My Favourite Glee Episodes

Over the six seasons, Glee had 121 episodes. That’s outstanding. And the haters can hate all they want but only a few of those 121 did I really not like. The rest were fine….and some were amazing. So I’m going to take a walk down memory lane and list my 30 Favourite Glee Episodes (in no particular order because Momma loves all her children).


1. Original Song (2×16) I know I said in no particular order but if I had to pick one top episode, it’d be this. For one, KLAINE. No further explanation needed there. Two, the music. It was fantastic. Every song was great, and it was the first bit of Glee originals, which were amazing. This episode had plot continuity, humor and more. I loved it.

2. Journey To Regionals (1×22) The Season 1 finale was crazy! I mean, Quinn giving birth while Jesse and VA sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a TV masterpiece. And though ND didn’t win Regionals, the journey they went on to get to that point was amazing.

3. Furt (2×08) This episode is a favourite of mine because at the wedding (Burt and Carole’s) everyone is so happy. Finchel is happy together and Kurt is happy seeing his dad happy and there’s no ND drama and it’s just fun times. I love that. Plus, the wedding was great and ‘Marry You’ is one of my fave songs from Glee.

4. New York (2×22) The Glee kids finally make it to New York! It’s such a feel-good episode. From the Finchel date and ‘superman of kisses’ to Hummelberry at the Gershwin theater to Samcedes at the end, it was just great. I wasn’t even that upset that ND lost.

5. Vitamin D (1×06) This episode, man. The first of the girls vs boys mashups in ND where they all get drugged on over-the-counter stuff from Terri. Classic. And even with two songs, it still is great.

6. Michael (3×11) I’m not even a huge MJ fan, but this was a good episode. Dramatic, funny, and interesting. ‘Smooth Criminal’ is amazing as was the rest of the music. I enjoyed it a lot.

7. I Do (4×14) While I was upset that Wemma’s wedding wasn’t as planned, Klaine hooked up (‘We’ve Got Tonight’ is actually so great!) and Finchel confirmed their endgame status and it was great to see everyone together.

8. Nationals (3×21) They won. They finally got what they were going for. Seeing the looks of pure joy on their faces was perfect. So no matter what, this episode is important for that reason alone. But a bonus is that ‘Tongue Tied’ and ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ were done that episode, two Glee faves for me.

9. Goodbye (3×22) This episode was the end of the Glee club as we had grown to love over three years. We saw them graduate and move on (that train scene with Rachel and Finn was just plain cruel) and though the episode wasn’t all I expected, it was sweet and a good send-off for the characters we loved.

10. The Break Up (4×04) Though most people hate this episode because it simultaneously ruined four of Glee’s biggest couples, I’m not going to deny that it was well done and the music was great. Sure the Klaine thing was a bit uncalled for as I still can’t believe that Blaine would cheat like that, but okay. I hate that it exists but I like it…ya feel?

11. Heart (3×13) This episode had good music, good plot continuity and the Sugar Shack looked like a fun place to be!

12. Guilty Pleasures (4×17) I liked this episode. The music was great, there was some good humor, and plot continuity. What more can one ask for?

13. Opening Night (5×17) This episode is a fave of mine because it is Rachel finally getting what she’s been working for. For so long she’s dreamed of Broadway and she finally gets a to live her dream with her best friends all their supporting her. It just made me so happy. The music in this wasn’t even amazing, but I don’t even care.

14. All Or Nothing (4×22) More original Glee songs, Wemma finally getting married, ND winning Regionals. Yay! S4 ended on a high note and I appreciated that.

15. The Quarterback (5×03) I mean, does this even need explaining? It was perfect and beautiful and everything the fans needed. I had no complaints. ❤

16. 100 (5×12) The 100th episode! Where everyone comes back to sing some great old faves! Who could hate this? I mean, seeing Glee club end was sad, but they ended it in such a fun way.

17. New Directions (5×13) Part 2 of the 100th episode bash had the same great qualities as part 1. Plus the video that ND made for Will and his unborn child was super adorable.

18. New New York (5×14) People including myself was really worried about how Glee would go without McKinley and ND having the focus. But luckily, the first episode with all New York setting was actually great. It relieved me of my worries big time!

