New Deleted Scripts (2015)

Last year, thanks to the Box Scene Project, Gleeks were given access to some scripts, which revealed some fascinating deleted scenes. Since Glee ended, we were given some more deleted scripts, courtesy of the mystical GleekOutBR. For the scripts, some of it are just deleted lines, not the full scene. Anyways, enjoy! (click the picture to enlarge if you can’t read them)


From the very first script, before Kurt existed, an Indian character named Rajeesh was there


Quinn and Rachel from 3×08 ‘Hold On To Sixteen’
faberry 3x08

Quinn and Rachel in 3×11 ‘Michael’
faberry 3x13

Finn and Rachel in 3×13 ‘Heart’
finchel 'heart'


Klaine in 3×14 ‘On My Way’
klaine 3x14


Quinn and Rachel in 3×14 ‘On My Way’
faberry 3x14


Brittana in 4×04 ‘The Break Up’
brittana 'the break up'


Bram in 4×14 ‘I Do’
bram 4x14


Burt and Blaine in 4×21 ‘Wonder-ful’
blaine burt 'wonder-ful'


Brittany line in 5×12 ‘100’
brittany line '100'


Rachel and Kurt in 6×01 ‘Loser Like Me’
rachel kurt 'loser like me' 1 rachel kurt 'loser like me' 2 rachel kurt 'loser like me' 3


Klaine Breakup in 6×01 ‘Loser Like Me’
klaine breakup LLM 1 klaine breakup LLM 2 klaine breakup LLm 3


So those are the scripts we were given. Cool, eh? I mean, the part about Kurt feeling like he had to say yes to the proposal bugged me because he made the choice to say yes and furthermore, he made the choice to even go to Dalton because he knew Blaine was going to propose.

GleekOutBR also had some songs that were previously duets/trios but they gave us the solo versions (like, Lea and Melissa’s solo versions of ‘New York State Of Mind’ that was sung as a duet-thing), so I won’t link them here because it’s not really new, but if you’re interested in giving them a listen, you can find them here. GleekOutBR may also release more scripts or something later on, IDK, so the page I just linked would be where to find that stuff.


****Bonus update as of April 5th****

The people from The Box Scene project released the script from 6×08 ‘A Wedding’ so here are some more deleted lines!


The girls at the dress shop
brittana wedding shop


The Vows
vows 1 vows 2 vows 3 vows 4 vows 5 vows 6

The Moms conversing
moms 1 moms 2

Yay for scripts!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. luvtheheaven
    Apr 05, 2015 @ 03:27:04

    Some of these are making me so emotional right now. Especially the 3×14 Klaine about Karofsky & also about Finchel… and the Finchel in 3×13 for that matter… and Quinn talking about how hard it was to give up Beth in 3×08 and idk… just yeah. I saw someone on tumblr talking about the manipulation proposal thing and I mean I mainly tend to side with the anti-Klainers on that one, although I see some validity to your POV too… I don’t know. I both love Klaine and I also love to see the problems with them at the same time. But anyway… this was so wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Anonymous
    May 03, 2015 @ 01:53:17

    Yeah thank you i love this show, i dont think anythings made me cry harder than season 5’s x03 The Quarterback to see anything new is awesome please update if u find more thank you.


  3. Rotarydial Honk
    Mar 13, 2016 @ 06:34:13

    “in the spirit of the New Directions, we actually learned it this morning.”


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