The S6 Newbies

Two years ago I wrote a post asking what y’all thought of the newbies. And guess what, folks! It’s that time again! We have a fresh batch of newbies now and the dynamic between fans and the character is even more interesting this time around.

When S4 began and we first met the newbies, things got hostile. There was more dislike for the newbies than I have ever seen. And while I did sort of see the comparisons between the newbies and our old favourites (Kitty to Quinn, Marley to Rachel, ect…), I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t mind them. I didn’t loooove them but I did not hate them. But there were people who really did hate them, and likely still do. Not that it matters because we likely won’t see them ever again. Except for Kitty, who’s back for the time being (prolly to the end, but IDK for sure).

Anyhoo, Glee’s newest members are Mason, Madison, Jane, Roderick and Spencer. We’ve had about seven episodes to get to know them now, so hopefully we have all have formed opinions.

And please deposit those opinions in the following fun polls.

 I’m looking forward to seeing some fun results! And Glee airs tomorrow night, so prepare yourselves! 😀


Did ‘Shooting Star’ Go Too Far?

Last week’s episode of Glee, 4×18 ‘Shooting Star’ was by far the most controversial episode and Glee has had some pretty newsworthy episodes *cough* The First Time *cough*. It got a lot of backlash. There were some positive comments, though. Oddly enough, the ratings went up in that episode. Anyways, I figured that I’d get my two cents in because what’s the point of a Glee blog if I don’t discuss Glee?

I’ve never been personally affected by guns or school shootings and as awful as it is to say, every time my school has a practice lockdown, kids in my class treat it like a joke. So the episode didn’t bother me on a personal level. It was more emotional because I’m kinda in love with like every character on the show and seeing them so scared and sad tore me apart. I went in thinking it’d be one of those episodes where everyone cries but me, but that was wrong. The episode was not fun.

I was watching the news Friday night and there was a short segment on the response to the episode. Apparently, the parents from Sandy Hook (the school that from the December school shooting) weren’t pleased with the episode and wanted some warnings. As much as I totally feel for them and can’t even image what they went through, I’m gonna argue Glee’s side here, for the sake of this blog. Firstly, it’s not like it was a huge secret. I knew that there would be a shooting. I knew weeks before and I told y’all about it too. Granted, I go out looking for the spoilers and I know that’s not a hobby of everyone’s. But the point is, it was known. I do think that Glee could have made it a bit more known, though. The promo didn’t highlight it much and I assume that it was simply to enhance the element of surprise.
Secondly, there was the disclaimer at the beginning of the episode. That was a first for Glee, like I mentioned a few days ago. It wasn’t even a general one. The disclaimer said that the topic of violence in school was going to covered and viewer discretion is advised. So if you’re not comfortable with that topic, don’t watch, simple as that.
Thirdly, Glee wasn’t making fun of it. They didn’t treat it like a joke. Glee was simply doing what it is known for: taking worldly events and trying to raise awareness and make them somewhat relatable. It’s what Glee does and to single it out for this episode only is not okay.

But not all feedback was negative. Let’s face it: Glee had continuity, good songs, fabulous acting and a meaningful message. It wasn’t a bad episode. Although I don’t have an account, I frequent tags on Tumblr and I like to read what people thought of the episode. There were many people who said they liked the episode and it was maybe the season’s best. Whether I agree with that or not, I agree that it wasn’t the worst. It’s also interesting because there were no New York scenes in this episode and a lot of people like those more.

The next thing I want to bring up is Becky. If you saw the episode or read anything about it (hopefully my recap) you’d know that it was Becky Jackson who brought the gun to school and accidentally fired it, despite the fact that Sue took the blame. I didn’t really consider this until much later when people were commenting on it, but some were upset that it was Becky, the only character with a mental disability (downs syndrome), who had the gun. Some were upset that Glee blamed sweet little Becky for something as serious as a gun. Had it been anyone else, the backlash would have been somewhat less, so it seems. But you know what? I didn’t even think twice about this at first. Glee has said many times that Becky just wants to be normal and that Sue should treat her like she would a normal person. But now that she has a gun, it’s how-dare-Glee-do-that-because-she-is-not-normal. A bit of a double standard some people have, eh? Like I said, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Not only for the fact of normality, but she wasn’t going to use the gun for killing. She wanted protection. She was scared of the future and wanted a bit of comfort. The firing was an accident. If she was going to use the gun for killing, then yes, maybe it’d be a bigger deal and we’d have to question the mindset. But it wasn’t. Did anyone raise a complaint last year when Puck had the fake knife? No. End of story. Another point was brought up saying that the gun was Becky’s dad’s and they let their disabled daughter have some access to it. Again with the disabled thing, but guess what guys? Glee is set in America and in America, guns are legal in most places, including Ohio (I Googled it) so it’s not that farfetched that there are guns around. I’m Canadian so I don’t know much about guns at all. My point is, I didn’t have a problem with Becky being the one with the gun. No one guessed it, and we gotta give props to Glee for that, and it highlighted Sue’s heart when she took the blame.

Basically my point is that I don’t think Glee went too far in doing an episode about guns in school because I think it’s a good thing to bring up in light of last December’s horrific events. Are you telling me that all those crime and murder detective shows out there are forbidden to do an episode about guns at school from now on? No. Just because it’s Glee, it’s gotta take all the fault, it seems. And I also didn’t have a problem with Becky being the one who had the weapon. But like I said, that’s just me. I know we all have different opinions and by all means, tell me yours. Leave a comment. Argue with me. I like it. But I understand that not all of you want to (I don’t understand why but….) so to quickly get your opinions, I made these little polls that I want y’all to do.

Again, I really want to hear what you think so leave a comment and tell me! ❤ And make sure to come back tomorrow when I post this week’s Glee songs! Byeeeee

The Newbies

We’re approaching the eighth episode of Glee’s fourth season. That means we’ve had plenty of time to meet and get comfortable with the new characters: Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty and Brody. They were a big change for Glee that wasn’t totally welcomed by everyone. I’ve seen people who love the newbies. They adore Marley or idolize Ryder. Even Kitty, who most of us dislike, has some fans. Then there are other people who HATE the new characters. They think they’re all annoying or just cheap replacements for the graduates who we’ve seen less of. I mean, I have to agree a bit there. Kitty is like a Quinn, Marley is like a Rachel, Ryder is like a Finn, and Jake is like a Puck. But they aren’t exactly the same.

I don’t dislike the new characters. I mean, sure I love the original characters more. I miss Mike’s dance moves we saw every episode. I miss Santana’s snarky remarks every episode. I miss it all. But guess what, folks! It had to happen. They had to graduate. I think we’d all be a bit more upset if they simply stayed in highschool for ever. Some of us Gleeks already think that Glee isn’t very realistic so this would be even worse. So Glee decided to do what makes sense and bring in some new characters when the older ones leave. Besides, if they didn’t ND wouldn’t be able to compete because they need 12 members.

So because I love hearing people’s opinions, especially when they range so far, I have two polls for y’all to do. And if you have any further thoughts, leave a comment! 😀


P.S.    I think Jane Lynch is on Ellen today!

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