Are These Last Songs Of Glee A ‘Dream[s] Come True’?

Guys. Yes. These songs I have here are the last songs from Glee. I mean, there are probably a bunch of songs that were recorded but cut from episodes, but I don’t know if we’ll ever hear them. So for now, these are the last songs. It’s so weird to think about this. Glee will never have new songs. No longer will we be able to hear a song on the radio and wonder if Glee will ever cover it….the answer will be no. I’m dying a little inside. Like, do you know how many times I raced home from school to hear and blog the new songs? Too many. Anyways, here are the songs from the very last episode, 6×13, called ‘Dreams Come True’.  The episode that’ll air right before it, ‘2009’ released its songs early, so I posted them last week, but you can hear them here if you missed it. So now, prepare yourselves and take a listen to the last songs Glee has to offer.

‘Daydream Believer’ (by The Monkees) sung by Kurt and Blaine
YESSS Klaine duet to end it off! Is it the song I would have picked for them? Nah. Do I like it? Yeah. It’s fun and catchy and the whole bit about homecoming queen is great because Kurt was the Prom Queen in S2. However, I think Blaine should have sung that line about being a knight because he was a knight to Kurt. Alsoooooo there’s that bit at the end that sounds like children…..are we going to see Klaine with kids? Because I have a mighty need to see that. 😀 And as a last comment, the first few notes of this song remind me of the first few notes of The Office theme song with the piano. I enjoyed that.

‘Someday We’ll Be Together’ (by Diana Ross And The Supremes) sung by Mercedes
Mercedes solo! Sounding as fabulous as ever. It’s a fun song and I’m glad Mercedes is getting to sing as she was one of the originals, buuuut it’s not my favourite solo of hers. (side note: is she singing to Sam? Because yes please).

‘This Time’ (by Glee) sung by Rachel
This song….okay, first of all, it’s a Glee original, which is always great. And like ‘Rise’ a few episodes back, it is written by the amazingly awesome and mega talented Darren Criss. So by that alone, the song is great (and I’m so proud of Darren omg). But guys…listen to this song. Listen to the lyrics. It’s what I’m feeling. It’s what everyone should be feeling. Lea hyped up this song at Paley and I was like, it’s just a song, but NO it’s the best ever. It’s sweet and powerful and those lyrics, man! It is PERFECT for Rachel, for Glee, for Gleeks. I cried when I heard it. Which was awkward because I was in a huge lecture hall waiting for class to start. If you don’t love this song, you need to re-listen until you do.

‘The Winner Takes It All’ (by ABBA) sung by Will and Sue
An ABBA song was hinted at a while ago and I freaked out because a) I love ABBA and b) ‘Thank You For The Music’ would be the perfect song for Glee, like COME ON. So when I saw this song listed, I was upset for a bit. This song is pretty good though. The six+ year battle between Will and Sue is finally over (maybe?). Either way, Glee would not be Glee without Sue or Will.

‘I Lived’ (by OneRepublic) sung by Everyone
This is a good song for them all to sing. It’s about living life to the fullest and being all you can be, which is what Glee did, y’know? Plus, I’m loving how everyone is singing this. EVERYONE. 😀 I’m so excited to see this song, actually.

‘Teach Your Children’ (by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) sung by Will
I think this song is the last song of the episode, so that’ll be sad. This song is also perfect for Will to sing. Glee club would not exist without his constant dedication. This is a really sweet song. It’s not my favourite but it’s so great for this purpose. You can hear Will’s uke in it too, which gives me flashbacks to when he sang ‘Over The Rainbow’ in S1. ❤

So….yeah. Those are the songs. Those are the last Glee songs ever. Wow. For this episode, they’re all so good. My least fave is probably Mercedes’ song, and my favourite is definitely Rachel’s solo. The lyrics are just sooooo good. But they’re all great. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that they’re doing an ABBA song that isn’t ‘Thank You For The Music’ but whatev. What are your favourite songs from the episode? And on a scale from 1 to 10, how much did you cry when listening to them? 😀


Sectionals Songs And Songs From ‘2009’

Double the song fun today! The songs from ‘We Built This Glee Club’ which is the Sectionals episode just came out, and the songs for ‘2009’ which is the first episode in the finale came out last week but I didn’t want to post them out of order (sorryyyyy I’m meticulous like that!). Here they all are now! Also, just so you know, ‘2009’ is a flashback to that year (Season 1) when ND was barely even a thing yet. Anyways, SONGS:

‘Listen To Your Heart’ (by Roxette) sung by Rachel and Jesse (6×11)
Okay, so for reasons I don’t understand, I have a deep dislike for this song. Buuuut Rachel and Jesse, man. Too good. They haven’t had a duet in five billion years, so this is cool. Plus this song is perfectly perfect for the situation Rachel is in. So I shall get over my weird disdain because this isn’t half bad!

‘Come Sail Away’ (by Styx) sung by ND/Warblers (6×11)
This is the only song in the ND/Warblers setlist that isn’t a recent hit. So the balance is there, even if this song isn’t anything too special.

‘Take Me To Church’ (by Hozier) sung by ND/Warblers (6×11)
Yesssss Roderick singing this is what the world needs! The background vocals are great and it’s not yet overplayed. Catchy as heck. But it’s not a very good dance song, especially for those groovy Warblers, so I’m excited to see how this looks.

