Final Glee Relationship Chart

Yes, the final Glee relationship chart is here! Updated in all its glory!

Like always, I may have missed something, though I’ve spent ages just staring at it and trying to remember anything I may have missed. But if you notice anything missing, let me know and I’ll fix it.

relationship chart as of end

What a mess. A cool mess, but a mess nonetheless. The newbies are all shoved at the side because moving everything over a bit would be a pain. I also considered adding a family line so characters like Burt and Carole could be there, but that’d mean also adding Quinn’s parents and Sam’s family and people like such and I was not down for that. It would have been a huge pain to reshuffle it all to accommodate so many more people. However, if Glee had gotten another season, I probably would have taken the time to redo this so it’s not as messy and crazy and then added in the family line. Oh well.

So that’s it for my relationship chart. It’s been fun. I made this years ago and have been updating it regularly since, so it’s really neat to see the final product, as complicated as it is. 😛

That’s all for now!


Glee Relationship Chart As Of S5 End

Heyyyy! How’s the summer hiatus treating you so far? Honestly, for me, it’s sucky. Maybe it’s because ALL my shows are done for now too, but I’m just really missing new Glee. But what can ya do? The answer is wait.

The other answer is spend an hour (or more) looking at the utter craziness that is my Glee Season 5 End Relationship Chart, complete with a whole lot of new and weird relationship arrows. This chart is getting packed.

Glee relationship chart as of S5 End

Wild. Just totally wild. Are you as blown away by this as I am? This right here is five seasons of relationships, carefully made into a chart by yours truly. I thought about adding a family line in too. You know, for Burt Hummel and baby Daniel and stuff, but that would just be too much to handle.  Because we’ve met at least one parent for almost all of Glee club, some two, so that would just be ridiculous to add. Sorry not sorry.

Like always, if you think I missed any, or want to know why some aren’t there, just leave a comment. For example, I didn’t add Blaine and Brittany’s hookup in ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’ because that was just a non-canon scenario, it was just an unofficial script. It could be classified as a dream, technically, and so that didn’t count.

Well, that’s all for now! See you around, Gleeks! And don’t go too crazy on the hiatus, okay? 😀


Rachel’s Future Relationships

So the other day I wrote a post about my opinion of Brittana (go back a post to read it if you haven’t!) and I got to talking with passporttorainbows about the future of Sam’s relationship. And that led to Rachel’s relationship. And that got me thinking a lot. Right now, we’re so focused on dealing with 5×03, which will be the episode where they deal with Finn’s death, that I don’t think we’re really thinking about what’ll come after that. That being said, I wonder if even the writers have it planned out yet. They’re going to be using the hiatus after that episode to really plan things out and get their heads back together.

So let’s talk about Rachel and the future of her love life. Even if you didn’t like Finchel, and that’s okay, I think we can all agree that it was only a matter of time before Finn and Rachel got back together. Between the hookup on Valentine’s Day and the helpful phone call before Rachel’s audition, they were deffo on good terms. We’ll never know what was going to happen after that, but I’d like to think it was going to be happy for Finchel shippers everywhere.

But Finn is gone, and I expect that for the first half of S5, Rachel will be dealing with that and focusing her passion into her performances and school. There’s no way that they’d try to give her a new man so soon, if they do so at all. Then there’s that: will they ever make Rachel date again? Will she be single forever at such a young age after the love of her life dies? I have a feeling that the die-hard passionate Finchel shippers would want that. It’s Finchel or bust, to some of them, I think. And the writers definitely don’t want to make it difficult for Lea, who has to deal with the absence of love both in her life and in character.

And I totally agree that Finn is irreplaceable. He was one of a kind and special and totes meant to be with Rachel. If Glee was to bring in a new man for Rachel, you can guarantee that they wouldn’t be trying to replace Finn. They’d just be trying to bring some happiness to a fictional character, the main character of the show nonetheless.

