Who’ll Be Back For Season 5?

It seems that there isn’t a new Season of The Glee Project this summer (insert sob here). So I guess my posts will be a bit more sporadic this summer, until we start getting new spoilers when filming starts. Speaking of which, rumor has it that Glee’s airing schedule is gonna be a bit different this year. I heard that it’ll start two weeks earlier, meaning that it MAY START on August 29th. Now this may just a be a rumor, though. That means filming will start in July, meaning spoilers and news come sooner as opposed to if it started later like in previous years. But aside from that change, there is also to be a larger hiatus (like maybe over two months) in the middle of the season. And when Glee returns after that in the spring, there’s a chance that it’ll focus on other storylines. I mentioned the possible storyline split that may occur in Season 5. I don’t know if it is happening, though. As much as I hate hiatuses because waiting is the worst thing in the world, it’ll give Glee a chance to spread out a bit more over the year.

So, back to the point of this post. Who’s coming back? Most of the characters are guaranteed to return, but some aren’t confirmed and a few are in question.

Not coming back 100% is Vanessa Lengies who plays Sugar. She filmed a pilot for a show called Mixology and it got picked up, so she’ll be busy doing that. The show is about ten people who meet up in a bar. Also in the show is the dude who played Fitz in LBD. Anyways, Vanessa was getting hired by the episode with Glee and in case you didn’t notice, she was missing for many, many episodes. So she’ll be gone for good, unless she randomly comes back in a dream or something like Rory. I wonder what story they’ll give for her leaving.

As for the maybes, there are three. Samuel Larson (who plays Joe) hasn’t confirmed anything at all, but signs are pointing to not returning. For one, he’s a Glee Project winner so his term is long off, and like Sugar, he was missing a lot. But last week or so, he did something drastic, which is a big no-no on Glee. He cut his hair. Those dreadlocks that we all love so much are GONE. Don’t believe me?

Yeah. Hotness alert, am I right? When I first saw this, the before picture wasn’t with it and I honestly didn’t recognize him. It wasn’t until I saw them next to each other like this and even then, it was the tattoos that tipped me off. He looks really good with short hair. But Glee doesn’t condone major changes like that, especially when it’s what defines the character. If he was to come back, they wouldn’t be able to mistake him for a girl or call his dreads lucky or have him fling them around when he dances wildly.

Anyways, I’d love for him to be back, but it seems unlikely with this new ‘do. :S

Another maybe is Blake Jenner, who plays Ryder. He’s the most recent TGP person and his term is done too. But maybe like all the others, he’ll stay longer. He did say that he’s quitting ND after Regionals. But I read that his catfish story may keep going into Season 5 (I can’t say I’m super excited for that) so I guess that means that Alex Newell (Unique) will be back. That’s not confirmed either. I like Ryder to some extent and I’d want him back. But what on earth are they going to do with him if he’s not in ND?

The last maybe is Heather Morris, who plays Brittany. As we all know, she’s pregnant. I heard she’s due in September. There’s been no word from her either, but if she was to be back on Glee, it’d deffo be near the end of the Season, if at all. Maybe she’ll just wait until Season 6.

As for everyone else, only a few are 100% guaranteed to return: Lea Michele (Rachel), Naya Rivera (Santana), Jane Lynch (Sue), Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Darren Criss (Blaine). Cory Monteith (Finn) is out of rehab and has been for a month, so it’s like 99% sure he’ll be back too, but he’s stayed pretty quiet lately. Mike O’Malley (Burt Hummel) is guaranteed as reoccurring, which is always great because he’s awesome and Lauren Potter (Becky) is supposedly confirmed, as the Sue and Becky storyline is to continue. I read that it’s almost certain that Melissa, Jacob and Becca (Marley, Jake and Kitty) will be back. No one else is totally guaranteed, but it’s very, very likely that every one else from ND will be back like Jenna (Tina), Kevin (Artie), Chord (Sam) and Matt (Mr. Schue).

As for the other grads that have less screen time like Puck, Mike, Mercedes and Quinn, no word on them yet. My guess is that it’d be the same as Season 4, showing up once in a while for a song or to help. I hope they do come back. Since Finn will be back, I’d imagine that Puck would be too since they’re roomies now. And we need to find out what will happen to Mercedes now that she doesn’t have a record deal.

Now let’s play my favourite game: The Counting Game. Twelve people are needed for Regionals, so let’s count. Tina, Sam, Artie, Blaine, Marley, Kitty and Jake gives us a total of 7. If Unique is back, that’ll make 8 and if Joe is there, that’ll be 9. Ryder claimed to be quitting so I doubt he’ll be in ND. And Sugar and Brittany are really gone. So basically, we should be expecting 3 new characters. And don’t suggest having Mercedes and Kurt come back to perform because aside from that being really stupid, that’s also not allowed according to Show Choir rules because they’ve graduated. I know new people aren’t always welcomed or enjoyed, and maybe they could slide off with only 11, but they have 9 and that’d be too obvious.

So that’s about it. If there is any big news that is different from what is above, I’ll add a dated updated section to the bottom so keep checking in to this post. 🙂 If you’re on summer break already, I hope you’re enjoying it and if you’re still in that dumb place called school like me, hang in there! ❤ Bye!

UPDATE June 16th
I just saw a video of Vanessa at some event from a few days ago and she said that she is NOT leaving Glee. She will continue to do it as long as she can. So I guess Sugar will still be in ND


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