6×12 2009

Okay, so I’m still crying major tears and my hands are shaking because of what just happened…. Glee is over. Tonight was the two episode, two hour finale. This post is about the first episode, ‘2009’. The episode was a flashback to that year, but more specifically to the pilot episode. The episode was about the ND Original 5 (Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie) and why they joined ND. I re-watched the pilot last night, which was a great decision on my part because it was a great refresher. I highly suggest all of you do it too, either before or after you see the episode or read this post. Anyways, ‘2009’ was great. It had good songs, had almost no plot holes (which is important in a flashback episode) and the makeup and costuming people did a fantastic job making the cast look like they did in S1. I give the episode a 4.5 out of 5. I honestly didn’t think this episode would be as good as it turned out to be. But I enjoyed it. I felt like S1. And here, my friends, for the second last time ever, is what happened:

It opens with a really quick scene of Will telling Terri (his ex wife omg remember her???!?!?) that he took over Glee club. To be honest, I can’t tell you if that was a scene from the actual pilot or the new episode. I think it was new, but again, I’m not 100% sure.

In a voice over, Kurt explains how dull his life is and how he’s feeling really sad due to all the bullying he faces. We see him shoved around by Karofsky and Puck. He wanders down the hall to Emma’s office and glances at some pamphlets she has out in the hall…specifically one on suicide. Emma pops up and introduces herself. Kurt says hi but then leaves. Too bad Emma noticed the suicide pamphlet had been touched. So Emma calls in Burt. She tells Burt that she’s worried about Kurt and the depression he may be going through. She mentions the pamphlet and that gets Burt concerned. So Burt goes home and talks to Kurt, who is quietly in his basement room, at a sewing machine. Burt says he’s concerned about Kurt (who protests that he’s fine, despite being at a lame school) and demands that by the end of the week, Kurt is on some team at school.

To get on a team, Kurt goes to the one person who is on many, many teams: Rachel. They don’t know each other formally, but when Kurt sits down with her at lunch one day, they introduce themselves. Rachel asks if he can sing, and when he says yes, she excitedly says that Glee club is starting again under new leadership (being Mr. Schue) and says they’ll work on some songs. Cut to them on a stage singing the most ironically hilarious song they could possibly sing, which is ‘Popular’ from Wicked.

The duet, which sounds great, goes over well and at the end, Kurt suggests they sing it when they audition together. But Rachel is not down for that. She insists that stars shine on their own and she will be auditioning on her own (which is great because she sings ‘On My Own’ as we saw in ‘Pilot’). So Kurt turns to someone else for help: Mercedes. Kurt tells her about Glee club starting up again and he asks her to help him be as fabulous as her, as he has troubles with standing out by himself. Mercedes agrees to help him, thus starting their beautiful friendship.

We cut to Kurt’s audition. It’s the same audio from ‘Pilot’ but we see the back of Kurt, not the front like originally. Afterwards, Kurt informs Burt that he’s on a team and he’s finally excited to go to school. It’s not the team Burt wanted, of course, but he is happy that Kurt is happy.

In a voice over from Mercedes, she says that she’s a nobody at school and a somebody at church, where she can sing solos and be loved. She’s ready for a change, and that change is from Glee club. Just then, Rachel pops up and talks to her, saying that she knows Mercedes is talented and special. It’s hard to tell if Rachel is trying to intimidate Mercedes or actually wants to be her friend, but that’s the magic of Rachel, I suppose. Rachel tries to bond with her by saying that they both have a black father. I’m surprised Glee brought this up because, as everyone knows, in the pilot, Rachel had a white and black father pictured, but when her fathers actually appeared, they were both white. So it’s interesting that Glee was faithful to the pilot and not what was canon later on. Anyways, Rachel asks to go to Mercedes’ church and hear her sing, so we cut to Mercedes singing ‘I’m His Child’ with the church choir. Afterwards, Rachel appears impressed (maybe a bit intimidated) but Mercedes doesn’t seem to like Rachel too much (out of fear, I think).

As for Tina, we find out that she’s happy being a nobody. She wants it. It helps her goth image and her attempts to fake a stutter. But just because she’s a nobody, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have friends. In fact, she is best friends with Artie and they hang with a few other goth/odd people. Artie is, by the way, super in love with Tina (aww!) because she treats him like a normal person. At lunch, Artie, Tina and their friends are daring each other to do things. The two other people they’re friends with are dared by Artie and Tina to go dump food on Rachel and Kurt (when they’re meeting and eating a few scenes back).

When the dare is complete, they seem a bit remorseful. And then they’re dared to sign up for Glee club. They accept the dare. For their auditions, Tina sings ‘I Kissed A Girl’ like she did in ‘Pilot’ only now we get the full, hilarious song from her. Right after, Artie sings ‘Pony’ and that is awesome because Artie is the only one who’s audition song we didn’t hear in ‘Pilot’. The song is fun and sassy, just like Artie. 😀

So the Original 5 are now ND members. For their first meeting, Will hands them the sheet music to ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’. Artie is assigned the solo, but they all argue about it as they all want it, especially Mercedes and Rachel.

