Sneak A Peek At Season 4!

Hey there, Gleeks! How’s life? Here’s a funny story, you’re gonna laugh. The other day, I was watching episode 3×21 ‘Nationals’ on TV and at the end, when Will is awarded Teacher Of The Year and ND gets ready to sing, my mom goes, “Is this where they sing ‘To Sir With Love?” and I’m like, “Mom. No. That was in Season 1….but nice try!” XD

So all I have to share with you today are a few videos. But don’t worry! They’re really cool!

This first video is our newest look at Cassandra July and her interaction with Rachel at NYADA. It’s pretty intense. Don’t mind the random dude at the beginning of the video. I have no idea who he is, but he’s amusing and Cory is so adorably awkward. One thing I love about the actual clip is the vocal music in the background. It’s those funny tunes that Glee does that reminds me of Season 1 when every episode had funky little tunes like that in the background and it made it so much more funny and cheerful.

The next video is a first look at behind the scenes. We get to meet the people who play Kitty, Marley, Jake and Brody. I think they’ll be interesting addictions to the cast.

Okay who else is totally feeling an awesome Blaine/Artie friendship? Because I so am! And darn Dean Geyer (Brody) and his accent. How the heck am I supposed to hate that? And woah, the first time Brody and Rachel meet, it’s in the showers? I can see why Glee moved to a later time slot… Kitty seems like a predictable character. I wonder if she’ll end up joining the Glee club though? And lastly, I think Kate Hudson needs to lay off the blue eye shadow a bit. Just a bit.

Those are all the videos for today. I think they were pretty neat, yes?

Oh, two more things! One: the reason why Quinn hasn’t been in any pics or videos is because Dianna is off filming something in another country. But she will be back and on Glee so don’t worry.  And Two: so far, Sebastian isn’t going to be back. That MAY change later on in the season (I hope so!) but for now, he’s gone. I’m pretty sure that the Warblers will be there, though. After all, who else will compete with ND?

That’s all for now!


New Pics and Video!

Prepare yourselves. Promo pics are here! Yes, last night I found several cool pictures and a video clip too!

Here is the clip! 😀

Oooooh Cassandra, who is played by Kate Hudson, looks like an interesting character. Maybe a bit Sue-esque? And it looks like NYADA isn’t what Rachel imagined. 🙂 I don’t know why I smiled there….I guess I’m just super excited! And Cassandra singing J-Lo’s ‘Dance Again’? YAY!

As for the pics, here’s the first one, featuring Cassandra and Rachel. I like it because it’s like the old Season 1 posters with the L signs. On that note, I wonder what this season’s theme will be. In Season 1 it was L signs. In Season 2 it was slushie cups. In Season 3 it was dodgeballs. Hmmmm…… any guesses?

The last picture is the best one. It is just…..oh, you know what, just look at it yourself!

So at first, I was like “Awwww cute and look they’re all there!” but upon further inspection, you’ll notice that people are missing. Quinn is the most obvious absence. It’s known that she won’t have a HUGE role this coming season and her episode count will not be all 22, but the fact that she was out of the pic, was very upsetting for me and many others. So many others that Ryan Murphy had to confirm that Quinn is still on the show and has a cool story line too. So I’m glad about that.

Other missing people are Emma Pillsbury, Joe and Sugar. Again, they aren’t super important characters and they may not be every episode either, but it would have been nice to include them in the picture.

There other interesting points that I’d like to point out (LOL) too such as Puck doesn’t have his mohawk. Why he shaved it, I’m not sure…. Am I mad? Nope! You also see the four new characters Brody, Marley, Kitty and Jake. Kitty is in a cheerleading uniform. And again, Marley seems to be stealing from Rachel’s closet. Or old closed, should I say. Rachel gets a makeover from Kurt, I believe! One fact that also had fans a bit upset was that all the couples seem to be standing near each other…except one. Klaine, Finchel, Samcedes and Chang-Chang are all together but Brittana is apart. Far apart, it seems. Is that a hint or an oversight? Another thing noticed was that Sam and Blaine are sitting on luggage (Mercedes’ and Kurt’s?) which is unusual because both of them are still at McKinley… again, hint or coincidence? Also concerning Blaine, he is wearing the exact same outfit from episode 3×15 ‘Big Brother’ when he sang ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ which leads me to think that maybe this group photo is just really good editing. Maybe. The last thing that was noticed (but may be nothing) is Kurt’s foot, which seems to be extended out a bit so it looks like he’s on both sides of the post and keeping a connection with Blaine. Again, that could just be nothing.

So that’s all. What’s your thoughts on the pics and clip? 😀 Lemmie know!

Season 4 Promo!!!

Yes, that’s right! The first look at Season 4 has arrived! 😀 I’m not even gonna waste your time by talking here. JUST WATCH!


Okay so here’s what I know:

In the first scene where Will is talking to the group, Joe, Blaine, Tina, Sam, Brittany and Artie are there. Apparently, at ComiCon, a Glee official said that Rory won’t be back in the fall but MAY be back in the spring. I seriously hope he comes back. I love him.  Also, Sugar isn’t seen in that clip, but that’s not to say she’s gone. As far as I know, she’s still there.

Next we see Kate Hudson. She plays Cassandra, Rachel’s NYADA dance teacher. So far it looks like Rachel isn’t living up to standards as Cassandra’s tone is a bit sarcastic. But Rachel Berry is a star!

Then a cute Wemma nose bop. Again, last I’d heard, they aren’t getting married…..

Blaine, Tina and Brittany dancing on stage. I’m not sure if that’s what they’re dancing to, but I do know that ND sings the hit song ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carley Rae Jepson. 🙂

Then we see a girl get slushied. I swear that the first time I saw this, I thought it was Rachel, but that was Rachel’s Season 1 look aaaaand Rachel’s in NYC. So that means that the girl must be Marley. She’s the new girl. If the episode is called ‘The New Rachel’ maybe Marley is the reason why? But here’s the thing: we learned that the first episode is called ‘The New Rachel’ a while ago. But the promo you just saw is called ‘Time’. I don’t know if the episode name changed or if ‘Time’ is just the promo name….? IDK.

Sue working with Will again? Okay…I’m on the fence with this one. In Season 1 when they worked together, it was a mess. In Season 3, it led to a victory….. with Sue, you can never know how it’ll turn out!

Then some Cheerios dancing and Cheerios dancing with Blaine on the steps….*sigh* remember last Season premier when Blaine transferred and sang ‘It’s Not Unusual’? Good times, good times! BTW, the song Blaine is singing is ‘In Time’ by Imagine Dragons.

Then we see Sue with her BABY! I guess she really does have a baby! And Kurt’s looking at it. I guess this is before Kurt leaves for NYC. Anyhoo, about Sue’s baby. It’s a baby girl named Robin and the baby has Down’s Syndrome. The good thing is that if anyone can handle that, it’s Sue. I’d still like to know who the father is….she did say it was a celebrity!

The last scene is ND’s newest member….Wade/Unique. I’m surprised he’s there. I mean, he left Vocal Adrenaline and came to McKinley….and Kurt and Mercedes are graduated? Also, Alex Newell, who plays Wade, was the runner-up on Season 1 of TGP and he was suppose to get 2 episodes, which he did, so I don’t know why he’s back. To be honest, I’m a bit mad that they brought him back and not Rory. And what about Harmony. Will she be back? Anyways, Brittany’s comment to Wade is quite hilarious 😀 Glad to know that even as everything is changing, Brittany’s humor won’t.

So there you have it. 🙂 What do you think?

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