19. Shooting Star (4×18) This was the most controversial episode, and while I can agree that Glee didn’t need to do an episode about guns or a shooter in school, they did and they did it pretty well. Furthermore, they used the opportunity to get the message about saying what needs to be said before it’s too late across, and the music was good. Also, it was the first Glee episode to really make me cry. Not just tear up, but really cry.

20. Old Dog New Tricks (5×19) Written by Chris Colfer, this episode was funny, had continuity, good songs and a happy feel. Also puppies. ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ is also my jaaaam.

21. A Wedding (6×08) Klaine (and Brittana) get married and I love it.

22. We Built This Glee Club (6×11) It’s the last competition episode, and I like it. The music is good, the plot is good, Jesse St James makes his triumphant return, and it’s funny. 🙂

23. Hell-O (1×14) This was the first Glee episode I watched live, so that’s awesome. All the music (which was good btw) had the theme of ‘hello’ which was cool and plot-wise this was a good episode.

24. Sectionals (1×13) ND’s first ever competition. It was quite a feat. But seeing them ban together under Finn’s new leadership and put on their best show yet was great.

25. Rocky Horror Glee Show (2×05) I had never heard of Rocky Horror before this, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Good music, good laughs. Since then I’ve watched the real Rocky Horror and let me just say, I prefer this episode to the movie 10000 times over.

26. Dreams Come True (6×22) The finale. The last Glee episode ever. Not only did we get future scenes (which I loved), we got some amazing music, closure and a lot of emotions. Glee had an hour to give us the best good bye and they did it! 😀

27. Dance With Somebody (3×17) The Klaine bits in this episode were sad, but needed, I guess. The music in this episode was good, especially ‘Saving All My Love For You’ which was sung by Quinn and Joe, who I totally loved together at the time. In fact, the music was strong this episode, even though I can’t say I am a huge Whitney fan.

28. Props (3×20) Tina’s dream where she sees ND as each other is the only reason I like this episode. The music wasn’t good and actually, the whole dream thing was a bit odd. But it was HILARIOUS. They all did such a good job being each other. I loved it and laugh every time I see it.

29. Glee, Actually (4×10) This Christmas episode stood out to me because it was a happy one. Barely any drama, good songs….I liked it. Plus, the different storylines coming together was cool.

30. 2009 (6×12) I thought this flashback episode would be weird and uncomfortable, but it was clever and cute and was a perfect fill-in-the blanks for ‘Pilot’. Glee did a pretty dang good job making the cast look six years younger.


I certainly enjoyed a lot more than these 30 episodes, but these ones in particular stood out the most to me. These are the episodes that really show just how amazing Glee is and how much it’s changed the world. Doing this list and taking a detailed look back at Glee’s episodes made me realize I need to rewatch the first few seasons. Maybe when school is done I’ll get to that! Anyways, did my list of 30 exclude some of your favourites? Or do we have the same taste in episodes? Leave a comment and tell me what your faves are! 🙂

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Favourite Songs From Season 6

Now that S6 is over, I can add on to my Favourite Songs of the seasons now (see past ones: 1 2 3 4 5)! For the past posts, I did 20 songs, but since S6 was half the episodes, I’m only going to do 10. That’s fair. So here are my favourite songs from Season 6 (in no particular order)

‘Cool Kids’ (6×09)
This was just a fun song with lyrics that so perfectly captured what ND, no matter what season, feels. Plus, it was the first song with Myron and Alistair, the newest members so finally the group was as complete as it could be.

‘I Want To Break Free’ (6×09)
Mason nailed this song. He really showcased his voice and it’s so good! I’m kind of sad we didn’t get to hear more of his voice.

‘Take On Me’ (6×02)
Not only did this have the old ND members back, which is always awesome, but it had a real Glee feel. Like, it felt like a song from S1 or S2. Plus it’s super catchy. Love it!

‘Time After Time’ (6×07)
I didn’t love Sam and Rachel together romantically but this song was stuck in my head for ages. They sang it really well.

‘It’s Too Late’ (6×03)
So it’s not the happiest of Klaine duets, but the more I listened to this, the more I liked it. It’s sung really well and it worked well for their relationship at the time.

‘Rise’ (6×10)
The song co-written by Darren Criss has rightfully earned a spot in my faves list. It’s powerful and catchy and upbeat and perfect for Glee. I liked it from first listen, which doesn’t often happen to songs I’ve never heard before.

