. Most recently, 6×10 just aired. And unfortunately, I was not in love with ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’. The episode had several plot holes, wasn’t all too funny, and the music was average as a whole. The idea of the episode was good, but it was just executed really poorly, in my opinion. So I give it a 2 out of 5. Here is what happened in the episode:

The episode opens with ND singing ‘Rather Be’ on the stage. Will watches them. During the performance, which was decent, Kurt and Blaine come in, both looking horribly sad. They tell Will that there was a huge fire at Dalton and it burned down. So in the choir room, ND and the Warblers are gathered and Will announces that the coaches have all agreed to combine groups for Sectionals. Almost everyone seems to be okay with that, and Blaine expresses how grateful the Warblers are. The only one not okay with the merger is Jane, who has some Warbler history, as we all know. Rachel isn’t there at this part because, as Will mentions briefly, she went back to New York for a few days. Anyhoo, Sue comes in just then and, as expected, tries to stop the group conjunction. But Will had it approved by the Superintendent, so Sue is powerless. That doesn’t stop her from making her weekly vow to put a stop to it.

For some reason, Becky is fighting Sue on her stand. Becky is livid and yells that Sue is being unfair to the Warblers. (Side note: Darrell is there too. Hey, Darrell, how’s it going?) Sue doesn’t care what Becky thinks, so Becky declares that they’re not friends anymore and leaves. So my question is why does Becky care so much about ND and the Warblers? Why is she suddenly against Sue???????????

In New York, Rachel heads to NYADA. She believes that if she talks to Carmen Tibideaux, she may be readmitted. I don’t know why Rachel think that’s a good idea after she quit NYADA in such a way (it’s fresh in my mind; I just rewatched the episode the other day).

Sue is called to the Superintendent’s office and is surprised to see Will there. Bob (he’s the Superintendent and I’m too lazy to type ‘the superintendent’ each time so I shall refer to him by his name) says that Will is just there as a witness. Bob proceeds to tell Sue that he found her Hurt Locker. So he’s seen her hatred for ND (including his nephew), her Klaine shrine, and, the worst of all, her Penthouse spread. Bob tells her that he has no choice but to keep her away from students and therefore fire her. Sue is shocked.

The news of Sue’s termination has spread and she ends up being interviewed by real-life celeb Geraldo Rivera for Fox News. Geraldo says that Sue’s got quite a reputation, but he had people do some research and apparently everything she’s ever said has been a lie (wow, really?!?!). He suspects her to be a compulsive liar. One of Sue’s most famous claims was that Michael Bolton is the father of her baby, but Geraldo shows Sue a clip of Michael saying he has never met Sue. Sue admits she has no proof of the Michel claim. She also says that despite anything, she is ‘dedicated to the students’. We all know that is a straight up lie as well, and Geraldo knows it. He has clips of some ND students expressing their dislike for Sue. The students interviewed are Kurt, Artie, Mercedes, Blaine, Rachel aaaaaaand Joe. Yes, Teen Jesus is back! Dreads gone, as that was apparently Sue’s doing.

He’s only on screen for ten seconds, but I was super happy to see him back. Also, he’ll be back in the finale, so yay! Anyways, Sue is enraged and blames Will, but Geraldo says that it was Becky who tipped them off about Sue. In fact, he shows Sue a video made by Becky where she (with Darrell) says that Sue is crazy and now she is free. Sue insists that she did do some good, that some past Cheerios are succeeding and that she did some good in terms of bullying at McKinley. Geraldo says that someone is actually standing up for Sue. Via clip, Beiste says that Sue supported him through that thing with Cooter (Lol remember him?) as well as the gender change, so he supports Sue. Sue states that the way she is is due to the way she was raised, by her Nazi Hunter parents, but Geraldo presents Sue with a clip of her mom (oooh Carole Burnett is back!) saying that the Nazi Hunter job was all a lie so they could get away from Sue, who apparently was a biting, awful child. Her mother goes on to say that she was simply unable to love her. Wow, that’s really mean, even towards Sue. Sue clearly feels the same because she stands up, punches Geraldo, and leaves. After she leaves, Geraldo shows a final interview clip. It’s of Will, and he keeps it real. He says that though Sue was constantly mean, she was a fierce leader and consistent fighter. While I am kind of glad Sue is finally put in a position like that, that interview segment went on way too long and had several plot holes (I will expand on that more in a bit). I was not impressed.

