6×11 We Built This Glee Club

One week. That’s all that’s left of Glee. But right now, let’s not focus on what’s to come and instead think about what just happened, which is episode 6×11. It was the Sectionals episode called ‘We Built This Glee Club’ and it was great. For reals, you guys. I liked it. It was sweet and surprising and had some funny moments. I’m really glad. I give the episode a 4 out of 5. Here is what happened:

It starts with more rehearsal for ND and the Warblers. And despite them singing ‘Rise’ all together last week, there is still some tension. When Will gives them a five minute break, the lead Warbler protests, saying that VA probably doesn’t take breaks, and they need a lot of practise as some ND people aren’t the best dancers (specifically Roderick and Spencer). Kitty tells them that for the sake of the team, Roderick and Spencer should stay in the back. Later in the hall, Roderick and Spencer agree that they do need extra dance help, so they decide they’ll ask Kitty, who can be brutally honest.

On stage, Rachel is prepping some songs when Sam comes and tries to still convince her to go to NYADA instead of doing the Bway show. But she still doesn’t care much for his opinion. Sam assures her that everyone supports her still, then leaves. As Rachel sings ‘Listen To Your Heart’ which is a great song for the situation, in comes an old friend. Jesse St. James is back, and in typical Jesse style, he makes himself known by jumping into the song with her from across the room.

After the song, Jesse tells Rachel that he knows all about her Broadway offer because he is the male lead in the show. Rachel explains her choice she has to make, but Jesse strongly is in favour for the show, saying that NYADA rejected him and can’t guarantee anything.

So dance boot camp is back on, with Roderick and Spencer getting help from Kitty and Will. It’s going fine until Spencer tries to spin and ends up falling and hurting his ankle. They take him to the locker room where Sam and Coach Beiste take a look at it. Beiste says it’s a sprain and suggests he not use his foot, but Spencer is determined to perform at Sectionals anyways.

It’s Kurt’s turn to voice an opinion to Rachel. He nicely tells her that he wants her to be happy and knows she’ll be great no matter what she chooses, but he thinks that she should go back to NYADA and start new and be inspired like she’s inspiring ND now. He says that he’ll be there and Blaine will be in New York as he’s been accepted to NYU, so it’ll be good.

In the choir room, everyone in ND/Warblers is holding a small package that they were sent. They agree to all open them at the same time but just as they do, Will pushes Rachel’s box out of her hands. It lands on the ground and explodes open with a bunch of glitter confetti coming out. Simultaneously everyone else’s boxes do the same, so the place is raining with the stuff. Mason enjoys it, but everyone else screams.

Then Will forces them to hush as he hears faint ticking. With only a second’s warning, they all try to take cover as the piano explodes with more glitter. Will knows Sue did it as revenge for when he glitter bombed her way back in 3×01 The Purple Piano Project (please don’t click the link, it’s literally my first ever Glee reviewcap and it’s awful ew). Will storms out of the choir room to hunt down Sue and as he does, he passes Sam, who proceeds to vomit on the floor in front of him. It’s not just Sam who is inexplicably puking either. Will goes into the staffroom to see several other people puking randomly. Sue is there too, laughing. She happily explains to Will that she poisoned the school’s water for fun and sent the glitter bombs and even set Will’s van on fire. So for revenge, Will dresses up as her hair dresser and when Sue goes for a haircut, he straps her down and shaves her head. This is the only really weirdly random part of the episode….

Later, in the locker room, newly bald Sue is teaching VA about Nazis. Why they are in McKinley I don’t know. Neither does Beiste, who comes in. Beiste reminds Sue again that he stood up for her in the whole interview fiasco last episode  but Sue doesn’t care, so Beiste kicks them out. He already doesn’t like VA because of their hate towards Trans people.

It’s Sectionals Time! Like always, there’s the introduction of the judges, then the first performance by a group called The Falconers, who sing with real falcons sitting on their arms. I don’t know the song they sing, but no one cares as it’s not important or anything special.

Next to perform are VA. They start with ‘We Built This City’ and they dance on and around these large rectangular structures that one can climb on. It’s perfect like expected. They manage to do a split second costume change and then sing ‘Mickey’ which is also amazing and very catchy. At the end of their song they even bring out two human canons. Sue does love human canons.

In the choir room right before ND/Warblers go on, they get in a circle and Rachel gives a nice speech about this being their moment to shine. They do the cheer and get ready. Just before they perform, Spencer is about to get a huge shot of pain killers or some other drug thing so he can dance with his hurt foot. But before he does, Roderick comes rushing in and says not to do it because he has an idea.