In Will and Terri’s apartment, Will is busy planning songs or whatnot for Glee. Terri talks to him but says she doesn’t want to be neglected. Typical Terri, making everything about her. However, she does tell Will to give the solo to whoever is most pathetic so others aren’t jealous of a pathetic person.

Will quickly finds out who is most pathetic when Rachel hurries up to him and gives him a list of potential male singers and a list of why she should get the first solo. Just then, Puck walks by with a slushie that he expertly tosses right in her face (yes, right in front of a teacher). But Will, the lackluster teacher he is, doesn’t do/say anything to Puck, but instead decides that Rachel must be the most pathetic one. So he gathers ND and gives the solo to Rachel. Yeah, it’s kind of mean, but it why Rachel has sung so many awesome solos over the years!

Mercedes isn’t happy. We see her in her church, crying. A lady in the choir comes up to her (maybe supposedly Mercedes’ mom?) and says that Mercedes is a star and has to learn to be okay with losing solos and use the competition to make herself better. She also says that she believes that she and Rachel will end up being great friends, which Mercedes laughs off. Oh, just you wait, Mercedes!

In Figgins’ office, Sue asks about the Glee club, but Figgins assures her that it likely won’t last. Later, Sue and Will are playing a bit of one-on-one basketball in the gym (which they apparently do every week) and Sue brings it up with him. Will says he wants Glee club to be a place for the kids to be happy and accepted and become stars. Sue thinks it’s wrong to fuel the stardom dreams when they’re highly unlikely, but Will disagrees, and even when faced with the choice of dropping Glee or losing their friendship, Will decides to keep Glee club going. And that is apparently how Will and Sue’s feud began.

In Rachel’s bedroom, she says via voice over that she’s numb to online Myspace hate, but she needs Glee club to help her become a star. And with rumours flying that Will is quitting it all to get a better job now that Terri is pregnant, it is up to her to keep it alive. Rachel goes to Sheets ‘N Things where Terri and Howard Bamboo (Howaaaaard! It’s been so long!) are working (well, Howard is working. Terri is not). Rachel asks Terri not to guilt Will into giving up his job and Glee club. Terri doesn’t care for what the random girl has to say because she walks away.

At the Lima Bean, Mercedes and Kurt are discussing how upset they are about Finn joining ND. They find him bossy and unreliable and are worried that if his popular friends join, they’ll get pushed out. In the middle of their conversation, Mercedes turns and asks the guy behind her to pass her a sugar packet. That guy is one Blaine Anderson. Of course, at this point, no one knows each other and once the sugar is handed over, Mercedes leaves as Blaine is telling some random Dalton student that coming out as gay was hard but it’s okay now. It’s really awesome to think that Blaine and Kurt were in the same room together and they didn’t even know it. And now they’re married! 😀 Anyways, Mercedes and Kurt decide to call an emergency meeting to discuss Finn.

At said meeting, which Rachel is late too, they agree that they want Finn out. However, they also all agree that he is not as evil as his friends. Artie says that when Finn rescued him from the porta-potty, he took him home and explained it to his mom. In fact, they all chip in with small stories about how Finn is actually a nice guy. Rachel suggests that maybe he’s looking for a place to belong too, and Glee club could be that place. So they take a vote and it’s all in favour of Finn staying. Yay! I quite enjoyed these little tidbits of Finn being a nice guy.

In Figgins’ office, Emma begs him to give Will a raise so he can stay. Figgins says he can’t but what he does give Emma is a copy of Will’s own show choir performance at their Nationals. So Emma shows it to Will, as we saw in ‘Pilot’. However, in ‘Pilot’ Emma tells Will she found the copy herself. Also, in ‘Pilot’, the song the show choir sings is ‘Le Freak’ but in this episode we hear ‘Burn Baby Burn’. Anyways, after seeing the clip, Will goes into the hall and is met by Sue, who is thrilled he’s leaving. As Will walks down the hall, he hears ND sing. And from here we cut to the scene from ‘Pilot’ where ND sing the icon ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’. The episode ends with that scene, which was really, really sweet.

All in all, it was, like I said, a great episode. It was a great companion episode to ‘Pilot’ and I hope someone edits both episodes together, as that’ll be neat to see. The episode had that great old S1 humor, with the added bonus of being able to make jokes about the future that we understand. The music was good. I was worried how it’d work without Finn and Quinn and Santana being present, but it was perfect because it was a fill-in-the-blanks for ‘Pilot’ so it was if they were there. I am so glad that the episode was as great as it was. Though honestly, because it was a flashback-type thing, the ending feeling wasn’t there. I didn’t cry at all really, until I teared up at ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’. I am not upset though. I cried enough in the next episode.

The next episode, which is the very last episode of Glee ever aired right after and here is a link to my post on that!


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