‘Chandelier’ (by Sia) sung by ND/Warblers (6×11)
No one can compare to Sia, who’s got such a unique voice, so this isn’t as good as expected. It’s okay, but not great.

‘Mickey’ (by Toni Basil) sung by VA (6×11)
This is a great song for VA. Classic, upbeat, powerful. Not that I’m rooting for them at all, but I give credit when due. And it is due here.

‘We Built This City’ (by Starship) sung by VA (6×11)
So VA gets the title song? Hmm. Either way, it’s a cool song. ‘Mickey’ is better. But this is another strong VA song.

‘I Kissed A Girl’ (by Katy Perry) sung by Tina (6×12)
Yes, this is the third time Glee has done this. But this is supposed to be the full version of Tina’s original audition song for ND way back in the Pilot. That’s why her voice sounds rougher and less…Tina-ish. #Throwback

‘Popular’ (from Wicked) sung by Kurt and Rachel (6×12)
I would have rather heard another song from Wicked (‘Dancing Through Life’ or ‘As Long As You’re Mine’, perhaps) but this song is cool too, and, more importantly, perfect for what’s going on. It’s a throwback to Rachel and Kurt in S1, when they were hardly friends. This is also waaaay more amusing because let’s be real, neither of them, even now, know much about popularity. But S1…nah. Should be good!

‘Pony’ (by Ginuwine) sung by Artie (6×12)
Artie singing a provocative song is hilarious because he had no game in S1. He dated Tina with a stutter. But he sings this well. Aaaaand I’m going to take a guess and say that this was his ND audition because Artie is the only one who’s original audition song was never seen/heard. So this is cool!

‘I’m His Child’ (by Zella Jackson Price) sung by Mercedes (6×12)
I like this! It’s fun and Mercedes sings it really well. You can hear a choir in the back (cool!) so I’m wondering why she sings it. Her audition song for ND was ‘Respect’…

Sooo those are the songs. ND’s setlist for Sectionals isn’t awful. I’m always weary of really modern songs, but they do alright here. VA does have two strong songs, so who knows how it’ll go. I’m glad Jesse is back though! As for the songs from ‘2009’, they seem pretty good. I’m excited for the flashback to S1, so I hope it goes okay. What’re your thoughts on the songs?

One more batch of songs coming your way and then we’re done. The songs from the very last episode should be here at the same time next week, but if they’re released early then I’ll be sure to post them! 😀

That’s all for now!

P.S. It’s a big week for the Glee cast. On Thursday (the 12th) Lea, Chord, Darren, Jenna and Chris will be on The Ellen Show. Check your local listings to catch that, but if you miss it, tweet me after it airs and I’m sure I’ll be able to get you a link. Aaaaaand on Friday (the 13th), the same group plus a few others will have a panel at Paleyfest in LA. Paley is awesome because they let people livestream all the panels for free, so keep an eye on my twitter for links to that too. The stream is at 7pm LA time and 10pm for me (EST), so I’ll be watching right after Glee finishes! Can’t wait for it all!

Surprise! More New Songs! (From 6×10)

For some reason, we were gifted with full audio of the songs from NEXT week’s episode, 6×10, called ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’. I don’t know why we’re getting the songs over a week in advance, but I am not questioning it. Just listen and enjoy!

‘Far From Over’ (by Frank Stallone) sung by Vocal Adrenaline
A power song by VA, danced to with perfection, likely. VA never changes it up. And this song barely has lyrics. Laaaaame. This may be their Sectionals song, if Sectionals crosses over this episode and 6×11, but I don’t know. I see no other reason for VA to sing. I’m pretty sure that none of the songs here are ND’s Sectionals songs, so that’s why I am suggesting Sectionals may cross two episodes.

‘Rather Be’ (by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne) sung by ND
I liked this song before Glee, so I was pleased to see it listed. I like those ‘bum bum bum’ background bits for some reason. Maybe because they don’t exist in the original song. Anyhoo, Glee sings this well, but it’s not a huge standout.

‘Rise’ (by Glee) sung by ND
This is a really special song because not only is it a Glee original, which I love, but it was written by our very own Darren Criss. As you should know by now, Darren is a phenomenal song writer, so even before hearing this, I was sure it’d be awesome. And yooooo was I right! This is catchy and powerful and is so so so perfect for Glee. And the lyrics are so great for what Glee is all about and I really love this. Yay Darren! Also, fun fact: Darren wrote another song for Glee and it’ll be in the finale, so that’ll be really special too! 😀

‘The Final Countdown’ (by Europe) sung by Sue and Will
This is such an iconic song, so it’s cool that Sue and Will, who’s six year feud has shaped Glee are singing it. It’s not the best song of the episode, but I think it’ll be really amusing to watch.

‘The Trolley Song’ (by Judy Garland) sung by Sue and Doris Sylvester
Sue’s mom, played by Carole Burnet, is back! Unfortunately, I’d consider this to be the worst song of the episode. :/

So those are the songs for, NEXT week’s episode, 6×10. This week is 6×09 and you can hear the songs here, if you haven’t already! Any thoughts on these songs though? What’s your favourite? And because I’m expecting you all to say ‘Rise’, what is your second favourite? 🙂

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