It’s ND/Warblers’ turn to perform. It starts with Roderick alone on stage singing ‘Take Me To Church’ which is perfect for his voice, and halfway through a curtain rises and the rest of the group join him. The next song is ‘Chandelier’, sung lead by Jane and Kitty. But the coolest part of that song was that in the audience, Myron was dancing around in that now iconic outfit that the Dance Moms girl Maddy wears in Sia’s music videos. That is just the perfect thing for Myron to do, as he gets his own attention and gets to be crazy. Another cool thing that happened during the song is that at the end, Spencer comes out actually swinging on a huge chandelier (this was the idea Roderick had). So while the vocals in this song were decent compared to the awesomeness that is the original, Myron and Spencer’s bit really made it stand out. Lastly, they sing ‘Come Sail Away’ with Mason and Madison on lead vocals. Myron and Spencer (on crutches) rejoin the team and it’s just great. So overall, ND/Warblers had a pretty great performance.

YES Myron!

Like always, there’s a short scene with the judges arguing over who should win. Before long, the results are announced. In third, obviously, are The Falconers. In second are…..Vocal Adrenaline, so that means, yes, ND/Warblers won Sectionals!!! 😀 They cheer and smile and jump up and down happily, which made me super happy.

In the hall, Sue (with a ‘wig’ now) corners Will and says that ND/Warblers’ win is thanks to her as she helped them. She says she sabotaged VA by specifically picking songs that she knew would annoy the judges. She also apparently had reasons for the glitter bombs and the poisoned water, which were some biological responses that would help them perform better. The car fire was just for fun though. But Sue says that it was a thank you to Will for standing up for her through the interview thing as well. Whether or not what Sue says she did is true, Will refuses to thank her, so Sue decides she just will keep on trying to destroy him. Will doesn’t seem too worried though.

In the auditorium, Rachel finds Jesse. Jesse suggests she lives with him in NYC, but Rachel tells him that she has made her decision and is going back to NYADA. I guess Sam’s pestering and Kurt’s advice stood out louder than Jesse’s opinion. Jesse is not mad though. He hugs her and congratulates her. They also realize that if they’ll both be in New York they’re bound to run into each other…..so they kiss. Yes, St Berry is back! Sorry, Samchel, this seems like the end.

Back in the choir room, the new trophy is put in the trophy case. Will gives a nice speech about success to the happy students. During the speech, Rachel notices the old trophies that old ND won had been taken out. Kitty notices her staring and suggests they put them back in. As they do, one by one, we get quick flashbacks to when they were won, which was super cute but I cried. Glee flashbacks make me cry. Fact.

That’s how the episode ends. See, it was a good, happy episode. I loved Jesse back, I loved the Sectionals win, I loved it all. I was surprised that the Warblers didn’t have a lead song in the setlist. It was just ND people, so that was odd. I am also a bit upset that we won’t see the group go on to Regionals or Nationals. I do hope we find out if they do, though. As for Rachel’s choice for NYADA, I do think it’s a good choice. She needs to focus and work hard, but afterwards, I’m sure she’ll have a great career on Broadway. 😀

So. Next week…..It all ends. We get two episodes, the first called ‘2009’ and the second, the final one, called ‘Dreams Come True’. They’re back to back like the S6 premier. So here, my friends, is the last Glee promo….ever.
What? No I am NOT crying….okay, yes I am. The song you hear is ‘I Lived’ by OneRepublic, which is a nice song. I can’t wait to hear the full version. So the first episode called ‘2009’ is a flashback to the pilot or maybe even before the pilot. Though a lot of the original cast isn’t going to be in it (and for that reason I am a bit wary) I think it’ll be cool to see them look young again. As for the last episode, I don’t know many details about it (I tried to avoid spoilers for the last one :P) but I do know there is a flash forward (YAAAAAY!) which is why in those clips of them singing in red and white clothing some of them have different hair styles. Also in that number, which I am suuuuuuper excited for, everyone (literally, EVRYONE) will be back. I am near tears just thinking about it! I can’t wait! (but at the same time I don’t want it to come as I don’t want it to end!)

That’s all for now! Any thoughts on the episode or the promo? Did anyone watch Glee’s Paleyfest panel? I did and it was so cute and funny and emotional! I love this cast so much! ❤


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  1. madlittleviking
    Mar 18, 2015 @ 14:01:58

    I was pretty anger about how they did “We built this city” but your picture of Mason here just made me laugh, and want to do that next time a box of glitter explodes . . XD


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