On the stage, Sue meets with her mother. You’d think Sue would be mad, but she’s not. And what’s worse, her mom isn’t even sorry. However, Sue says that she purposely was a difficult child, so she deserves the disdain. Her mom believes that they just never got along and therefore, she lacked at parenting. They agree to try and get along. Before her mom leaves, the two of them sing ‘The Trolley Song’ because upon Sue asking if her mom actually loved her father, her mom answers yes and that they met on a trolley.

Cool. Okaaaaay so here are the huge plot points that Glee totally ignored. Remember Jean? Sue’s disabled sister who died in S2? Yeah, Jean wasn’t mentioned or even vaguely referenced at all. Because Sue’s parents didn’t just lie and take off on a crazy little Sue, but they left Sue with a down-syndrome sister. Jean meant so much to Sue, so it bugs me so much that she was forgotten here. Another plot point missed was while her mom was saying that they didn’t get along, she used an example of taking Sue to see musicals and Sue hating it. Buuuut I do remember a small part in some episode several seasons back where Sue said that her dislike for musicals/Glee clubs came from her days in highschool when she got a mean review on her performance in Oklahoma! and since then she’s had it out for singing. I am having trouble finding that episode (I think that was a deleted part?) but if anyone remembers that bit as well let me know. Lastly, I find it very silly how Sue, who constantly ridicules ND for singing away their problems, happily sang with her mother in a weird act of forgiveness. *drops mic*

Rachel is back at McKinley and she tells Mercedes, Sam and Blaine that though Carmen wasn’t pleased to see her, she is confident that she has a chance because Carmen understood how humbled and sorry she was. She’s decided to write Carmen a long letter including the story of Glee and everything about her. Just then, she gets a phone call and she leaves to take it while her friends all agree that she’s shooting for a lot and is probably going to get nothing. Rachel returns to the table and says that the call was from the people doing that musical that she auditioned for in ‘What The World Need Now’ and she got the part! And just like that, she decides that she doesn’t need NYADA (again).

On the stage, the Warblers and ND are trying to rehearse, but they’re not getting along. Their biggest argument is over outfits as the Warblers still sport their blazers in memory of their beloved school and ND believe that they don’t need them now that they’re at McKinley. Their argument is interrupted by Beiste, who says tells them all that she just heard that Sue is the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

It’s true. We see Sue talking to VA, who seem to doubt her. But Sue says that they’re the key to taking down ND. To form the best team, she puts them all through a strenuous workout routine to see who can survive. As they do the workout, VA sings ‘Far From Over’ with Sue yelling at them through her trusty megaphone. We also see Sue burning her old trophies and memorabilia. She begins to burn a small Sue doll, but ends up pulling it out of the fire. I don’t understand the significance of that doll. Anyways, afterwards, VA accepts Sue as their coach.

In the choir room, Sam is talking with Rachel, and he thinks she shouldn’t do the show and instead go to NYADA if she can. As Rachel disagrees with him, her phone rings again. This time, it’s Carmen and Rachel is allowed back in NYADA if she wants. Rachel tells Sam she doesn’t want it, but he disagrees.

Sam disagrees so much that he tries to go to Will for help, but Will doesn’t have much to say of the subject because as they go into the auditorium, Will sees Sue on stage playing an organ. Will goes over to her, and Sue gives her rage-filled rant on how she will definitely take Will and ND down, even though Will says he stood up for her. Brad the piano player comes over and plays ‘Final Countdown’ while Sue and Will sing and pretend to be rock stars in silly costumes. ND and the Warblers are watching, but they can’t see the imagined outfits, so it looks super crazy. At the end of the song, Sue leaves and Will spots the kids watching.