I love Finn and I love Rachel and I love Finchel. But above all, I want happiness for them. If bringing in a new character, a new man for Rachel somewhere down the line will make Rachel happy, that’s good. Maybe we’ll all, over time, come to welcome and maybe appreciate this new man. I’m not saying that we’ll ever love him like Finn, but we can at least be happy with the fact that he’ll make Rachel happy. I think that a handsome, talented guy in New York with his life on track and a heart of gold would be great for her. I’m not saying that a new guy has to come waltzing in during 5×04. That’d be really rude, actually. Maybe like 5×15 or something, where Rachel has had time to adjust and move forward. Or maybe wait until Season 6, if that is still happening. Give her a year to compose herself, that’s fine.

For all those hardcore Finchel shippers dead set on just Finchel, I want you to think about it. I don’t know how many of you reading this are married or dating or something, but if you aren’t just imagine this: imagine if you died and your lover, your soulmate, was in Rachel’s position. Would you want that person to be forever alone in misery without you? Or would you want them to eventually move on and maybe find new love and be happy again? It’s like Burt Hummel! His wife died and then, several years later, he met Carole and those two are awesome together! Everyone agrees with that!

So now that I’ve talked new guys, let’s talk old guys. What would you say to the possibility bringing back one of Rachel’s old lovers? The options are: Jesse St James, Brody Weston, and Puck. By doing this, there would be a lot less newbie hate, that’s for sure. Out of the three of them, although personally I’m not totally thrilled with any of them, I’d have to pick Jesse. Here’s why: although he was a jerk in S1, he turned out to be okay in S2 when he came back and he really did like Rachel. Not to mention that he’s a great singer and Jonathon Groff, the actor, is besties with Lea, so it’d be great for them. I never liked Brody. We were made to dislike him, although some people did like him and Rachel together, and that’s cool. He is in New York already, and they did have some chemistry. Maybe he could come back with a new personality and a vow to not be a prostitute, and maybe that’d work. As for Puck…well, he’s Puck. He and Rachel were on for like one episode in S1 and that one bit in S2 when she used him to cheat on Finn. As much as Puck is an okay guy, I’d rather see him as a friend only. He and Rachel have barely anything in common. They’re so different, now that I think about it. I’d prefer Brody over Puck in this case, even though I overall like Puck more than him.

There’s also the option of old guys that weren’t ever in a relationship with Rachel. Maybe Sam will be her lover. IDK, that wouldn’t be the worst thing. I could see that….sorta…. Or Rory, maybe…. that, too, I could sorta see…. Or maybe Artie. Or Mike. No, not Mike. I can’t see that at all. All I’m saying is that, although it’s very unlikely, it may be a possibility. We already like the characters so the hate levels would be minimum.

As for the option of her being single, I don’t think that’s very….realistic. For one, she’s in New York with a bunch of guys who all like Broadway and stuff, just like her. Two, no matter how many times Rachel claimed to ignore guys so she could focus on her career, it never lasted. Submitting her to that for the rest of her life wouldn’t be reasonable at all. And do you really think that Kurt and Santana and her friends would really let her be alone and mopey? No way. They’d help and encourage her all the way, or so I’d hope.

So what do we think? If I had to choose right now, I’d decide to bring Jesse back. I feel like a new guy would be hated for ‘replacing Finn’ and because the show is bound to sadly end soon, we wouldn’t have the time to really fall in love with him. So Jesse would be my choice. But I really want to hear what you’d do. If you were a writer of Glee, what would you do with Rachel’s love life, or would there be one still? Let me know and take this poll, too!

P.S. I mentioned the future of Sam’s relationship briefly in the first line, and I have some news on that. Sam will be getting a new love interest named Penny Owen. She’ll be in nursing school (ooh older lady) and this was the girl who was supposed to be named Julie. The person playing Penny is Pheobe Strole, a personal friend of Lea Michele (and Jon, too, I guess) from her Spring Awakening days. She hasn’t been in much, but she’s pretty. I guess I’ll just have to face the fact that Samcedes is over….


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