Favourite Songs From Season 6

Now that S6 is over, I can add on to my Favourite Songs of the seasons now (see past ones: 1 2 3 4 5)! For the past posts, I did 20 songs, but since S6 was half the episodes, I’m only going to do 10. That’s fair. So here are my favourite songs from Season 6 (in no particular order)

‘Cool Kids’ (6×09)
This was just a fun song with lyrics that so perfectly captured what ND, no matter what season, feels. Plus, it was the first song with Myron and Alistair, the newest members so finally the group was as complete as it could be.

‘I Want To Break Free’ (6×09)
Mason nailed this song. He really showcased his voice and it’s so good! I’m kind of sad we didn’t get to hear more of his voice.

‘Take On Me’ (6×02)
Not only did this have the old ND members back, which is always awesome, but it had a real Glee feel. Like, it felt like a song from S1 or S2. Plus it’s super catchy. Love it!

‘Time After Time’ (6×07)
I didn’t love Sam and Rachel together romantically but this song was stuck in my head for ages. They sang it really well.

‘It’s Too Late’ (6×03)
So it’s not the happiest of Klaine duets, but the more I listened to this, the more I liked it. It’s sung really well and it worked well for their relationship at the time.

‘Rise’ (6×10)
The song co-written by Darren Criss has rightfully earned a spot in my faves list. It’s powerful and catchy and upbeat and perfect for Glee. I liked it from first listen, which doesn’t often happen to songs I’ve never heard before.

‘I’m So Excited’ (6×08)
Since this song was done on Glee, I think of this whenever I say/thing the phrase “I’m so excited”. Anyways, the song is super fun and makes me think of such a great episode.

‘This Time’ (6×13)

The other song that Darren wrote obviously belongs here because that song is amazing. It represents what Glee means to the characters, cast and fans and it is so sweet. I love it so much.

‘I Lived’ (6×13)

Basically every Glee character ever all together singing one song that is not only catchy but powerful and deep too? YES! This song is everything.

‘Daydream Believer’ (6×13)

Yes, of course I have to add the last ever Klaine duet. It’s fun and super super catchy. It’s not my favourite duet they’ve ever done, but I still really like it.


And that concludes my ten favourite song from Season 6 and thus all of Glee! There really have been some spectacular songs. In regards to season 6, what are your favourite songs?


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