Final Glee Relationship Chart

Yes, the final Glee relationship chart is here! Updated in all its glory!

Like always, I may have missed something, though I’ve spent ages just staring at it and trying to remember anything I may have missed. But if you notice anything missing, let me know and I’ll fix it.

relationship chart as of end

What a mess. A cool mess, but a mess nonetheless. The newbies are all shoved at the side because moving everything over a bit would be a pain. I also considered adding a family line so characters like Burt and Carole could be there, but that’d mean also adding Quinn’s parents and Sam’s family and people like such and I was not down for that. It would have been a huge pain to reshuffle it all to accommodate so many more people. However, if Glee had gotten another season, I probably would have taken the time to redo this so it’s not as messy and crazy and then added in the family line. Oh well.

So that’s it for my relationship chart. It’s been fun. I made this years ago and have been updating it regularly since, so it’s really neat to see the final product, as complicated as it is. 😛

That’s all for now!


Glee Relationship Chart As Of S5 End

Heyyyy! How’s the summer hiatus treating you so far? Honestly, for me, it’s sucky. Maybe it’s because ALL my shows are done for now too, but I’m just really missing new Glee. But what can ya do? The answer is wait.

The other answer is spend an hour (or more) looking at the utter craziness that is my Glee Season 5 End Relationship Chart, complete with a whole lot of new and weird relationship arrows. This chart is getting packed.

Glee relationship chart as of S5 End

Wild. Just totally wild. Are you as blown away by this as I am? This right here is five seasons of relationships, carefully made into a chart by yours truly. I thought about adding a family line in too. You know, for Burt Hummel and baby Daniel and stuff, but that would just be too much to handle.  Because we’ve met at least one parent for almost all of Glee club, some two, so that would just be ridiculous to add. Sorry not sorry.

Like always, if you think I missed any, or want to know why some aren’t there, just leave a comment. For example, I didn’t add Blaine and Brittany’s hookup in ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’ because that was just a non-canon scenario, it was just an unofficial script. It could be classified as a dream, technically, and so that didn’t count.

Well, that’s all for now! See you around, Gleeks! And don’t go too crazy on the hiatus, okay? 😀


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