Glee Season 6 In Review

I really wanted to write this as soon as I had posted my reviews of the last two episodes, but I needed sleep and decided I needed to process the whole thing first anyways.

So Season 6. I didn’t know what to expect. We got half as many episodes and had no idea where it would pick up from S5. And like you probably already know, with Cory’s death, they had to seriously reconfigure their plans.

S6 went back to Lima, back to McKinley and back to ND. It was a bit odd considering in S5 they ended ND and the last several episodes were set solely in New York. I liked the New York thing, but ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’ ended with Mercedes on tour, Sam in Lima and Rachel in LA. Jumping between more than two places would have been silly, so in a way, going back to Lima, and just Lima, was okay. It is where Glee started and the goal was to go back to the start as much as possible.

In terms of Rachel, I am glad her TV show failed. I never supported her random and sudden TV show idea, and I knew it was a bad idea to quit Broadway like that. Her starting up ND again was okay. It was clear that she wasn’t the best at it and that she shouldn’t do it for a living, but she tried. In terms of her relationships, I did not like Samchel. As I’ve said, Sam is a nice guy and under different circumstances, maybe they’d be okay, but he was not the leading man she needed. He was just a sweet homeboy. The brainwashing thing was weird and never really resolved. Sam belongs with Mercedes, and after that huge buildup all through the end of S5 (and late S2/S3 as well), I’m upset that nothing came out of that. Not even in the end. Though I guess Mercedes has never really needed a man, so it was somewhat slightly fitting in that way. But back to Rachel: I liked Jesse. I mean, not too much in S1 because she belonged with Finn and Jesse was a bit of a jerk then. But it was clear he cared about her, and that remained when he did an episode in S2 and S3. I’m glad they ended together as Rachel seemed really happy, but I wonder why they spend 80% of S6 building up Samchel for nothing when they could have been reconnecting St. Berry. Was Jon not available or something? Because even if that was the case, I still can’t understand all the Samchel. Even minor background Samcedes would have been better and they could have just mentioned her relationship with Jesse like “oh, we text because he’s in New York and I’m here.” Anyways… also there was so explanation as to what happened with Samchel in the end. They were together and then Jesse came and we never got a breakup or anything.

Klaine. Like with Rachel, I’m glad they ended up together and happy, but their buildup was sucky too. Their breakup was unnecessary. If it was all for the goal of a sudden wedding, they should have had them together but upset about the wedding planning so when it came to Brittana’s offer, they would have jumped the chance. But, however, the breakup did allow them both to be in Lima and have Blaine coach the Warblers (I would have liked to see a bit more of that, too, btw). But they could have both done the same thing Kurt did and go to Lima as part of a NYADA course (Blaine was doing upper year courses anyways).

And Klaine brings me to Sue and how utterly ridiculous I found ‘The Hurt Locker’ episodes to be. They were hands down my least faves of the season. And Sue’s downfall was weak too. I didn’t mind her going down, she needed to. But the way it was done, with her mom and Becky and all, was bad.

There was a new group of newbies this season too. I was worried because the S4/5 newbies weren’t really liked by the fandom in general, but luckily, these ones were. I never hated any newbies so I was okay with this season’s batch, as I said in my post about the newbies. However, I was glad that there was minimum drama with them and very little unresolved plots. Having Kitty back was cool too.
I guess the ending of Glee specifically is also a large topic. While I am very grateful for the happy endings and the episode we got, I did have some complaints. Glee, in general, ended up being the Klaine and Rachel show. Not that I am complaining too much because I love Klaine and Rachel. But I do also love the other characters and unfortunately, most of them were shoved aside. We spent years falling in love with them, but their stories weren’t tied up properly. I mean, in S4 we had that whole bit of Santana not knowing what she wanted to do and then in S5 she convinced Brittany to leave school…so what did they do? What jobs do they have? Are Quinn and Puck still dating? At a Paleyfest interview, Mark Salling said that if he had it his way, he would have had them get married right away. What about Mike? These are all questions that I need answers too. Sometimes I wonder if our lack of knowledge is to represent real life, like after high school you lose contact with people and don’t find out how their stories end. But, sorry, no, this is Glee and I demand closure.

So in general, how did Season 6 of Glee go? Pretty good, I’d say. Out of the 13 episodes, I only really didn’t like three of them (‘The Hurt Locker’ ones and ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’) and there were five or so that I really loved. There were some great songs that I consider some of Glee’s best and not many that I didn’t particularly enjoy. The plots weren’t toooo farfetched and not many from this season were left hanging. The finale was amazing and seeing everyone back was spectacular. Bringing the show back to Lima and bringing in the Warblers and the flashback episode and the whole ‘trying to recruit members’ was a nice way to bring fans back to S1 and S2, which everyone loved. All in all, Glee ended on what I think was a good note. Season 6 was good. And I am glad. Was Season 6 as good as past seasons? I don’t know…I think it was better than the first half of S5. Nothing can top the first few seasons. I am glad we got a sixth season and I am glad it was good. I am glad the finale rocked and I am glad I had Glee in my life!

What did you guys think? Now that you’ve had a few days to process the end and think about S6 as a whole, I’d love to know your opinions. Leave a comment or do these fun polls below or do both! 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 14:50:42

    I felt that the last two episodes were so wonderful and funny and heartfelt and all that I love about Glee which makes me wonder what the heck happened on child star and the hurt locker and the rise and fall of sue sylvester. I think that if 2009 had been done earlier in the season than one of the last two episodes could have been used to catch us up on the characters that we love and rarely see. I´d love to know what Zizes and Kitty and Sugar are up to in 2020! The writers could have had so much fun writing up stories for them. Rather than all that time spent on Sam, maybe Jesse should have shown up sooner and shown that he has grown and matured and become more humble and kind and worthy of being with Rachel since most people still remember him as the guy who treated everyone like crap and got into a fight with Finn at the prom. I also hated that certain things were never mentioned, as though the writers arent aware of how much we love ALL the characters, not just Rachel and Klaine. Unless I´m mistaken, Quinn wasn´t even mentioned in the wedding episode and it´s hard for me to believe that two members of the unholy trinity could get married and they don´t even receive a text message or arrangement of flowers in their dressing room from her on the big day.That being said. I loved that Sue finally got it. That all the love and music finally got inside her heart and she was able to embrace the world of glee. I thought that part was really fantastic. Plus the idea of Becky as a secret service agent is hilarious.


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 26, 2015 @ 15:45:54

      Actually, ‘2009’ was supposed to air after 6×08 ‘A Wedding’ but then they decided to move it to the finale episodes after filming. So if it did air in it’s original spot, that means ‘We Built This Glee Club’ would have been in the finale spot instead. We wouldn’t have gotten a free hour to use for other characters.
      I agree more Jesse buildup would have been best, but like I said, maybe Jonathan wasn’t available. That is the reason why Quinn wasn’t at the Wedding. Dianna’s schedule was really busy. But yeah, a mention of Quinn would have been nice.
      I don’t think Sue actually ever embraced the music and what Glee means, but she did respect what Glee club did and the good fight they put up against her. She hates losing, but can respect that she did.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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