Season 3 spoilers and Episode details!

10 days!!!! With the new season creeping even closer (YAAAAAAAY!), lots more interesting spoilers are out!

The first episode of season 3 is called ‘The Purple Piano Project’. Maybe Brad the piano man gets a snazzy new purple piano? Apparently, Mr. Schue and New Directions get right to work after their loss in New York, as does Sue in her political campaign. Also another new student by the name of Sugar is introduced. She is played by Vanessa Lengies. As for relationships go, Ms Lauren Zizes is to dump Puck in the first episode and quit Glee club. I am glad because I never liked them…. just their name…PIZES! Maybe Puck will go back to Quinn? There are several song this episode. They are:

  • It’s Not Unusual (by Tom Jones) sung by the Cheerios and Blaine
  • We Got The Beat (by The Go Go’s) sung by New Directions
  • Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do (from Anything Goes/Annie Get Your Gun) sung by Harmony and NYADA possible       applicants  (Linsay Pearce from the Glee Project plays Harmony)
  • Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead (from The Wizard of Oz sung by Kurt and Rachel
  • You Can’t Stop The Beat (from Hairspray) sung by New Directions


New adopted mother and amazing singer Shelby Corcoran is back who is played by Broadway star Idina Menzel! There will probably be tension between her and Quinn (and Puck?) now that baby Beth is just over a year old! And what about her and Rachel? It is rumoured we might see her two dads this season… could that have a connection to Shelby’s return?

The second episode of season 3 is called ‘I am a Unicorn’. Just based on Brittany’s yearbook pic with her and a plush Unicorn, I’m guessing she has a major plot in this episode. And Klaine fans (like me!!!) might be disappointed this episode as the fight for male lead is slowly driving a wedge between Blaine and Kurt. If this is true, it means that BLAINE TRANSFERRED, right? This is the episode where Shelby comes in as a coach of another show choir…. at McKinley? It’s school election time! And Kurt is running for prez! With Brittany helping him out! However in episode 3, Brittany might ditch Kurt and run for herself. She is supposed to be good competition too! I’d vote for her! Can you imagine  a school run by Brittany? There’d be unicorns and fat cats and rainbows and fondue all around!

The third episode is called ‘Asian F’. We meet Mike Chang’s parents. Mike’s dad is trying to convince Mike to quit Glee club to work on his academic studies after he gets a good grade on a test! But since we know that Harry Shum jr. who plays Mike has been promoted to series regular, he probably won’t leave. I wanna see him sing! Apparently Harry is actually a good singer unlike Mike! Also Mercedes and Rachel have yet another diva-off as they both audition for the school musical! Even more parental introductions are Emma’s parents when Will meets her family! We can now see where Emma gets her ginger hair!

Episode 4 is called ‘Pot O’ Gold’. The Glee Project Winner Damian comes in as Rory, the Irish exchange student living with Brittany and her family. Santana is not too pleased about that as she nicknames him ‘Ireland’ and she thinks he is out to steal Brittany from her. We meet Brittany’s mom and hopefully she is smarter that her daughter. Rory is to join New Directions and sing too!

That’s all the news for now but more is to come for sure! Check out the stuff below too! 🙂

*all pics from Google Images

Vanessa Lengies who will play new student Emma and her parents


Mike Chang's Parents


Shelby Corcoran


New Promo!!!!

 A new season 3 promo was just released and I saw it after I watched a replay of a season 2 episode. It is (dare I say it) even  better than the last! This promo shows Kurt and Blaine at their iconic coffee shop talking about senior year, Will planning revenge on Sue’s ban for Public School Art programs, a big announcement from Kurt and Rachel, Blaine dancing at McKinley with the Cheerios and finally, Sue attacking Mike and Tina in the hall on the second day of school. I am so excited! Click the link below to see the awesomeness for yourself!

Also, not regarding the promo, it is rumored that Gwyneth Paltrow who plays eccentric substitute teacher might be coming back next season. Nothing is for sure, but I for one, really hope she does!

It’s just my prediction, but it IS the senior year for several of the main characters and it would be very unfair to let them graduate without a win, right? After two seasons of loss, hopefully this season is a Nationals win! Chances are, and again, this is just my prediction, but I think they will win as an epic close to their highschool career! 😀

Click here to the newest season 3 promo video!!!

Holly Holiday

Season 3 is coming!!!!!

In 15 days the mega hit tv show Glee returns with its anticipated season 3. I am super excited and  have watched the promo several times over!!!! Over the summer, many spoilers and shocking news were released that caused controversy for Gleeks. So far, here’s what I know. Please note that all my info is second-hand and may be just a rumor!

The biggest shock of the season was that Finn, Kurt and Rachel would be graduation at the end of season 3 and would leave the show. I was sooooo disappointed because those are three of the main characters and it wouldn’t be Glee without them! Luckily, producer and creator of the show Ryan Murphy said that the trio would NOT be leaving Glee just because they would graduate. There has been talk of a possible spin-off in NYC! That would be so cool, right? 🙂  Another sad happening is that Chord Overstreet who plays Sam would not be returning for season 3. That was very sad because at the end of season 2, we saw Mercedes FINALLY getting some love with Sam since her broken heart over Kurt in season 1. So now we find that Sam is not coming back at all. I’ll sure miss that blonde Trouty Mouth! And as for Mercedes love life, a new character played by Lamarcus Tinker named Shane will be introduced. Personally, I thought that Alex Newell from the Glee Project would play her bf. However, he is only going to on Glee for 2 episodes. Speaking of the Glee Project, I am sooooo happy that both Damian aaaand Samuel won. I loved them both and I seriously couldn’t decide who I wanted to win more! Plus it’s just released that Damian will be playing a foreign exchange student who lives with Brittany and her family! That should be bunch of laughs 🙂

As for the much view promo, we see some shocking clips like Quinn with PINK hair and Blaine dancing with the Cheerios and ND without a warbler uniform!!! I really really really hope he transfers to McKinley to be with Kurt <3333333! We also see Sue getting GlitterBombed…..BY WILL!!!!!!! And also Brittany and Santana are in Cheerios uniforms again and there is an epic food fight too. I am super excited!!!!!

Finally, there is so far no plans to break up Finnchel and Klaine! And also for season 3, we will learn more about the other back ground characters like Tina, Mike, Mercedes and Artie! They deserve some spotlight!                                    


The Glee Project Top 4 (in order) Samuel, Damian, Lindsay and Alex. Both Damian and Samuel get 7 episode arcs & Lindsay and Alex get 2 episode arcs!


Lamarcus Tinker who will play Mercedes new bf

The season 3 yearbook pics….hands down Brittany’s pic is the BEST!

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