Not One Wedding, But Two?

Hear that, folks? It’s the sound of wedding bells ringing. Twice as loud. Towards the middle of Season 6, it’s guaranteed that one fan-favourite couple will be tying the knot. Any guesses as to who? Brittana. Yes, Santana proposes to Brittany, I’m pretty sure, and they end up getting hitched. Also, Santana’s abuela, who was totally against Santana being a lesbian is back, so hopefully that’s a good sign. I heard she has a scene with Brittany and that seems promising.

As for the other couple, I think y’all can guess. Though it’s not 100% confirmed by anyone from the cast of crew, it has been speculated by fairly legitimate sources that Klaine is the other couple.

As a Klainer, I am stoked. I want to see them married more than anything. However, since we know that for the first couple episodes of S6 Blaine and Karofsky will be a thing, I’m kind of wondering if it’s too fast. But whatever, as long as they’re happy, I am too. And in the end, I’m totally glad I’ll get to see them get married before it’s all over. It’s every shipper’s dream.

So. About the two weddings. How would y’all feel about a double wedding? No one knows what the situation will be, but it’s interesting to consider the possibilities. While I wouldn’t be too pleased to see them get married together because it’s not like the four of them are super close, it would be neat because they’d be getting married in Lima, where they were constantly ragged on for being gay.

But who knows, maybe it’s not going to be a double wedding. Maybe they’re on the same day but not at the same time. Maybe they’re on separate days. Either way, BRITTANA AND KLAINE WILL (likely) BE MARRIED! HOORAAAAY!!!!!

There’s been a weird lack of spoilers lately, but I’ll let you know if anything cool arises. Until then, keep voting for the PCA! Let’s get Chris another win!

Bye, Gleeks!


Season 6 Spoilers And Songs

Okay so here’s the dealio. A week or so ago there was this burst of spoilers for the first couple episodes of Glee. The thing is, some of them were so farfetched and disappointing, for lack of a better word, that I and many people didn’t believe them. Also, some of the cast hadn’t even began filming or seen scripts yet, so it was weird how all these spoilers were out there. Plus, the wonderful Joaquin Sedillo, said this, at the time that they came out:

So naturally, many assumed that the spoilers were fake.

But since then, every new spoiler or tidbit we’ve been getting from a legit source has matched up, so it’s weird.

Anyways, I’ve decided that I’ll post all the spoilers and songs and if they’re wrong, then…..I never said they were 100% legit, so you can’t blame me! And if they’re right, then cool. So here you go:

  • The first episode is called ‘Loser Like Me’
  • Rachel’s TV show ends up being called That’s So Rachel but it flops so she goes back to McKinley and uses the rest of her Broadway and TV money to restart Glee club
  • Rachel’s dads are divorced. IDK why because they were literally so funny together and I can’t understand why the writers feel the need to ruin yet another thing in Rachel’s life.
  • As for Klaine, it’s not too pretty. They’re fighting a lot and end up calling it quits. Blaine gets really depressed and he ends up flunking out of NYADA and moves back to Lima. He starts dating Karofsky, who’s really turned his life around since his McKinley days.
  • Kurt is also really sad and goes back to Lima to try and fix it with Blaine and also help Rachel with the ND boot-up. He’s getting NYADA credits for this.
  • Blaine ends up coaching the Warblers (they have a coach???) and Mr. Schue is in charge of Vocal Adrenaline. Needless to say, competitions will be amusing.
  • Sam is the assistant football coach at McKinley
  • In the second episode, entitled ‘Homecoming’, all of the originals come back, excluding Mike for some reason.

Songs are as follows:

  • ‘Sing’ (by Ed Sheeran) sung by The Warblers and Blaine (6×01)
  • ‘Let It Go’ (from Frozen) sung by Rachel (6×01)
  • ‘Uninvited’ (by Alanis Morisette) sung by Rachel (6×01)
  • ‘Suddenly Seymour’ (from Little Shop Of Horrors) sung by Rachel and Blaine (6×01)
  • ‘Karma Chameleon’ (by Culture Club) sung by Rachel (6×01)
  • ‘Dance The Night Away’ (by Van Halen) sung by VA (6×01)
  • ‘Mustang Sally’ (by Wilson Pickett) sung by Rodrick (6×02)
  • ‘Tightrope’ (by Janelle Monae) sung by Jane and The Warblers (6×02)
  • ‘Problem’ (by Ariana Grande feat Iggy Azalea) sung by Santana, Brittany, Artie and Quinn (6×02)
  • ‘Take On Me’ (by Aha) sung by Sam, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel, Puck, Santana, Mercedes, Tina, Artie and Brittany (6×02)
  • ‘Home’ (by Edward Sharpe) sung by Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, Quinn, Artie, Tina, Santana, Kurt, Puck, Mason, Roderick, Madison, Jane and Spencer (6×02)

And there we have it. All the news out there. Like I said, I don’t know if this stuff is true. I mean, some plot points and songs are interesting, but there are a lot there that leave me wishing they are fake. What do you all think? Good stuff here? What’s your favourite song listed? Let me know!

That’s all for now, Gleeks!

Blaine And Karofsky????

You think I’m joking. I wish I was joking. But as it stands, this is what’s happening. According to new sources, Dave Karofsky, former McKinley bully, is set to be back for about 4 episodes, and he’s going to be Blaine’s boyfriend.

We haven’t seen Karofsky since season 3, when he tried to commit suicide, with the exception of the trippy dream that Rachel had when she sang ‘Lovefool’ in 5×17 ‘Opening Night’. I mean, I never really loved Karofsky. He was a jerk to everyone in Glee club, and let’s not forget what he did to Kurt. And yes, maybe he turned himself around (everyone should get a chance for redemption) but even then I wasn’t much of a fan. I don’t mind having the character back, but not like this!

And though we don’t know if it’s 100% true, Max Adler (who plays Karofsky) retweeted a bunch of articles that broke the news. And he even tweeted, saying:

Who knows, maybe he’s just poking fun at the complete obscurity of this new plot line? But I’d think that if it was totally untrue, he’d just come out and say so.

I’m just trying to work out how a story like this would work. It seems very implausible that Blaine would ever leave Kurt when they’re now living together and are engaged, and definitely not to the guy who tortured Kurt through high school. I’d rather see Blaine with Sebastian than Karofsky.

So then I’m thinking it’s a dream, like Glee is now accustomed to doing (flashback to when there was that clip of Blaine and Brittany sleeping together) but if Karofsky is going to be around for 4 episodes, I don’t think the answer is a dream. Unless it’s a dream at some point, which is what all the articles are playing up, but for 90% of the time, it’s just Karofsky being normal and not a threat to our precious Klaine.

Anyways, I have faith that in the end, we’ll have Klaine together and happy. As Ryan Murphy said in regards to his plan for Klaine, “Eternity”. There’s no way that they’ll spring this random pair on us and end the show with this. They know what Klaine means to us.

Besides, maybe this plot will be hilarious or people will like it….? I guess that for now, we should be glad that Karofsky is back.

What do you think about the news? Are you digging the news of Blaineofsky? Let me know!

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