In the staffroom, Rachel and Kurt sit down with Blaine and (an embarrassed) Will so Rachel could share some bad news. Apparently Myron got a call from his uncle saying that if ND loses at Sectionals, not only will Glee club be over but all arts programs too. The cost of running Glee for both ND and the Warblers is beyond what Rachel can afford (remember, she is funding ND). So the pressure is on. Luckily, the wardrobe problem is solved at least.

We cut to the stage where ND and the Warblers start singing ‘Rise’ which a really really awesome Glee original song that is co-written by Darren Criss. During the song, Blaine wheels out a rack of new red/burgundy blazers for everyone, so they look like a unified group while also paying homage to Dalton’s style. It’s a great ending for a rather disappointing episode….

Yeah, that’s it. Like I said, the ideas were good, but the result was bad. A downfall for Sue after so long was great, and finally calling out all her lies was good, but the interview went on and on and got silly with the whole mother thing. Plus the deal with Becky came from nowhere! And while I love Rachel and always want the best for her, the fact that she’s gotten three chances to go to NYADA is a bit ridiculous. That being said, I don’t know if I want her to do the show or school. I am also glad that the Warblers are joining ND because they’re literally be unstoppable now! I wish this was done a few seasons ago when we knew the Warblers (Jeff and Trent and them), but we can’t have it all!

Next week is 6×11. It’s the last episode before the two episode finale on the 20th. That’s so sad to think about. Next week is also Sectionals, so that should be interesting. It’s called ‘We Built This Glee Club’ and here is the promo:
Sectionals! Should be gooooood! And yooooo Jesse St James is back! We haven’t seen him since S3! I prefer St. Berry to Samchel so we’ll see how that works out. Anyways, Jesse is the male lead in the show that Rachel has the part in so he’s trying to convince her that she should do the show. And why is Sue bald? I don’t know. This seems like a decent episode, so we’ll see how it goes.

So what did you Gleeks think of the episode? I didn’t love it, but maybe you did? Or you want to express your dislike for it too? Leave a comment and we can discuss! 😀

That’s all for now, Gleeks!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beaver Trail
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 16:48:49

    Can GLEE get ANY worse in two remaining episodes? Who cares about a prolonged Sue episode? GLEE Fans want to know the happy endings of Puck, Jake, Marley, the guy with dreads….ALL of THEM!…..finish with some great covers and many MANY happy endings!


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 07, 2015 @ 16:51:28

      Well, three remaining episodes, but point taken.
      But you (and Glee fans) are in luck because pretty much everyone is coming back in the end (I don’t know how that’ll be incorporated) and I really believe that happy endings are on the way 🙂
      Stay positive!


  2. Mark
    Mar 08, 2015 @ 01:49:09

    I’m also kinda saddened by the episode, like they could have cut out the part with Sue’s mom because weren’t they pretty much emotionally dead to each other after Sue’s wedding? And hopefully she’ll be a better coach to VA than Aural Intensity? Whatever her team was before.

    And it just occurred to me that the S4 newbies could possibly show up at Sectionals because with the Warblers gone some of them could be part of the obligatory third team throwaway group.

    Also with only two weeks left I’m torn between “oh no there’s no time left for them to try to end on a good season & no more glee” and “at least it can’t possibly get worse.”


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 08, 2015 @ 03:09:48

      I feel ya! The Sue’s mom bit ruined it. The Nazi Hunter thing was a running joke, so I hate that they ruined it.
      VA seems to like so , so we’ll have to see how the goes….
      I don’t think we’ll be seeing the S4 newbies for Sectionals. We will see them before the end, but not for Sectionals.
      I’m excited for the last few Glee episodes. Not that I want Glee to end, but from what I’ve read, I have high hopes for the end. I hope I’m right. I’ve had faith for so long!


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