‘I’m So Excited’ (6×08)
Since this song was done on Glee, I think of this whenever I say/thing the phrase “I’m so excited”. Anyways, the song is super fun and makes me think of such a great episode.

‘This Time’ (6×13)

The other song that Darren wrote obviously belongs here because that song is amazing. It represents what Glee means to the characters, cast and fans and it is so sweet. I love it so much.

‘I Lived’ (6×13)

Basically every Glee character ever all together singing one song that is not only catchy but powerful and deep too? YES! This song is everything.

‘Daydream Believer’ (6×13)

Yes, of course I have to add the last ever Klaine duet. It’s fun and super super catchy. It’s not my favourite duet they’ve ever done, but I still really like it.


And that concludes my ten favourite song from Season 6 and thus all of Glee! There really have been some spectacular songs. In regards to season 6, what are your favourite songs?

Glee S6 Bucket List Results!

Well, now that Season 6 of Glee is over, I suppose it’s time for me to open up my Season 6 Bucket List that I wrote last August. I made this list before any spoilers or news was leaked, it was all just what I personally wanted to see in the final season of the show. I had 15 things listed, so here are the ones that happened:

1. Klaine wedding. This was number one on my list as I’m a huge Klaine lover. This happened in ‘A Wedding’, which was so awesome and so cute! I’m so so so so glad they finally got their eternity.

2. Happiness for Rachel. She got married, starred on Broadway and won a Tony. Her friends stuck by her and she even was a surrogate for Klaine. Yeah, I think she got her happiness.

4. The whole gang again. The very last scene of Glee fulfilled this, when they all came back and sang ‘I Lived’. Though we only saw them for a few minutes, I was still so thrilled to see them all again.

6. Jesse St James. Yes, Jesse came back and I was thrilled. Especially with the whole Samchel thing going on, I was glad to see Jesse come back in ‘We Built This Glee Club’. Having him end up as Rachel’s husband was also great.

7. The Warblers. Everyone’s favourite a capella group did in fact return at the start when Blaine was their coach and they stayed until the end to join forces with ND for Sectionals, which I loved. I’ll miss the Warblers and will forever associate blazers with them. Also blue and red striped ties. Totally Dalton.

8. More original songs. Thanks to the brilliance that is Darren Criss, we did get some originals this season too. First we got ‘Rise’ in ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’ and we also got ‘This Time’ in ‘Dreams Come True’. I loved them both so much!

9. Bloopers, Deleted Scenes and other BTS stuff. This stuff is on its way. The Glee Season 6 DVD which is out May 19th is apparently going to include some bloopers and BTS things. Also, thanks to the cool and mysterious people at GleekOutBR, we’ve gotten some deleted things, which I will be posting here soon. 🙂

10. Another live song. Technically, we did get this. In ‘Loser Like Me’ when Blaine and Rachel sing ‘Suddenly Seymour’, we hear Darren sing live on the show (the audio is his studio version though).

11. A time jump at the end. Time jumps at the end of series are my favourite things so I am thrilled that we got one on Glee. I loved knowing that the characters are all still doing okay.

14. Brad the piano guy to do something. He was back, jamming on that piano. And while he didn’t do much, he did have a creepy foot fetish and fell off the piano stool when Sue broke the back leg. So I’ll count it.

15. A reference/tribute to Finn in the finale. The auditorium was renamed the Finn Hudson Auditorium, which is super sweet, and actually, Finn’s plaque was technically one of the last things we saw on screen. It wasn’t the tribute I expected, but I loved it nonetheless!

Yoooo so that’s way over half. I got over half the things I wanted. That’s pretty great. Does that mean I was completely satisfied? No, of course not. There were a lot of things that happened that I didn’t like. Too bad I didn’t make an anti-bucket list as well. 😛 As for the 4 things I didn’t get, they were: Beth (and Shelby) coming back, a Shania Twain song, closure for the Newbies, and for the characters to all figure out what they wanna do.

Did you guys have any bucket list type wishes for S6 and did they happen? Let me know in the comments!

Also in the comments you can leave me a question for a possible blogger Q&A I want to do before I end this site in a few weeks (more info on that to come). So if you have any questions about me, Glee or anything else, start the question with Q: and ask away! (by March 31st) (please!)

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